What things can I delete from my computer to increase it's speed?

I have a dell inspiron laptop computer and it is approx. 5 years old. It began to run slower and slower about 2 years ago. It takes around 3.5 minutes just to boot it up and get it ready to select internet explorer. I use ameritec dsl and once I finally get in to look at my email, it seems to run ok. It just takes forever to go from one program to another. My wife thinks I should take it to a professional and have him sweep it “clean” of all the things that have caused it to run so slow. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer #1

Data files (videos, music files, game saves, documents) you have on your hard drive will not be what is causing your slow-down. You either have 1.)way too many programs starting up at launch, or 2.) too many programs set to automatically check for updates, or you have 3.) spyware (or a virus) that is chewing up your cycles and bandwidth. NOTE: I have Windows XP so some of these may have to be modified for Vista 1.) Click START button, click RUN, type ‘msconfig’ and click OK. Click ‘Startup’ tab everything with a check mark is set to automatic start on launch. You will have to research what you want to start on launch, just know that if you uncheck something, you can always come back here and re-check it. Also unchecking does NOT remove anything, it just doesn’t automatically launch. NOTE: never uncheck your defenses - anti-virus, firewall, etc.

2.) Turn off the auto check feature for most programs (if you can) except for defenses. Actually many of the auto checks may be turned off in step 1 above. Note that every time a new program is added to your computer, it thinks that it is the most important one there is and it will set itself to go out and find updates - if you allow it. And sometimes even if you don’t. I have a two-way firewall that can be set to stop all checks for updates ( except for it’s own :) ).

3.) Make sure your defenses are up to date. Run a complete sweep with all your defenses. If you do not have anti-spyware programs, get a couple. These all have free versions as well as more robust paid versions. Go to http://download.cnet.com/windows/ and get two or three of the following: SpywareBlaster ; Ad-Aware ; Spybot : Search and Destroy All of the three are free - also this site is a VERY trusted site IMHO. If you do not have anti-virus (and why not?) You can get a good free one called AVG Anti-virus. NOTE that you do not want to have multiple anti-viruses running on your computer because they will conflict with each other. You can, however, have several anti-spyware programs that you run one at a time.

If these steps don’t work, you may have to reinstall your operating system - but this is an extreme step as it will reformat your hard drive and wipe out EVERYTHING ON THE DRIVE. This is typically what a shop does if it can’t get results from step 3.) above.

Good Luck!!

One other thing, if the CPU is old and you are trying to run more advanced programs, or programs that are graphics intensive, then that will always slow down your computer. The only solution then is an updated computer. Don’t try to update the motherboard, and various cards. That would be more expensive than a new one.

Answer #2

Delete everything! A full clean install is what you need. Just remember to take backup of the stuff you wanna keep :-)

Answer #3

delete pictures they take up a lot of memory which cause slow computers

Answer #4

The main thing would be to terminate certain processes that you don’t need running on your computer. These processes can be running constantly in the background unneccessarily… slowing down your computer.

Answer #5

Videos, music, programmes that you don’t need, anything which uses a lot of memory. Or if that doesn’t work, you could try rebooting your computer :/

Answer #6

Deleting any kind of content like video, photos would not ever help.

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Answer #8

To increase speed follow the tips given below:

  • Check the Start up programs and remove the unwanted
  • Maintain a Decent Space limit at Hard drive
  • Check for Malware, Spyware and bots
  • Clear cookies and temporary history files
  • Close unwanted background tasks if any
  • Reset the modem
  • Browse with latest and updated browser
  • Download using torrents
  • Upgrade your hardware
  • Adjust the Wifi antenna if it has one. Finally check your internet speed using the site http://www.scanmyspeed.com/ .
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