What was I drugged with? Excasty?Speed?

I think someone might of laced me with speed or excasty and I think I was on a low dose of it. Can someone explain to me the side effects and what you feel like so I can figure out if that was it

Answer #1

Righto, why don’t you TELL us what effects you had to think you got laced?

Cannot imagine a person would be generous enough to waste AU$35 of a whole ecstasy tablet and use only half of it (low dosage), let alone use amphetamine, ‘on a low dose of it’ to try to knock a person out.

Does the date rape drug ring any warning bells?!!!

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Answer #3

ok… it depends on how you felt because their are a few kinds of effects with ecstasy, because ecstasy is just a bunch of other harmful substances mixed together along with the MDMA. But effects of ecstasy are mild to extreme mood lift, euphoria, increased willingness to communicate, increase in energy (stimulation), ego softening, decreased fear, anxiety, and insecurities, feelings of comfort, belonging, and closeness to others, feelings of love and empathy, forgiveness of self and others.. also youll get a decrease in appetite, visual distortion, and eye jitters.. you would also have felt that you would be dehydrated because taking ecstasy sucks up all the water out of your body.. speed on the other hand you would know… because you would be awake and want to clean for lets say 2 or 3 days.

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