What type of music annoys you?

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disney channel music.

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eh, my cousin typed the latest post .__.

what type of music does sade sing?

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hmmm ...

disney channel music =| makes me want to shoot myself xD

and u.k garage music is abit annoying

What type of music does Enya sing?
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o my gosh she sings horrible have you heard her domb song "you are a true friend"

The type of music affecting your life

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MOST of disney's songs. #&$Y^$(@*&
I enjoy metal :D

Most popular type of music?
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sugar pop music annoys the daylight out of me.

give me eminem, 50 cents, slipknot etc love themmm

What type of metal,rock,or any type of music do you guys like?

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umm...I generally enjoy all types of music. lol. ^_^. but rap is hard to understand...

What types of music do people like?
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Drum and bass
It actually makes me want to hit my head against a wall

What is your favorite types of music???

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Rap, country, hip hop, r&b, classical *not classic rock... I mean classical as in opera and sh*t*, pop, disney/high school musical s*t, Jazz, and everything along those lines.

What type of music do you like?
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disney channel music, I ahd to look after my baby cousin (I call her that but shes 7) and she was watching some disney bullcrap, I just wanted to throw summin at the tv to shut it up. Disneyland aint that bad though, I mustsay some ofte rides are quite good, especially SpaceMountain mission 2. also jazz, that really angry shouting music and old pop, and new pop

Do you think the type of music you like and gets stuck in your head has something to do with ur personality ?
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some 80's music... and some inevitable music that I hear like whenever I call my bank, any airline company or booking hotel or reserving for a dinner on a restaurant over the phone, there are these music played while I'm on hold, like... What the heck?!

what web site can i get free music making software from and what type of shop can i buy some from?
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Country and Disney Channel music, Disney Channel music pisses me off. I don't know why but whenever I hear something from disney channel I wanna punch somone in the face O.o

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not if you count Arabic music D''' ;

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disney channel music...YUCKKK!!! SEROIUSLY!!!SOMEONE OFF THAT TV!!!

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Country, heavy metal, hard rock, oldies, and Soulja Boy - god I hate them!

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Monk Ministry music, I find it paralyzing, but in a bad way.

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hate it so MUCH!!!
I hope every single rapper DIES!!!

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Screamo - absolutely no talent and just annoying.

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and repetative songs D:<

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disney channel music fer sure. And songs that have no point like getting girls and money. ugh so stupid

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jazz annoys me especially in the elevators its so boring

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Country, Bluegrass, Classical, some Hip Hop, Disney Channel music.

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Disney Channel Music, Some rap, and screamo. xP

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Most popular music that includes this digusting "pop rap" we have now. It isn't good at all. I like actual rap music like Mos Def. People who don't rap about their rims and how many "b*tches* they have... yea.

I ALSO HATE ANYTHING BY miley cryus or is it hannah montana(They are the same person yet she has tours w the both of them... her?)\ disney channel music in general.

And I hate hate hate when bands I knew about years ago "make it big" on Z100 or something ad everyone is like " OMG I LOVE SO AND SO" and its like... eh no you don't you just heard about them yesterday, I've been listening to them since I was 13.

also I'm getting really really sick of screamo. Like their are some screamo bands who are good and meaningful, but then their are some who just are with this new gimmick and its like JUST STOP your NOT SINGING\ SCREAMING ABOUT ANYTHING.

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er, nothing much really. I don't really mind any kind of music.
but if you're talking about music preferences I usually listen to more metal core songs.
pop/rap, not quite my type.

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oh yeahh

and idiot europop

cant stand it ... spesh when the eurovision song contest is on xD

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