What to do if i love two amazing guys?

*Fisrt know I am not a cheater* no matter how many times I've been screwed over I will never screw anyone I care about* and I do not just want to sleep with lorenzo, someone messeged me something about just sleep with him and then forget about it* I do not mess with other emotions like that * just to make that clear*

Well let me start at the begining. When I was 15 I met my friend lorenzo he was cute peruvian and smart. the thing is we liked each other but never got together because the timing was never right, either we both were in a relationship or I had a boyfriend and or he had a girlfriend. he would always make time for me, and we tried really hard to keep our emotions at bay for eachother. we would constantly bicker and fight but we always forgave eachother. then one time he really hurt me by sleeping with one of my friends. since then I was very upset and gave up on him and I ever being together, but he apoligized and felt very guilty about it. then right after my 16th birthday I met james, also peruvian smart and completely adorable(he was 19)!!! we had a sort of rough relationship at first going back and forth, but then after about 6 months we really decided enough was enough of being childish and realized we meant a lot to one another and stayed together. we have been together for almost 3 years now and I feel so weak and a fool because james has cheated on me. but I still love him and I want to believe he will change. shortly after james and I broke up fora few weeks lorenzo came strolling back into my life, with no girlfriend( when we first met he was a bit of a player). I finally set things out on the table. he was telling me he knows he screwed up with me and didnt relize how much I meant to him until I was not around any more , I asked him if he was ready to just be with me and no one else and he told me that we both are not looking for he same kind of relationship. I was upset mad and really pissed that he bared his soul to me but still was being an idiot. I ended up crying and screaming saying never call text email message me ever again. later on james and I got back together. the trust was gone and we are trying to work through it. lorenzo sent me some messges recently and I eventually answered him and he was saying that he is really upset about how we left things and that hearing me cry and knowing I was so hurt again was very surreal to him. he wants to hang out and only be with me. he tells me he is so jealous of james and hates him for what jame's did to me. now all these emotions I have for him are just boiling up inside me and I am so confused. I love james but I also love lorenzo. I cannot picture life without either of them. PLEASE HELP!!! (SORRY ABOUT SPELLING AND STUFF)

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once a cheater always a cheater. stay away from james and be glad you have lorenzo to help you get over him. :]

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