What size snowboard should I ride? I am 6'0'' 170 lbs?

I am 170 lbs and 6’0’’. I just learned to snowboard, and now I am done with renting. A guy at a used snowboard store offered me 200 for a 152 Head Force Volcanic Pulse snowboard with size 12 boots and morrow dimension bindings. Should I do this, or do I really need a bigger board?

Answer #1

I wouldn’t go for it. I’m 5’ 11’ and my slope board is a 158 Rome Agent and my pipe boards a 159 Rome Manual. I wear the Burton Sabith size 11 boots and I have Burton mission and Burton Cartel bindings both size large. but in the end it’s what you want to ride that you should consider. sense you just learned I’m guessing you wont be in the part a ton so I would go with something any where froma 156 to a 165 if your board’s to small it will be uncomfertable and harder to control. a safe bet would be the Burton Costom it’s a good board and it’s one of the best and it’s good for a lot of different things. the costom is kinda exspencive but it will last for a while. I would also suggest the burton Cartel bindings they are my favorit of any I’v rode, their high backs so you would need to be carfull getting on chairs (if it’s a low chair and the back of the binding is up it could cause the back of the base plate to break) with boots you should go for what fits. try to go for a boot a half-size smaller then regular because they do strech quite a bit. hope you find this help full

Answer #2

It all depends on your riding style. If you’re into speed then you probably want to go for a longer board with less give. Trickster you would probably go for a slightly shorter board with more give. Optimally they say the board should come up to between your shoulders and chin.

BTW I am about 6’1” and I have a 157 (I’m into speed)

Answer #3

If I were you, I would definitely ride something 157 or bigger. I’m 5’11, 160 lbs and I ride a 157 Salomon Prospect.. and Anyone else I know that’s experienced on the hill about my height or taller rides 156 or higher. The smaller of a board size you go, the more maneuverable it’ll be, it’ll be ‘over-steering’ for someone that tall.. it’ll be super sketchy and squirrely and hard to ride… You shouldn’t ride something too small under your size because you won’t be able to control it properly. Although I do know someone my height that rides a 146, She is really really good and has been riding for 7 years, she got it because of its over maneuverability.. But seeing as that you haven’t been committed enough to the sport to be still in the ‘renting stage’ I can’t imagine you’re ready for a board too small for your height. Any board worth having won’t come for 200 dollars.. not to mention with bindings and boots. Unless you really dont mind getting hurt a lot (which causes most people to give up) I’d advise going to a more reliable (something you’ve heard of) company’s bindings and board.. you can really f–k yourself up if you go cheap/under your size. It’s an expensive/fine-tuned sport.. Unless you only plan on doing once or twice a season at a little hill you can walk up, go for it.. But I’d suggest something more fitted to you and a little higher in reputation. Hope this helps.

Answer #4

Agreed, I Bought My Board, Bindings, And Boots All At Diffrent Places… I Guess I’m An Okay Snow Boarder ( 3 Years) But I Guess That’s Because I Started Off Down Hill Skiing… But Still

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