What should I do to stop deer that are destroying my plants?

I like deer, but lately they have been destroying my landscaping. It’s such a large area that fences or netting would be a pain and an eyesore. My landscaper friend said to use deer off. Said it was the most effective spray he’s ever tried. Has anyone tried this deeroff advantage?

Answer #1

we have a lot of deer around here too, one of my neighbors said she rubs bleach on here yard ornaments around her plants and they stay away from the plants. I have not tried it yet but it would be less digusting to try bleach than pee in my opinion!

Answer #2

I’ve also heard, like the poster above, that urine helps but it has to be from an adult male. LOL

Any adult male or are we talking about a Union job here?

Answer #3

I’ll tell you how the back-country people do it, but you may not like it. Pee into a jar every time you have to pee and keep it tightly sealed. Poor that mess about a foot or so away from your plants all the way around them (so you won’t kill them) and they won’t come near your plants.

Answer #4

Deer off or liquid fence works. You won’t be able to smell after you spray it but they will. 28 to 35 feet off the ground . Spray Every 4 weeks. change the brand every season . Grating ivory soap or Irish spring around the garden. Or Here’s something that works great, is cheap and environmentaly safe - Mix one slightly beaten egg with 1 quart of water and spray onto anything that the deer eat. You have to re-apply this about every 4-5 days or after a rain but it really works!

Answer #5

There are many plants and flowers that deer hate. You might retain some of your sanity if you research them. I can think of a few, in general they hate anything aromatic or “fuzzy.”

Lambs Ears (Stachys) Lavender Yarrow (achillea) Japanese Barberry (berberis thunbergii) Morning Light Miscanthus (miscanthus sinsensis) this is a grass Wormwood (Artemesia) Spurge (Euphorbia)

All these are also fairly drought tolerant, so don’t plant them in wet marshy places. Good luck!

I’ve also heard, like the poster above, that urine helps but it has to be from an adult male. LOL

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