what the hell should I do when the dumbasses are in school doin some

Yo, theres some dudes thats makin of fun of me, and threatin me (well not really) and saying sh!t to me. during the boring summer, 6 dudes going to another gay ass house, then they called me on my cell phone then talk stuff about me like wearin high waters and how ugly I am and w/e, then I turn off my damm cell then turn it back from 20 mins, then I found I have 67 voice mails and all of them are jokes l-_-l TO THEM! im plannin to call him on a pay phone and or w/e until his dad gets on the phone so I can explain wth is happening, or I might beat the living shit out of him in school…or you can give me a better advice what to do

Answer #1

Learn a martial art, I know Muai Tai, jujitsu, krav maga, judo, boxing, kickboxing, akido, and eskrima… liable to be in ufc… I’ve been doing martial arts for a while and almost all of these are the best in a street fight, I would recomend eskrima though. You can block when they try to take you down…


Answer #2

ok yeh umm dont fight with him just get in his face a little, say some stuff.Just dont make yourself sound like a dumbass. b/c me and my friends kinda make fun of guys like tat(I no im not a person you should b listening to b/c of tat but.. I would no)and if you like call them names tat makes you sound like a huge nerddd b/c they would no it gets to u. but just stand up for yourself. and how did they get your number in the first place???

Answer #3

No it wont.. tell ya what you do brother..im a jujitsu fighter… you want somebody hurt.. hit them 3 inches above there heart … with to fighters .. apply pressure… as much as you would poke someone to go ow..

they will die in 3 days.. ‘

Answer #4

Well if you are too scared to contact the police or talk to your school all i can see you can do is ride it out and try not to give them anything to use against you, and hope they get bored.

Suppose if you think its really bad you could buy a new sim and just try to let them forget about you.

Answer #5

haha i had that same problem cept with sum biches if you dont responde and jus leave them alone and act like nuutins wrong they’ll eventually go away cuz dey get bored. but if it dont stop.. sht get ur parents to go crazy on them. && hey if you dont wnana lower urself to their rank dont fight them. yeh if dey hit you go for it. good luck dont stress this.. ur still a youngin

Answer #6

threaten them SAVE the text messages and say if you dont stop Im calling the cops this is harrasment and i WILL sue you.. my mom found my cell fone and said if it continues.. she will notify the police and wel see who pays for there stupid acts.. grow up and be mature..

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Answer #8

Tell them that you will give them 1 day to stop and then you are going to police to prosecute for harrasment.

A friend has done this with her estranged father, she got 2 texts and a call from him in the middle of the night and they now have an “non-molestation order” against him, which aparently means next time its prison.

Police take this stuff seriously. Good luck!

Answer #9

You shouldn’t fight them,but I sure would!I would kick the living sh** out of all of them,but you shouldn’t do that

Answer #10

I would take my cell phone to the police, allow them to hear the messages and file a Harassment Report or Restraining Order. When you get the law involved people know that you’re not messing around…or you could just ignore them.

Answer #11

i would tell one of them your gonna give them head and let them take their pants off then laugh and walk away and go tell all your buddys and his buddy that he has a small dick. it’s mean i know but it’s the only only way to get them to leave you alone and don’t really give them head what ever you do and mabey pull the prank on a few of them.

Answer #12

Ok dont listen to those dang retards up there. What you do is completely ignore them never talk to them in any way it works 99.9% of the time

Answer #13

Fear is your worst opponent! Don’t be scared because the can smell that subconciously. Have you noticed that the people at school that don’t get bullied are the ones that arn’t afraid. Don’t be afraid!!!! Fuck him up….but only when you’re not afraid! If you’re scared don’t start a fight. Be confident. And trust me those fucks have more problems that you! That is why they are bullying you!

Answer #14

well umm….my friends suggest that i should like make a harassment report and call the cops, sue them, all ya peoples ideas r great except for shadow….I CANT FIGHT U FOOL!god!!!

Answer #15

i wudn’t kick the sh!t out of them. that’ll just get u in trouble. go along with it. Me and my close friend r always 2gether and some jerks kept callin us lesbians. we went with it and they don’t do it anymore. they want to hurt you so don’t let them. if they don’t see the results they want, they’ll move on. remember, u r betta than them- i sed so. hugs!!

Answer #16

how did they get ur cell number?? well if they do that i would juss keep ignoring them and if they dont get a reaction they would probably stop. . gosh i hate guys like tht what a bunch of jerks! hope this helps

Answer #17

although it may seem unresponsable, sumtimes fighting is the last resort. try n talk to them. see y they pick on u and if they continue then theres not much u can do but to shut them up. make sure u tell n adult first because maybe they can resolve it before it turns into a fight but other then asking them to stop theres no other way to get ppl to stop bullying u except to show them ur fed up.

Answer #18

kick they as*

Answer #19

Dont do sh*t back to them like beat them up, that will just make you as low as they are.

Answer #20

tell the police they could tell you what to do or simply change your number and only hand it out to sertain people

Answer #21

well talk to the school them dick heads dont care -_- and i might transfer school, might be worser or better

Answer #22

You should report it to the police. That’s harrassment. It’s a prosecutable offense.

Answer #23

get a new sim card high a hit man for them

Answer #24

dude listen to me, ok i know wut im talking about if the dude doesnt stop,then get in his face msot likly he woudlnt expect you to do it he may push get pack in his face then when he shoves ya again like the second time walk like ur going to get back in his face then quickly jab do not punch quick jab to the nose it will stunn him backwards a little then grabb his shirt and sling him around while pounding the fuck outta him keep going in a circle cause then he cannot catch you now,if hes taller then you hell try and grabb you jsut keep those hands swinnig fast,and slinging him,when he starts to bend over pull his shirt of him or try and pull it half way off so it covers his face once u do that pull him to the ground and knock that mother fucker out! kick him or whatever,or if u wanna play dirty, throw pepper in his eyes or somthing that will mess him to where he cannot see, but before hand id reccomend u saving some money to hire some big boys to get ur back in case his friends jump in,but if anything try and talk to him first pull him aside when u see him, away from his friends and stuff may work dude

Answer #25

look, being from pakistan my freshman yr of high school, i know exactly what ur going through, the best way honestly is to learn to laugh at urself, if you make fun of urself for them its nothing special to make fun of you anymore, cuz u do it urself anyways………its hard true, but not only will you get courage outta that you will also be very comfortable doing almost anything in a public setting for the future……look, heart to heart talk, if God forbid it comes down to them trying to kick your ass, take down the biggest guy first cuz 99.9% of the time they don’t expect it out of the group and 80% of the time none of the other members in the group are gonna mess with you if u punched the biggest guy to the ground, aim for the temples (sides of the forehead) cuz that will knock the balance of the biggest guy around, and since he will be shaken up for a bit the others will have no clue of what to do………but like i said that is ultimate last resort, i had to do that my sophomore yr of high school where i beat the crap out of a senior, and since then till graduation nobody messed with me to the brink of trying to kick my ass………

hope this helps

Answer #26

ehhh its all seem wonderful ideas but my dad said i can transfer school and…well idk -_- ima goin to ask people whos in washington and i might change

Answer #27

if someone tried picking on me [which they did back in yr 8], I’d just play along. e.g. if they imply im gay ill be like hell ye and loving it. when you appear confident and actually getting a kick out of the situation they’ll just get bored and move on to their next target. trust me it works :]

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Answer #29

if someone tried picking on me I’d just play along..eg: if they imply im gay ill just be like ye its true but and I love it :D just pretend like you’re laughing it off even if you’re really getting pissed off. when you seem confident and act like you don’t care they’ll just get bored and move on to their next victim.trust me it works

Answer #30

Do your parents know about this? And im serious about changing your number on your phone btw, then the only contact they could have with your is face to face.

Answer #31

oh and btw i’m not advocating violence, u should think about taking jiu jitsu lessons……..its very very very very helpful in street fighting, but make sure u don’t turn into the very ppl u are trying to fight. don’t worry about taekwondo and karate/kungfu…….in a real setting they’re not going to have timed rounds and refs to break you apart, jiu jitsu is one of the only arts of fighting that teaches ground combat where 99% of the fights end up……….

hope this helps

Answer #32

woops I answered twice lol

Answer #33

no they dont, my mom wont understand cause i speak english mostly

Answer #34

uh….csuram if i ignore them…they gonna kick my ass till i cry star and tom um thats what my friend says but im too nervous to call the cops and what so ever -_-

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