What should i say about a hickey?

well, what kinds of ideas I can tell my parents about hickeys, like how do I lie to them that its a bruise or a bite? Got any??

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your neally 18 and have to explain a love bite :S

just say got got stung by a wasp

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there are creams you can buy at the pharmacy that when put on before the bruising starts changing colour, will prevent it from showing up
so youll still have a bruise but it wont be visable
this might be easier than comming up with an excuse every time you get one

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you got in a fight with the vacuum cleaner...

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You could say it's an allergic reaction to perfume, and you kept scratching your neck 'cause it was itchy?

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Turtle neck time.

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Its a hickey, Instead of lying about what is it. Go to your parents and talk about how mad you are that he gave you one joking around. Then since you pointed it out your parents will be less likely to think it was caused by doing something inappropriate.

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you burnt yourself with the flat irons!

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hahaha you guys are funny!... I say you go wit the vacuum cleaner excuse

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No matter what you say they will know...you can still tell them it was an allergic reaction though, but that will only serve to make your parents realize they can't trust you.

Remember, they have once been your age before.

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Without sounding too rude, exactly how dumb do you think you parents are? Do you think they never got and gave hickeys before? I know it's gross thinking about your parents as teenagers running around doing the EXACT same things you are, but come on, give them some credit. Hickeys weren't invented last year, ya know.

Any lie or excuse you give them for being covered in love bites will be seen through instantaneously. Then you'll be in it not only for doing something you shouldn't have been doing (why else lie about it?), but lying to them about it as well.

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