What will make me losee weight and fast ?

I am 14 years old I am on a diet well mi whole life I’ve been eatinng nothing but jounk food I was reall skinny I end at 150 lbs but I started to take action as soon as I found out that I had colestrol I started crying mi whole familey yelled at me so I took place and in 4day I lost 10 lbs but the problem is I don’t eat anything and I want too find a way too makke me lossee weight faster I will not be satisfied untill I reach 90 lbs so plesee if anyonne can help me finnd a way to lose weight faster plese help thank u

Answer #1

Stop trying to starve yourself its not healthy and it can do so much harm to your body and you! I’m 14 years old and around 115 pounds or so and I’m the suitable weight for my height. Trying to go from 150 pounds to 90 pounds is a bit drastic to me if you really want to lose weight you need to find your BMI (body mass index). You may not even need to lose weight at all. If you do want to lose weight it’s important that you eat foods that are healthy for you. I don’t know how much I can emphasize the importance of eating healthy foods!

You can’t just lose weight in a matter of days without doing some kind of harm to your body. Losing weight takes place over months time! It takes months to lose weight. You need to stick to eating healthy foods and doing a daily workout for 30 minutes a day 5 times a week. Its the healthier option and you won’t end up getting sick and malnourished. If you want a start you can try jogging every day for at least 15-30 minutes. Having a clean and healthy breakfast to jump start your metabolism in the morning. Make sure you eat the right of amount of portions of food each day everyday. Its important to eat properly when deciding to lose weight! On a more serious note STOP trying to starve yourself. Not eating anything to lose weight is beyond me! Stop doing it! Its not healthy!

On a side note: everyone has some level of cholesterol in their bodies. From what I getting in your question is that you have either to much or to little, I’m leaning towards having to much cholesterol.

Also, adding to this. You family shouldn’t be yelling at you. Thats the last people I would ever expect to yell at you. They should be supporting you and trying to help you lose the necessary amount of weight the HEALTHY way.

Answer #2

Ok, well there are no quick fixes when trying to lose weight. Of course, there are many different fad diets out there that can make you lose drastic amounts of weight in short amounts of time, but they are never the long term solution. You need to understand how the body works when it comes to losing and storing weight. Starving yourself is desperation. A lot of the time, the task of losing weight slowly and healthily can be depressing, but it really is the only effective way.

Starving youself can never work. Why? Because when you severely reduce your calorie intake, you body compensates it by activating the survival mechanism, it starts to store fat and conserve energy to protect you from starvation. If you think about it, evolution has developed our body’s survival instincts to burn less calories and store energy for as long as possible if our food supply is suddenly cut short. You will lose weight, of course, but you will be malnourished, lack energy, possibly cause more severe problems, and you will just generally feel terrible.

The healthy, successful way of losing weight is the natural way. By cutting out unhealthy food and snacks, and increasing the amount of exercise you do. A tip is to avoid processed foods as much as possible. Exercise is the best way to burn excess calories and to increase your fitness levels and make you healthier. You can start off easy, with light cardio work, but then you can do more intense, longer workouts.

When you starve yourself all of the food that you eat just gets stored, you mess up your metabolism, and when you start eating normally again, you keep storing all of the food you eat, so you just end up putting most of the weight back on again. You need to change your lifestyle so that you can be fit and healthier for your whole life, quick fixes DO NOT work, you are just damaging your body. I agree with Hysterical, it is also important that you have support of family or friends, they should be encouraging you, not yelling at you. Hope this helps, sorry its a bit longer than I expected.

Answer #3

Look my friends tell me that I always tell the truth…so in your case I’ll do the same…

Girl there is NO healthy way of losing weight in a short amount of time.. the best thing you can do is stop eating junk food and get some exersice. Don’t even think of making your own diet because u’ll probably starve your self to death, go to a dietoligist he can relly help. If you want you can ask your friends when ever your 2gether to stop you from eating anything thats not good for you like sweets and other stuff. Trust me when I tell you that if you try to do go on exreme diet you will eventually hurt your self..

Tell your parent to BACK OFF…yelling is not the asnwer it never is.. supporting you right now is the most importand thing. Starving to death is not a solution, start eating properly, exersice ( I’d recommend running, kickboxing..) well if not then something that involves movement. hope I helped a bit plus I agree with hysterical and iamsantaslittlehelper.

Answer #4


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