Myspace is blocked at school, do you think that's right or wrong?

Okay so at my school myspace is a restricted access. Do you think that it should be restricted? Please answer we are going to have a discussion about this in class tomorrow and I need 5 facts to get points on this…so please answer!

Answer #1

I think it should be its a school not a internet cafe FACT!!!

Answer #2

block myspace at school is ok and you can on a bypass for school net work

Answer #3

cant you just use a webproxy like or ?

Answer #4

well if its just MySpace blocked at your school your lucky, our school blocked Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and Proxy Sites… :( no way to get onto anything at our school. so if you think its unfair the school system is just trying to get you to actually learn something and not just fool around, and btw MySpace is for creeps. XD

Answer #5

any website pages not pertaining need to be banned, you there to learn not play on the computer

Answer #6

Personally, yes I do think it should be. If your supposed to be doing work and your on My Space instead, you’ll fail. It’s all in the interest of your education.

Answer #7

WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG! how can the block one of the best sites man ever created? dang idiots. rrr

Answer #8

I think it’s a good idea cause I know if I could get on during school I’d be on all the time. no way I’d wait untill “free time” haha so it’s for the best

Answer #9

if they unlocked it it would basically just be like allowing texting or something.

Answer #10

I do think its right even though I do get on it still But what if sumones parents sont want them on and they have one and can access it at school and sumthing happens to them then the school would be up shyts creek! and because your there to learn not play on the web!

Answer #11

I think it’s right. Most schools block all non-academic sites. (My high school did, Which was starting back in 1999) Gosh I feel old now.

If you don’t agree then buy your own computer, get your own internet access and wait until you get home.

xox Sika

Answer #12

This person who said yes it stupid But no I dont think it should be because everyone has one(almost) and if your in computer class and you have free time you might want to get on it it’s not like OMG it’s a porn site or something…>=(

Answer #13

I think it’s right because if it wasn’t then every time you got on the computer at school you would probably get on it when you know you shouldn’t be. It would be too much of a distraction for you because you could always check your myspace at home.

Answer #14


Answer #15

Don’t call people stupid. It’s my opinion. I’m not stupid or anything because of it. And I can’t be too stupid if there are others that agree with me.

I have a My Space too. But I don’t think we should waste our time in school on My Space. And just because everyone has one, that doesn’t mean it’s okay. It doesn’t matter what us students say anyway. The school’s will block it anyway. So your not GOOFING off and not doing your work.

If it’s not blocked kids would be on My Space instead of doing research or something. Then they fail. Don’t get into college. And live quite a bad life.

Answer #16

yea it blocked at my school too, I think its good that they do b/c of predators and stuff but at the same time its our choice whether we go on there or not, I think some sites they block are stupid, I can get on fansites but not the little chatbox on the side and there’s even some fansites I cant get on too. I dont really think they should but I understand why they do, its like everything else they have their advantages and disadvantages

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