What to do for my 19th birthday?

My 19th birthday is coming up in 2 weeks. What can I do with a lot of friends that's inexpensive? Oh, and no alcohol. I'm scared people will get bored.

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Have a roller skating party at the rink. so fun.
get together and play the 'Cashflow ' game

or "Loaded Questions" game.

or dance/music beach/pool/park/camp, bbq hot dog lunch.

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I went out one year and bought a role playing game, where everyone has a character to play. Like a murder mystery game, they are not that expensive and the are at zellers or den for men.

Whats fun to do on my 24th birthday?

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you sholud join a NGO and help to him as you can,
and as usuall let's the party also :)

What to do for my 14th birthday party?
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Maybe you and your friends can go see a movie, if there's not too many of you. Shopping and to a restaurant maybe...
I didn't do too much on my 19th b-day I just out with my friends we just went out to eat.

How can I celebrate my 20th birthday, ideas?

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You could go "clubbing" at an 18 and older club if you want.. Or you can stay home and watch movies, and eat popcorn and stay up all night..

Do you live alone or with your parents? Will it be guys? girls? or both?

Board games are always fun, I really like catchphrase!! pillow fights are fun too!! And being silly!!

What month is your birthday in? If December.. You could look at Christmas lights on the town? Good luck!!

What to do for my 22nd birthday?
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pop a few x pills and go hang out or just chill at home even if your alonne it will be fun

Cool places to have a 14th birthday party

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pop x and go jig at the club or stay at home no matter what you do as long as your rolling its fun

Ideas for a 16th birthday?
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Start with going out to eat.
Then go to a movie.
Then go get some good junk food.
Then get a few of Ellen D. stand-up DVD's.
Go back to your place eat junk food and watch ellens stand-up.
Have fun,

what to do for my 17th birthday

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If you have snow. Maybe sledding would be fun... If not... try the movies.. Good luck!

Is it weird that I don't want to celebrate my birthday?
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yeah I still live with my parents and it will be both guys and girls. my bday's in december.

Is 16 a special birthday?
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you should've had sex

18th birthday ideas
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No alcohol? Go to Build-A-Bear.

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you could have a huge movie night, pool party at night or late afternoon if you don't have a pool one of your many friends should do.go bowling ect.

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