What should i do guys?

What should I think about this guy, he is my friend I love him yaar I met him two times before as frds last time when we met we were talking normally but then when we were heading towards home in an auto. I was like talking a bit and then silent then he came close to me kept a hand on my arms and in some secs kissed me on my cheeks. After some mins he smooched me. I couldn't let him go on more as it was my first smooch ever and I told him this.he then dropped my my place. He asked me he will call me soon and will meet up again. Whats in his mind does he love me he was looking in my eyes many times. Does he love me we met like on friday, he din call me yet nor did I should I call him or wait for him to call again I don't want to get hurt in love... Pls reply soon guys

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This is a hard question. If you really like him just call him and ask if he wants to go somewhere or meet up. It looks like he reallly likes and wants to take it further if he does decide to meet you ask him out and see if he does like you. You shouldn't worry about getting hurt then you would always be lonley put yourself out there and if it dosn't work dont give up try again

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Thanx for advice brendan

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