what to do for my 17th birthday

okay so.. my birthdays on november the 8th and im turning 17..and theres nothing to do. and I want to know ideas. so can anyone give me ideas. this time of the year is a bad year for a birthday I ono. just like send me ideas thanks

Answer #1

I’m actually having a huge little kids birthday. I’m going to have a jumper and a pinata and do all the things you would do in a 5 yr olds party. It sorta symbolizes that this is going to be your last year as a “child” because your nezt birthday will be your 18th and you’re legally an adult.

Answer #2

work on a theme, and let it start on the week-end (not just that day) and the day before the party make sure you wearing you party hat, when you serious about having fun today everyone else would too. You and close friends should do movie and dinner, and the day of the party would be shared with others. Trow a theme party and have fun, because next year you’ll be stepping into the real world. A MAN!!!

Answer #3

well duh! people be more careful of what you write of course she would have 2 throw a party if she wan’t 2 do something! and try going 2 a movie or skating.

Answer #4

I’m having the SAME ISSUE!!! right now! im turing 17 as well and its in JAN. and all I get it rain, snow and more rain..

but I’m warming up to the theme part where everybody dress’s up like a famous actor/actress!

Answer #5

wooowww ma bday is on nov 10 and im turnin 17 as welll..owww scorpio…buh wah im tryna do is eighter go out 2 eatt or hit up any parties

Answer #6

Hey my birthday is November 6 and im turning 17 as well. Scorpio babies rule!!! But anyways I don’t know what to do either. I’m thinking about going to the movies with friends, then out to dinner with the fam but I wanna do something special.

Answer #7

Have a party. Have a few friends over for movies, cake, popcorn, and games. Is there an amusement park nearby that you can afford?

A restaurant that you always wanted to try? A movie coming out near your Bday that you want to see? Go for a day at a park.

Go camping. Go hiking.

Buy yourself a bath kit and enjoy a wonderful night pampering yourself with a bubble bath, facial, and whatever else goes with that. Light candles and all that.

Hope you figure out what to do! Have fun!

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Answer #9

Well, I think the best party ever was a scavenger hunt-heres how it works..don’t let any of the kids know what will go on at the party including the birthday person. Then ask your friends if they would participate in this..Give prizes to all the participating friends. When the big day comes tell the kids they have to figure out where they are going first and divide into 2 teams. When they get to the friends house you have nominated to be first they must do what the homeowner has written on paper (example make up a cheer about the birthday person and act it out in front of the homeowner or act out a day of a 16 year old ). once each team has done their act then the homeowner votes on the winning team and they get prizes (I did prizes such as glow in the dark necklaces since it was dark out and they were all walking or cotton candy or carmel apples etc). Next, the homeowner hands the groups the next clue for the next house and so on… The finale is held at the last house… the teams have to make up a birthday song and sing it of course and the homeowner tallies all the votes and gives out the best prize for the overall winning team along with the birthday gift. This was awesome and the kids said they have never been to such an awesome party (by the way it was for a sweet 16)afterwards was some trivia and pizza and fire pit and a movie

Answer #10

I agree with the whole themed party. I did a murder mystery for my 15th bday and everyone really enjoyed it. last year I turned 16 and I didnt have a big sweet 16 so I am planning a huge bash for my 17th bday. maybe you can do that. but you also have to think of how much money you want to spend. what your parents will let you do and not do. and where you could have it. im renting a ballroom in a hotel and two rooms. my “vip” get to chill in the two rooms before and after the party. but thats just something to think about and maybe you can also get a limo for you to arrive in. happy birthday! and I hope you have a lot of fun at your party! :-D

Answer #11

haha, im turning 17 as well =] in my last comment that I wrote about wasted, I was turning 16 :) so yeahhh. Well im gonna have a fab party in the park, with my fab friends (which my parents will have no idea about) As they are completely against be having guy friends, (who are a LOT older than me). Parrrtttyyy!! lol

Answer #12

its my 16th birthday on november 6th and I also have no idea what to do!! I was thinking about a huge house party with fireworks but I’ve gone off this idea seeing as my other house parties havent gone so well in the past lol. Why don’t you rent out the ice skating place and go with loads of friends and maybe add a theme where you have to dress up or something :)

Answer #13

well im turning 17 too I don’t know what to do I think im gona sleep all day then get my hair and nails done mayb go out with my friends or spend the night with my boyfriend

Answer #14

I am only 13, but my last party was a hit!! practically the whole school, even my crush came! it wasn’t that hard for me since I have a pool in my back yard though. but have a dance party! just like prom, but not as formal. everyone dresses however they want, casual, preppy, jock, who cares?! then just turn on your fave station. everyone will love it!

OR you can go to a pool or sumthing, if you have one or there is some way to book it then you can do the same thing pool side!

Answer #15

maybe rent a limo and take 3 close buds out for a spa day!

Answer #16

Well yeah have a party. But make it a theme party. A good one is to have your guests dress and act like Hollywood actors, past or present. Some of your friends may have hidden talents like singing or telling jokes. Keep things moving with dance music, maybe even have a friend DJ. Seventeen is a tough age for a party. It’s too old for kids stuff and not old enough for going out to a club. Hopefully your parents will allow you to plan and conduct the party the way you want to. Try to get an even mix of boys and girls, that way things just sort of happen on their own. Still, play by the rules. Good luck and Happy Birthday.

Answer #17

theme parties are LAME.

I’m turning 17 also, and I don’t want to have some gay little party dressing up.

I’m gunna be an adult next year and I want this birthday to be hella bomb, because its guna be my last year in highschool.

come on people, wheres the originality?

Answer #18

im turning 17 september 15th and im having a bonfire party with some friends. well alota friends actually. and we are getting a projector and watching scary movies out side around the fire all night basiclly. there will be music to. good luck with the party tho I hope it goes well

Answer #19

my birthday is in august. I will be turning seventeen. a bonfire on the beach is always fun. you could have a football game there. bowling is always fun. you could make a competition out of it. have a fire at your house and tell “scary” stories. set up the tent and sleep in the backyard. go for a road trip. hangout with friends. go shopping down town or something.

Answer #20

I my family we rarely have birthday parties. We usually find something to do together. I was never too thrilled about “theme” parties. In fact I rarely went to one. Only on Samhain. So a party isn’t something that would come up for me. I always think of birthdays and spending time doing things with your family and having an experience (Like a restaurant and movie, or something you’ve been wanting to do for awhile) Does everyone have parties? It seems like whenever I suggest to have a birthday party, every one acts like “Well, DUH”. Even when I was little, a birthday party meant the whole family coming over.

Maybe I am weird, I dunno. I don’t really like birthdays. This might go back to the time I got a mop for a birthday present and nothing else. No cake, no “happy birthday”, nothing. But, no, I didn’t like birthdays before that either. Now, I am quite content with a nice dinner that I don’t have to cook, a clean house that I don’t have to clean and a day doing what I want to do. I use it more for a day of reflection.

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