What should I get ps3 or 360?

Ok so my birthday is on the 20th of may and my mom said I can get either a ps3 or a xbox 360 and I wanna get a ps3 but all my friends have a 360. and I want a system for online play but I love the ps3. so gimme some pros and cons of the ps3 and xbox 360 and im gonna be playing a lot so im scared of red ring of death or whatever

Answer #1

well with the Xbox 360 you can talk on if you get a mic because my brother has a mic for his xbox 360 and he talks to his friends all the time so probley a xbox 360

Answer #2

PS3 all the way, I love it it has quality when playing movies because its blu-ray and free online. plus you don’t have to pay for the thing to connect to the internet.

Answer #3

you should deffinatly get the 360! some people say that PS3 has better graphics but te 360 has amazing games!! I choose a 360 over a PS3 and I do not regret it I play live al the time!! <33 (:

hope that helps!!

Answer #4

you pay $50 to play for a year on Xbox not a month. Xbox360 and PS3 both have there benefits and there downfalls, if your looking to talk to people more and play with friends I suggest Xbox360, I personally only have 1 friend with a PS3 aside from me. PS3 though has bluray and free online access. So really if you want a PS3 go for that. Both can have there problems, Ring of death for Xbox and red light of death or yellow light of death for PS3. Either way you will run into problems if you dont treat the system right.

Answer #5

DUDE!!! whatever you do, dont get the 360!!! 360 is for old people and that would pay $50 just to play online for a month. Get the PS3 if you have internet because all you need to do is get an Ethernet Cable and connect to the back of the PS3 and then connect to your modem and then you are all set to play online for FREE. The first game you should get is any Call of Duty game. Call of Duty 4 Modern warfare or Modern Warfare 2. but if youre a little kid then you should get Little Big Planet. And Uncharted 2 is only a PS3 game and won Game of the Year in the Video Game Awards. Just get the PS3. oh..!!! and its waaayy cheaper now…I got mine for $500 and its a 40gb. Now you can get 120gb for only $300!

Answer #6

I agree with haygarr7 and johnman4 get ps3 because you do not have to pay $50 for online and ps3 is free.

Answer #7

360 all the way

Answer #8

I say ps3 :P I thk its better, and it also has da mic guys x-x

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