What should I do? Should I quit the School Play or not?

Okay, I want to ask you guys opinion if I should quit the play or not. I’ve been playing Gymnastics since I was 3rd Grade. During the summer after 5th grade, in my summer gymnastic session, I made a terrible mistake on the balance beam and broke my ankle. I didn’t took gymnastic again until next year’s summer. When I took gymnastic again, I wasn’t good as I use to be. I decided that I might not do gymnastic again. This year I join the school play because I want to help out. I really didn’t have a fun experience in it. I have a very embarrassing part and a ridiculous costume… Everyone laugh at me when I out my costume on. It wasn’t pleasant. Soon, my aunt insist me to join gymnastic again. She convinced enough that maybe I thought I should give it one more try. I did really well in my first week and so on. A problem has evolved when my gymnastic schedule went from 5:00pm to 4:00pm… and my School Play went from the end of practice at 4:30 to 5:30pm. Both schedule overlap. So I thought to myself that I choose Gymnastic over the Play because I love gymnastics. The teacher that is directing the play got extremely mad at me. She keep saying how I will ruin the play if I quit now. I understand the inconvenience but I can’t just simply quit gymnastic and continue on with the play. What makes me even mad that she kept saying that I’m disappointing the people who join the play if I quit, BUT it’s not like I’m not disappointing my gymnastic team if I quit gymnastic either! I tried to tell her my situation and how I want to work things out so that Gymnastic and the School Play can be fit in my schedule. Instead, she just interfered me suddenly and told me she doesn’t care about any non-school activity. I was really mad at that point. She like sort of told to answer Yes or No whether or not I will quit. She was like pressuring me. I called my coach and he said he maybe can probably let me go to practice 1hour late which also means I have to miss the last 45min of the Play Practice. The play director just (to me very annoyingly) say that “I have to think about it since your missing so many so much of those time.” Another thing that makes me so mad because my Coach is already frustrated that he have to let me be late 1hour and now she thinks the play is more important than gymnastics. My coach is trying to compromise the time here and she is not cooperating. Now she said I will go with the schedule my Coach compromise but she will have to make the decision at the end of the week. I, too want to make a decision whether or not I should quit the play. For me gymnastic is more important because ONE my parents pay money ($40 for a six week session and registered for two session so that would be $80 without refunds) for me to have gymnastic lessons. TWO I have championships and meets and I have a very high chance of winning them. THREE I will make people proud if I win. As for The School Play… like what… a 45min pizza party…? I need to choose one because I always feel stressed doing both and I’m too tired to even study for the upcoming school year test… or even do homework Please help me decide. Which should I choose Gymnastic or Play?

Answer #1

That’s quite a mess you got there! Just for future reference, map out your schedule so you know for certain if you have time for something or not. It should help you a lot!

Prior to your situation, go with gymnastics. The play instructor doesn’t seem friendly at all and she’s not very understanding either. Two things a teacher should never have as traits. Your parents are already paying for gymnastics and you have much more time in gymnastics than you do in the play. All it comes down to is getting the play instructor to understand. Which doesn’t seem likely, either way, don’t stay in something you don’t like. I had a similar issue before and it didn’t turn out well. Too my luck, the coach was very understanding and knew how to handle my position.

Talk this with your parents or some other adult that you trust if you can’t manage to tell your instructor that you want to leave the play. She seems to be using reverse psychology on you, which is not cool. Either way she’s making you feel guilty about leaving the play. She should really just respect your choice and let it be. If there’s an upcoming show, then I can see why she is acting the way she is because at that point, they do need you no matter how small your part is. If this is so then you can ask your coach to let you either, miss the day or go late to practice. Then, once the show is finished you can quit and go full time on gymnastics. If you find another plausible solution, then work it out in your head to see if it would work.

In the end, the choice is really yours, I suggest that you leave the play and go back to gymnastics. Before joining gymnastic – check with your doctor to see if it’s okay to being doing gymnastics. Just to be on the safe side since you broke your ankle.

Answer #2

Thank you~! I think your solution might solve my problem! :) I hope everything works out right. And thanks, I will check with doctor about my ankle :D Thank you~!

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