How to put movies on my iPod?

ok if I cant download movies from the internet onto my ipod nano…can I just do it some other way? (hehe that sounded dirty…) but…I mean like…if I put “finding nemo” in my computer…and let it play…is it possible to save it to my computer? then save it to itunes and put it on my ipod?

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Answer #1

Download the following: DVD Decrypter to get movies from a DVD and Videora iPod converter to put them in the correct format. The website for Videora is and you will have to search around for DVD Decrypter. is also useful for getting videos off youtube.

Answer #2

theres nothing illigal about putting DVD movies on your ipod or iphone! just convert the file (movie) to an acceptable format such as .mp4 and drag it over to your itune movies library folder and you should be fine.

Answer #3

For iPod users, Tipard iPod Converter Suite is an requisite iPod converter to rip DVD to iPod video and convert multi-format video to iPod video format on multifarious iPod devices. This iPod Converter Suite is a discount software. For the coming Christmas,the combination of iPod video converter, DVD to iPod Converter and iPod to computer Transfer is a nice gift for your friends and ralatives to enjoy their holiday.

Answer #4

I have been using Nidesoft dvd to ipod converter to convert my movie.It is an excellent iPod Converter software which could rip DVD to iPod Video and Music, such as MP4, MOV, MP3, AAC, etc. and support all the Apple Player family: DVD to iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPod Classic, DVD to iPhone(3G), and DVD to iTunes software. With this perfect DVD to iPod Converter, you can easily enjoy your DVD movie with your iPod.

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Answer #6

you can’t put movies on an ipod nano unless you have the nano video

Answer #7

You just need a dvd to ipod converter, I always use aimersoft ipod converter suite to convert video dvd for my ipod, it works like a charm, and the basic editing function is also very useful, you can free download it from its official site: after you finished the conversion, open iTunes and click “File” to add your videos to iTunes library. plug in your iPod to computer, then iTunes will detect your iPod as a device. Select your iPod device on the left panel of iTunes, click “Movies” tab, check the videos you want to sync and click “Apply”

Answer #8

Yehh you may not want to download them from itunes. If you have a movie on a dvd then you need to download a program that ‘rips’ it then converts it so that is compatible to put onto your ipod. I’m not sure whether this is illegal or not =/ So I am slightly worried to say haha

However just google it and you’ll be able to find a program which helps ‘rips’ and converts dvds so that they are compatible to put onto your ipod.

I’m getting the new ipod nano tomorrow so I need to find out too =P



Answer #9


In order to save movies from a DVD to your iPod, you’d have to illegal rip the DVD with a ripping program, then convert the file to one compatible with the ipod (ie. mp4) and then upload it to the iPod after adding it to your iTunes library.

The easier, legal way to put movies on the iPod would be to purchase them through iTunes.

Answer #10

You have to download the movie from iTunes Store.Then it downloads.When it’s done,you just do the exact same thing you do with downloading songs.I have a few movies, Hannah Montana,Thats so Raven,and Suite Life. It’s cool! Just do whatever is possible to download it.Have fun and be safe. PEACE OUT, Sweetancute4

Answer #11

Yes ,you can ,but you need an extra software, it can help you transfer movies from pc to ipod touch. you can get it from the following website: [link removed] Cucusoft Ultimate DVD + Video Converter Suite converts DVD’s and videos to play on almost any portable device.Meanwhile, it can also support output almost any audio/video format including Video format and Audio format And I think that you have a lot of dvd, there are many wonderful movies in it .so you can use a software to copy the movies from dvd to ipod. here comes the link: [link removed]= you can have a try. and if you have some other problems ,you can contact me or search the information on the [link removed]

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