What type of dog should I get?

Does any one have a dog, what type of dog is it? Do you love it? and what type do you recommand me?

Answer #1

So many great types but I love Border Collies :-)

Answer #2

Okay let ME set you srait since no one else will. NO ONE can tell you what kind of dog to get AT ALL you have to choose on your own. I have 2 lab mixes and 1 German Shorthair 1 Carin terrier 1 Boxer\Greyhound mix and 1 Hound mix and work at a rescue.

Answer #3

What is this about Mutts and Mix Breeds not having any health problems and being more loyal etc. That is crap, mutts and mix breeds come from purebreeds. If you want a mutt that is fine they are dogs like all dogs (Pure Breds)

Mutts and Mix dogs are going to be like what they have the most in their mixture whatever that is??? Who knows!

Give me a break! Some people come up with some of the dumbest of old wife’s tales.

When you get a Pure Breed you know pretty much what you are getting and what your dogs traits will be like. You have history of your dog and can pretty much know everything about your dog, as long as it is treated with love and taken to Doggie School, trained and worked with. Your breeder can give you a history of your dog and every shot and worming the dog had. Who it’s parents are. You can get a 3 or 4 generation history of your dogs parents and grandparents, etc.

Mutts come from someone letting their dogs run loose and they bred with God only knows what and maybe more then one dog and God only knows if they had worms or if they were cared for. People that have mutts don’t take care of their dog or it wouldn’t have been running loose and getting bred by whatever , thus creating a MUTT. You have no history or record of care, or who the parents are.

Yes adopt a pet from the Humane Society if you want, but don’t tell me they are the best dogs. They are only best dogs like any other dog is if they were loved and cared for, like any dog.

If you go to www.americankennelclub.org and research the dog you want, they can tell you everything about your dog’s size, temperment. history. If it is a Pure Bred.

Just don’t say a mutt is best BECAUSE, you don’t know what a Mutt is really going to be like!!!

Off my soap box. But answer with more thought rather than saying all mutts are loyal and sweet etc. THEY AREN’T they are a product of their breeding!

Spay and nuter your pet. Don’t create a MUTT

Answer #4

first of all, “mutts” do NOT live longer than pure bred dogs. there are pros and cons to both. for purebreds, you can most likely c their parents, you can c how big theyre going to get, tempermant, etc. Very valuble info. REPUTABLE purebred breeders is the only place you should buy 4rm DO NOT buy 4rm a pet store pleeease! just check with your local dog club (AKC) it is kindof a lot of work but belive me its sooo worth it to have a reliable dog. I show/breed english springer spaniels and theyre great if you have the energy to put exersize one. dont beleive ANY steryotypes about breeds whatsoever. go to akc.org and email breeders they are usually good. b sure to go to their house and look carefully around. dont fall 4 tricks like “rare colors” usually that means the breeder sucks and doesnt have good dogs, the “rare” colors are undesirable. there is a breed 4 everyone, there is no 1 breed good 4 everyone. research!!! good luck and ask m if you have any other questions dogs are my life!!!

Answer #5

I have been around pure breed german shepards my hole life and there the best dogs to get there loyal and very easy to train if you get a good bond with one there your dog for life people might say im wrong but if you want a good dog that will give you as much back as you give him/her then there the best I lost my 10 year old long hair german shepard just befor christams and its like loseing a brother I can say I did cry I broke my heart and not a day goes by that I dont miss him but thats what haveing a dog is about your life and your dogs life I still have 2 dogs another german shepard and a cross collie lab and I love them but I miss him im filling up just writeing this so think long and hard before you buy a dog there is good times and bad times for both of you more good than bad sometimes but do think about it I would say get a dog but then I love dogs so I would

Answer #6

I would say a german shepard because they are loving and they risk there lives to protect u.they are good with children even new born babies which means there very gental.

Answer #7

HI The best dog ever would be a bassett hound. we have 2 and love them to death they sleep with use and are just like little babies. they have the big floppy ears with short little legs. and are very good with kids. they are very playful and everything is a toy to them. my 18 says they are a babe magnet. all chicks love them he says. I think because they are not a common dog they everyone down the street has so when people have one they all stop to see them. they are such a friendly dog that you can take them out anywhere with you. the only thing is you know on commercials and movies you don’t see to many bassett hounds on them I think because they are a type of dog that is harder to train and for them to shake a paw while their paws are hugh but they cant get their legs up. they can be very subborn but as long as you don’t expect them to get your paper in the morning and make the coffee and just want a dog that will love to death and greet you everytime you come through the door like theirs no tomorrow this is the dog for you they are such a people dog that they are always in the same room as you and even when you clean you have to kind of lift them up to vacuum under them just a little lazy. they enjoy waking everyone up in the morning and when everyone is up and about they go back to sleep ha ha ha Im sure they say each day. oh kisses they have plenty of those and get lots of loven back. they have finaly figured out where their toy box is now if only I could get them to put the toys back into the toy box. in a nut shell we love our hounds and I would recommend that dog to any one with lots of patients. and one that wants a dog that not everyone has.

Answer #8

He didn’t SAY in one shelter…he said, “in the state of UTAH”…that’s 700 dogs in the whole state…


Answer #9

I have a shih tzu! there sooo cute and I also have a maltese and its alsoo sooo cute!

shih tzu’s have a very strong personalitiy but there very hiper when ther young but its adorable seeing it play and stuff. I love himm sooo much his name is rocky and he is like a baby to me. yesterday he was crying next to me while I was sleeping in my moms bed and usually he jumps on the bed but instead he stood next to me crying and when I woke up I saw and picked him up and he cuudled next to my neck it was soo qute! girl shih tzu’s are not shy there pretty playful but I have a boy lol!

Maltese’s are very loyal. they respect and listen to u. there very play full when ther young and they get along with other dogs good too. there not hard to groom and there calm. girl maltese’s are shy and are somethimes scared to be around other dogs but I have a boy soo he’s night shy! lol I recommend you to have a maltese or a shih tzu! bye you can go to my profile and see my pictures and you can see my dogs!

Answer #10

how bout a pitbull, or get a miniature australian shepherd, we have one we rescued her from death, shes sooo good and spoiled, but take this to heart, get one from your local animal shelter, they know that lifes too good, while breeders` dogs all they know is that they get pampered evryday and minute of their lives. man, that ticks me off I work at my local animal shelter and am only 13 so get a rescue dog PLEASE here just go to www.myASPCA.org and watch that commercial

Answer #11

Get a tibetan terrier. They’re calm, relaxed and can be energetic too!

Answer #12

eskimo2008 that is bs they dont kill 700 of one dog everyday thats 252000 dogs a year and theres no way thats probable for just one type of dogg its is possible but no and shih tzu’s arent allways they best sure they may be smart playful and loving but this may sound weird but there moods can change very suddenly from cuddly to the labradors are a good dog but there big so it wouldnt always be the best dog for around kids pending on the dog and or the kid retreivers are pretty good because they seem to protect little kids and follow them and are loving if you catch my drift I’ve had my share of purebread and I find them more straight forrward and easier to teach but it depends I’ve had quite afew dogs such as rottweiller, cockerspaniel, boarder coalie, lassie coalie right now I have a blue healer cross australian shepard and australian cattle dog cross australian cattle dog the blue healer cross is a boy roughly 5 years of age he likes to protect but now that he’s getting older hes getting chubby so hes a bit slower he used to be the fastest dog I’ve ever seen because we have a quad that goes roughly 60 and he could keep up to it in 3rd gear whitch is about 35+ and now I got the aussie cross from a friend shes about 1 and a half and she is the most play full thing ever she likes evryone and shes extremly smart and when wer bringing cattle in we just have to open the gate up and she brings them all in by herself and she stands about 1.3/4ft high and thats pretty amazing she hasnt grown much and we didnt teach her that and I got her like right when she was weened off so iunno how she learned that quik learner I guess p.s sorry bout the spelling im in a hurry good luck!

Answer #13

It doesn’t matter what kind of breed your dog is, if you are planning to adopt/buy because of looks, that’s the wrong thing to do. A lot of times when a dog is adopted for looks, the owner’s don’t really check into the personality/behavior, and they may turn out to not act the way you want. But if you really want to help dogs, the best thing to do is adopt a Mixed Breed from the Animal Shelter. A lot of them do not get adopted because they aren’t purebreds. That’s really ignorant, because the Cocker Spaniel and the Pug bred a long time ago, and guess what they made to become a very popular breed; A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Now they are an official breed. Just like the Puggle might. :)

Answer #14

A labrador or a Golden Retreiver…they’re beautiful dogs.

Answer #15

Hi, I have a all mix dingo,red healer,blue healer,etc… she is healthy and happy and I reccomend all mix.

well good luck.


Answer #16

please consider your living space, time spent away from home, fenced yard, etc. many dogs don’t do well if left alone for long periods of time each day (and being placed in a kennel for 8+ hours is no fun). also, how much time and effort do you want to spend? long hair, hours spent grooming, short hair, easier to groom. take all this into consideration. if you have young children a tiny dog might not be best. I like mixed breeds but I have a friend that only has purebreeds. depends on you. petfinder.com is a great place to start. and to magichalo1, just some facts. hybrid vigor suggests that as a group, dogs of varied ancestry will be healthier than their purebred counterparts. In purebred dogs, intentionally breeding dogs of very similar appearance over several generations produces animals that carry many of the same alleles, some of which are detrimental. This is especially true if the dogs are closely related. This inbreeding among purebreds has exposed various genetic health problems not readily apparent in less uniform populations. Mixed-breed dogs are more genetically diverse due to the more haphazard nature of their parents’ mating. “Haphazard” is not the same as “random” to a geneticist. The offspring of such matings are less likely to express certain genetic disorders because there is a decreased chance that both parents carry the same detrimental recessive alleles. However, some deleterious recessives are common across many seemingly unrelated breeds, and therefore merely mixing breeds is no guarantee of genetic health.

Crossing breeds to take advantage of the increased chance that a recessive detrimental allele will only be inherited from one parent, and therefore not expressed in the phenotype of the offspring, is only one strategy breeders can use to decrease the incidences of genetic faults. For example, large dogs such as the German Shepherd Dog often suffer from hip dysplasia, a multigene trait strongly affected by environment. Mating a German Shepherd, a breed known to have about a 20% incident of this disease (ref:OFA), with a dog of a different breed not known to suffer from it dysplasia like the Greyhound, reduces the likelihood that the cross-breed produced will suffer from hip dysplasia. Mate the same German Shepherd to an Otterhound (dysplasia incidence about 52%) or to a small dog such as a Pug (62%) or a Norfolk Terrier (37%), and the outcome might be considerably different. Breeding dogs that have been tested free of dysplasia offers a similar result, with the added benefit of producing offspring that are less likely to carry the defect, unexpressed. hope this helps.

Answer #17

if your not picky shelters are a great way to find a dog too. just look at the background info. just make sure the breed of whatever dog you choose purebred or mixed (both of the parennts of the mixed dog) fits your life style- theres not one breed of dog for everyone, and mixed breeds dont live longer they live just as long as a purebred depending on their mix its just a common misconception.

Answer #18

I have a maltese, now I love the dog, and everyone who has ever met him loves my dog (yes even though he’s a bit of an idiot) but they are high maintenance, their fur knots, they need a ton of attention, they’re moody, tempermental and fussy. They have amazing personalities though…

Answer #19

If you have a big place to put in, I guess a Collie, Retrivers. Their smart ya know. If mini types, I guess a miniature daschuhuds. I can’t spell it right, sorry. And a Welsh corgi.

Answer #20

I have a blue merle shetland sheepdog other wise known as a sheltie. these dogs are very loyal and loving, they are easy to train,and very good at agility.They will need to be groomed about once a week. I wouldnt have any other type of dog.

Answer #21

yes I know its possible but for 1 small shelter to kill 700 aday thats highly unlikely im not saying they dont im saying they probly dont because one small shelter killing 700 dogs evrydaythere wouldnt be many labradors left im not saying its impossible just highly unlikely

Answer #22

I have a chihuahua and he is VERY hyper. He is a lot of fun, but also a lot to handle and needs a lot of attention. I also have a rat terrier that is really kind, loyal, he likes to follow us around and he is fun to play with! Any terriers are good. My boyfriend has a beagle mixed with a terrier and she is a sweetheart, loves to cuddle. but also likes to dig. As well as my chihuahua!

Answer #23


They usually have much less health problems than purebreds, and also cost less than buying a purebred from a store or breeder (although 45% of all dogs at shelters are purebred).

And killing 700 dogs/day is possible. My county kills 30,000/year.

Answer #24

I have a Siberian Husky, I love her. she doesnt bark or whine for anything but she knows better. She is the most awesome dog ever. I also had a Spaniel and they are quiet too…What kind of person are u? Do you like dogs that bark or not? The big or small ones

Answer #25

Any kind of retriever mix. In my experience they make the best dogs… and live a long time.

I highly recommend you search on http://www.petfinder.com to find a dog in a shelter near you, many times you can also find puppies.

xox Sika

Answer #26

It all depends on how much time to have to spend with it. If you work there are some dogs that wouldn’t be good for you because they don’t like being left alone. Also how much room do you have. You don’t want a big dog if you live in an apartment with nowhere for the dog to play. Just go to akc.com and look at pics of the dogs and they will tell you about each on.

Answer #27

lassa apsu

Answer #28

You know…it’s good to ask other people what kind of dogs they have, just to get some ideas…but before you actually go get one, it would be best to get on line and do some research…you can even take a little test at dogbreed.com and see what breeds fit into your lifestyle the best. Getting a dog is a real commintment…big dogs live 8 to 13 years, small dogs longer…so I’m sure you want to get a dog you can live with for that long.

fordkid9…It’s VERY possible that they kill that many Labs in a year…in ONE state…There were approximately 10 MILLION dogs and cats killed across the US just last year!! …and black dogs are the ones most frequently left in the shelters by adopters (even if they are purebred dogs)…You’d do well to do some research, too.


Answer #29

I had a golden retriver for most of the first ten years of my life. she was the sweetest, nicest, most obedient dog in th world. but she shed a lot. then about 10 months befor she died of lukemia e got a labrador retriever. craziest dog in the world. chewed everything in sight. and I mean everything. our house is wood andhe chewed off part of it in two places. my mom ordered $200 shoes in the mail and he chewed them up out of the package. we got rid of him about a month before my golden retriever zoe died. thn zoe died and we were dogless for months. we decided we wanted a small dog. we bought a Havanese. she is themost incxredibly cut thing I’ve ever seen in my life. right now she is 3 and a half months old and weighs 5 and a half lbs. she will grow to about 10 lbs. she is learning what she needs to know for her obediance class really fast and I highly recomend a Havanese.

Answer #30

What are you looking for in a dog? I like small dogs.

I have a sable and white Papillion and he is one great dog. He is intelligent, playful, affectionate, and the most obedient dog I’ve ever owned. His only faults are that he barks too much and he takes a long time to warm up to strangers. Every time someone walks down the sidewalk in front of our house he goes nuts. He takes his guard dog duties very seriously.

Another dog I really like is toy fox terriers. If you are looking for a little more substantial dog Norfolk terriers are very nice.

Answer #31

It depends on what type of person you are. My dog is a Shih Tzu and he is so loving and quiet and very smart. He only cries or barks when he has to go out for #1 or #2. He loves my kids and they have fun running around with him because he is so playful. At other times he is very lazy but cute and sweet. If you like outside dogs maybe a big dog would do. I don’t know how but my dog and I match.

Answer #32

I’ve had a few dogs, but my best friend has two dogs, the sweetest thing ever, and the best thing is that they’re non-allergenic, so if you have any family members that are allergic or friends, then they can cuddle with them without sneezing or breaking out. ^_^

They’re both shi-tzus and I love them sooo much! I also know about 5 other people that have shi-tzu mixes and they’re non-allergenic too and they’re sweet too. They’re also small and most of the ones I know are fun to play with, kid friendly, and don’t mind dressing up, and some even love dressing up! A lot of them also hate long walks and are fairly easy to train, so the work is less on you and them. ^_^

Hope I was of help!

Answer #33



  2. there are a lot of cute puppies every day that get killed / euthanized
  3. These dogs make very good pets. THEY DESERVE TO LIVE.
Answer #34

I recommend rottweilers. Thats the only breed I’ll ever get. I have three. They’re giant babies with their family and extremely loving and gentle but they are very territorial and pertective of their family, so you do have to be careful when they’re around others. They’re known to be THE MOST loyal breed. They’re EXTREMLEY smart.

Answer #35

What breed of dog you gt depends totally on your lifestyle and the time and attention you can give your dog. Research carefully, jot down the breeds you like, and keep narrowing down the list until you have only one left. I had five german shephards and anatolian shephard crosses, and they were amazing dogs. Super smart, playfull and adorable. Of course, I lived on a farmhouse then. Now four of them have passed away and the last one, she is eleven years old.

Answer #36

pomeranians because they are very active dogs they can live in apartmints very easy to train they dont eat a lot but…they need to groomed everyday and a haircut about every a month or so.

Answer #37

wolf dog puppies are so kkkuuute

Answer #38

whaterver fits you persinality I like huskys!

Answer #39

the problem with schipperkes is the shed a lot so thats why but I love her to death she is sooo cute and loves to cuddle

Answer #40

you should get a sckipperke if you are a active person and love hyper dogs they are hard to get if you live on the west coast

Answer #41

American Huskie. They’re adorable! I used to have one..

Answer #42

Well, it depens on what type of person you are. Your moods, and the dogs mood.

Answer #43

Shih tzu They Dont shed.. and their loveable =]

Answer #44

mutts. any cross breed. they live longer cost less and are always more loveable. but if you get a pure bred I recomend labradors. they are so friendly and easy to take care of. and they are rated the best family pet. plus their are so many in shelters because people breed them and then can’t take care of them all, they kill almost 700 every day in utah. (where I live) I checked at the shelters and that’s what they told me.

Answer #45

mixes are best, they get the good qualities out of both breeds. however it depends what kind of dog you want, if you have younger kids in your family, I would go for labrador or golden retrievers. if you want a smaller family dog, go for a pug. if there arent any young kids at your house and they rarely visit, then its up to you, but if the dog will be around lots of kids you want to make sure it wont bite them.

Answer #46

pomeranians are SOOO cute. Alaskan dogs, too. Like a Siberian Husky! Now THAT’S a cutie!

Answer #47

this question will b easier to answer if you tell us how your envior ment is and if you want a small or big dog…give us some info

Answer #48

Mutts or Mix Breeds are the most loyal.

Answer #49

I would get a maltese cross shih-tsue as they are very smart and loving and playful dog and adorabal

Answer #50


I really like golden retriever, cuase they have such a human eyes.

Eric from sutree.com

Answer #51

cavalier king charles I’ve got 3

Answer #52

I would personly get a Shih Tzu because there smart, playful and loving.

Answer #53

yellow labs like I grew up with them around me there were really good they are especially good dogs if you have kids around cause they are really playful and they arent mean

Answer #54

I have a 20 mths old maltese dog. and I love her more than you could ever believe . Her name is Ivy she weights 8.9 pds. she has so much energy when we first bought her home She is very smart sometimes scary. She knows when she is talked about. She ‘s cute as a button. She sits, stay, plays will toys. She also a good announcer of visitor to our home.

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