What to clean an old tank with

I used to have geckos, but sadly they died.

But that was about 3 years ago, and im thinking about getting some.
I have the tank and all the accesories I need, but I am scared the things might not be safe enough to put new geckos in.

What is safe to use to clean everything out?
I dont want to clean it with something that could harm them.

Anybody have some ideas?


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It is safe to use a dis-infecting cleaner on the tank as long as you follow it with a moist sponge or paper towel. Also, make sure to replace the substrate (sand, rocks, cardboard, whatever you use) or the gecko's will definitely get sick.

Good Luck

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Heh. Where I live, the geckos just run free. They're everywhere. The funny thing is, the same ones tend to hang around in the same places, and so we recognize them and sort of think of them as pets that we don't have to care for.

Anyway, what I've observed, is that as long as you give them live insects, they're happy.

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you could ask petco or something, or use something non toxic like I think simple green I've never had animals like that before but if you really dont feel up to it theres always a new tank, but thats a bit extreme.

sry bout teh geckos

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yeah, its just I want it all ready for when I get them.

I dont think I'd buy a new tank, that would cost me too much money for no reason.
I just want a safe way to clean it so it wont like, poison my geckos before they even get settled. and I also want to prove to my parents I can keep a pet without it dying. because its been a while.

its alright, haha, it was a long time ago.
hopefully everything will be alright this time around.

thanks for your time!

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