What to do at a sleep over

I am going to a sleep over with my bestfriend and she doesn’t know what to do and I don’t either! :( So if you have any ideas for a sleep over! :) reply! :D thankzzyou!

Answer #1

be crazy eat a lot talk a lot go to the mall and look totally HOTT!!! get some boys #$ and call them all nite…it is very fun!!! :)

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Answer #3

Ok what me and my friend always do is we choose a style, say kandi kid or preppy or whatever and then we have to be like that for that night and the next day. Like everything makeup hair (and we help each other with that kind of stuff) and then just try on a bunch of clothes that you have or go shopping for new ones and act that way and do prank calls and eat food and watch movies and just go crazy!! Let your inner kandi kid out!!! [:

Answer #4

Well I would say just watch movies, connect on Nintendo’s, maybe if you want you can do makeovers but I wouldn’t em and my BBFF and I didn’t do it we’re not the the girly type just chill and have fun

Answer #5

eat food Take photos Watch movies Eat popcorn Make chocolate marshmallow skewers Play the Malteser game Go on my laptop—make your own horror movie Prank calls Eat cake Play flour game The sock game Harry potter scene it Jenga X factor game Listen to music Play cards Talk Make a movie—on phones Hair/makeup Truths Who am I game Minnie cheddar face roll game Friend ship bracelets Tell stories Consequences game Alphabet game Nintendo DS—head to head competitions Kiss the poster Msn Cherards Facials Pillow fight—NOT FEATHER PILLOWS The chocolate game nontendo wii

Answer #6

Today My friend, Chloe, is sleeping over. What we did was put out blankets, 1 of us sat on it, and the other person pulled the person on the blanket…we laughed our heads off!

Then we sat on a chair while the other person spun us around!

Answer #7
  1. Truth or dare
  2. Would you rather
  3. Dance party
  4. Video tape people singing
  5. makeovers
  6. walk your dog (If you hve 1)
  7. Go outside
  8. Strech your hardest (I did this with my BFFL and I went into the splitz and I layed down and fliped my toes to my head)
  9. Tell your deepest darkest secrets
  10. go to a corner store
Answer #8

Umm my friends and I usually… ~Truth or Dare ~Shaving cream fights ~Push people down the stairs (hahaha) ~Run around the hood late at night flashing people, and screaming out lyrics to our favorite songs =) ~A bunch of pranks. (But not to mean, or embarassing) ~dance dance dance! Well, I hope I helped out a little! Just have funn, be open to basically anything and just have FUN! xD

Answer #9

Truth or dare is the best thing!;-)

Answer #10

well I ride bikes and go on the trampleing then I go on the swings then we go take e walk and talk then we have a water gun war and I change in to my friends clothe then we watch e movie then we eat some thing then we go back outside and ride bikes then call my boy friend then play with her little sis and then I sleep with her little sis and my friend sleeps in a bed beside me and her sis then in the morning I stay at her house until 7:00pm.

Answer #11

I remember my first sleep over, I was like you and had no idea what to do or how to act… as long as you are going with at least one person you know than you have nothing to worry about. keep it light and remember to just let go and have fun with it. if they have games there and things get really borring ask to play a board or card game, you can always bring up truth or dare and 21 questions. those are classics. you can try pranks and things like announcing that the first one to fall asleep get’s shaving cream all over them… just HAVE FUN with it!!! good luck!

Answer #12

haha well I when ever me && my bbfl do the sleepover thing she has a guest house(u don’t need one you cud always just go to your room) and we always go, we bring lots of food her ipod and ihome and our fones and we always prank call our exs and just a bunch of random people it.s always fun and we always go get in the pool. and while were in the guest house her room we act soo crazy just turn on sum crazy music and start dancin

NO BORAD GAMES THEY ARE BORING!!! lots of scary movies loud music and hella prank calls is all you need ohh and the FOOD

Answer #13

usually what my friend and I do is eat a bunch of food. watch movies. play guitar hero. snort kool-aid. go to wal-mart and do crazy shiz. umm..talk about things at school. that sort of thing.

Answer #14

Thanks everyone! :)

Answer #15

Just chill watch TV play games, go outside…whatever you normally do! Treat her to your everyday fun =D

Answer #16

have fun. ^^. watch a movie, play games, talk bout, well, watev you wanna talk about… ^^. lol

Answer #17

order some pizza’s play truth or dare call boys on da phone

Answer #18

im having a sleep over this saturday ( im 12) and my friend sarah jane and chloe are comming this is our planned night come to mine about 3 go on trampaline ,msn & a social site,tv ,magazines my tea and bout 7:30 a pamper party were doing pedicure and manicure facial stuff and then a make over (blind folded)put a horror movie on, have a little party eat the food (my stash) have pillow fight,then about 11:30 calm down , get ready for bed ,pput a another movie on a comade , play truth or 21 ,tell ghost storys talk about boys and take pics inbetween maybe prank calls and just chill have fun does it sound fun or what

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