What to say to a guy to turn him on?

okay so I have the relationship with this guy over the net and we talk over the phone (I know most people think that's lame, but I really like him)... and I want to say some things that'll get him turnd on.. any ideals?

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tell him you'd like for him to take his dick rub it against your pussy slowly stuck it in go slow then get faster and deeper with it.

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ask him waht he's wearing. and tell him what your wearing. but make sure your wearing something (or atleast tell him your wearing something) atttractive. you could always lie and just say your naked. yup we love that.lol

how can I turn my guy on?

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Well some of these answers are pretty fucking wild man. I'm pretty much just tell him "You have no idea of all the things I'd do to you" and "I bet I'm freakier then any other girl you've ever imagined doing things with". That really get's them going and wondering what stuff you're wanting to do!

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Ha ha some of these answers are wonderfully crude!

Personally, I find a distant woman appealling, make him think you're doing something other than talking on the phone to him, let the boy's mind wander, but don't be slutty or crude about it or you'll get him thinking that you're only after 1 thing!

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I wouldnt listen to alana. she doesnt seem to know much about guys and goes mostly by what she sees in movies. she doesnt know how easy it is or isnt to turn your man on specifically, nor does she seem to realize that an erection doesnt necessarily have anything to do with being turned on and a gust of wind causing an erection wouldnt mean the guy is turned on in the least. certainly not turned on by wind.

How do a guy turn on a girl?
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just tell him he has beeen sooo naughty and that officer sexxxy girl is coming to get you and give you a punishment that you are gonna have to suck his dic* so hard until he is begging you to stop then tell him I wont stop cause you have been naughty and moan gently

guys and turn ons

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just whisper so he whats to hear your voice and call him and when he said hello you say hey sexy how you feeling I hope good cause if you were here I would feel great and then say you could handle me right? if you can't let me know cause I thought you had a long thick juicy dick witch can make my knees weak

by then he would object and discribe his stuff and you can handle it from there

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Honestly it depends on the guy. Every guy is different though most like the same things. I found that if your in a relationship with him then go for something really sexy like I want to feel you inside me. Or even something small like I've been a naughty girl that needs to be punished. If you have already had sex with him then you have full right to even be dirtier then that. Some lines you can even turn him on through a txt. Guys are pretty easy lol no offense to those men here ^^

How can I turn on my boyfriend?

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Just tell him what you would do wit him if he was sitting on your bed right at the moment... tell him your horny if you r.

How do you "feel up" a guy?
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Figure out what makes you comfortable and just work with that. you can start off with something like, god, if only you were here right now, or, say your walking around in Victoria secret's best but you oneed to go shopping becuase they're getting too small. (the bras of course). OR get HIM to start something and follow his lead. Challenge him by saying, I'll bet I could turn you on faster than you could me! then get him to start off!
Just remember to have fun with it!
hope this helps

When a guy eats you out, what does the girl do?
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Use a low sexy voice, it should trigger the fact or illusion that you're turn on. Make sexy but not too over the top noises. Make him look forward to hearing your voice :))

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Tell him you have always been curious how dick tastes like , and you want to suck him dry then get your boobies smashed by his dick...
Works all the time

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wow.. I can get guys turned on so quick..all I have 2 do is be myself..

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wow some of these answers are kinda out there! but my boyfriend is in the marines so he is away from home most of the time so we depend on having sexual fun over webcam/IMing (like aim or skype)/ and phone. all I gotta say is "baby I miss you so much, I want you here so I can do naughty things to u. I always bring up sex memories that are extremely naughty and that always gets him hot and ready for more. then I just talk in a seductive tone and tell him I want his d*ck. and when I tell him im playin with my pussy that ALWAYS works!
good luck to ya!

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somthign you cansay is

oh baby if you were here we could be making my bed rock

ohh I love the sound of your voice it makes me wet.

oh baby hold on let me take off my shirt

ohh baby if you wehre here we could be sucking on eachother with wipecream and cerry

hope it helps anad its not lame because I do the same =]

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Why not have a bit of webcam action aha

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All you need to say is "I want you right now" nice and slow, whisper it no moan necessary

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Why not say..

Hi you sexybeast, I want you sooo bad, you sexbomb of a machine. I can imagine us now *moan* So how are you?

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when yall are talking and he asks what you are doing say im in the shower or just got out or im getting dressed. works everytime!!!

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Well with my boyfriend, When I'm on the phone with him and he starts getting sleepy I tell him that I wish I was with him. And I tell him I know for sure you wouldn't be tired anymore. And then I would tell him what I would do if I were with him, and he starts moaning and I'm pretty sure he masturbates after we are done on the phone. Hope that helped you!

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