What should I know when looking for an apt?

I’m looking for an apartment. This will be first time living on my own. What do I need to know in order to ensure that I get the best deal, so that I won’t get jipped, or any hidden fees or whatever! I just need some type of direction!!!

Answer #1

look under the sinks at plumbing and forwet or swelled wood this will tell you if has leaked or is leaking, check caulking around tub for a good seal and if there are tiles in the shower tap the walls to look for any loose tiles check for tiny dot size black balls, this will tell you if there are or have been roaches, turn on water and wait to see if there are any clogs, check the fridge, it should have been cleaned and the apartment should have been newly painted for your arrival, any carpets should have been cleaned or replaced , check that all lighting fixtures have glass globes or shields, check all switches, look for holes in any doors and walls, check the security locks make sure they work easily , secure any windows with fire-escapes, for extra security you should put a dead-bolt lock on your bedroom door, check stove for cleanliness , and cabinets and closets. after you’ve done all this invite me for dinner or at least set a plate for me on the table Good Luck

Answer #2

look around the neighborhood, read the contract, and ask questions that you are unsure of, ask about the deposit, rent, and ect. look around for different places. when I go looking wit friends or family we always find good places hidden. and usually a lot of good cheap ones are listed on the paper, or web so go driving around and ask people you know if they heard or seen any

Answer #3

read the contract, ask questions, make sure you can afford the rent (assuming mommy and daddy aren’t paying). Don’t make a spur the moment choice on an apartment. Shop around and ask questions to make sure. A really good question to ask is if utilities are included in the rent. Also ask what the lease term is. Most places you have to make a deposit and that price can range. Also consider a room-mate. Hope I helped some.

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