What should I do about this girl?

Ok well I met this girl here on funadvice about a month/month and a half ago and we fell in love. The problem was that to get to where she lives is like an 8 hour drive and we’ve never even met before. Because of the distance and all the time without me she couldn’t handle it anymore and “broke up” with me even though you could say we were never actually dating. At first it was really awkward because she got a “real” boyfriend but we still liked each other a lot but it slowly turned into fights and pain. We aren’t talking for a few days now but I still really like her and she says she doesn’t like me but when I would tell her that I was over her too she seemed really upset. The reason we aren’t talking is because we had an agreement that we wouldn’t say I love you to each other, call each other nick names, etc. And I kinda snapped the day before yesterday and texted her this really long 1,000 character text saying how I still felt and I think it really hurt her =..( I guess I just don’t want to move on when I never even got a chance to meet her yet, we said that maybe later in life we could give it a shot but from how she’s been acting lately I don’t know if that’ll ever happen. Help! Oh by the way she’s 13 and I’m 14, thanks.

Answer #1

I hope you do meet her some day..and yea teenage loe is a great thing. I’ve ben there. but also sucks too. I hope you and her stay friends and meet one day. I dont understand wjy she always changes the subject when you talk about other girls…maby she is jelous? I don’t know but just keep being the good friends that you are.! g00d luck with her and there are happy endings in real life ull see one day :) and ull rememer me.

and for saddnesses…I was never trying to get to him I was just saying hes too young so sdfu! and I wasent desperate you dont know me s0 please mind your own damn business

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Youre very sweet… and cute too :)… but nothing replaces a real life relationship, so don’t be sad over it and try to move on. Just being with someone even if youre walking in a mall together is a 1000 times better than anything you can get over the net. I know it sounds easy to say but there will be others.

As for christinasweetnessbabylove… don’t let her get to you. Remember this is the girl who is still a virgin and was so deperate that she seriously considered loosing it to a guy in a movie theatre.

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long distance relationship never work trust me

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first off you two are way to young to know what true love it me and my girlfriend had an internet based relationship for about a year..but I still got to see her like once a month

if you’ve never met her..chances are she isnt who says she is get over it..I know harsh but your 14..ull find someone else

btw I was 18 when I started dating my girlfriend

Answer #6
  1. Infatuation isn’t love
  2. She has a boyfriend
  3. Your entire situation is one giant waste of time and energy that’ll never work out.

…end it… move on… try dating someone in your own zip code…

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Just call her and sing “bye bye bye “ the NSync song

Answer #9

sorry, I have like two completely different personalities =P not really bipolar but I was kind of in a rush when I wrote that and really upset so this is going to sound a lot more like the normal me. first of all I never used the term “true love” I know what that is and barely anybody actually ever gets a chance to feel it, let alone a couple of people in their early teens who never have and probably never will meet each other. um, mikeh, thanks you really put things in perspective, christinasweet…, whats with all the caps?, captainassassin, unnecessarily harsh. >=( I used “love” because this time it was a completely different feeling than what I’ve had for other girls but I guess I already knew what to do and just wanted a second opinion. our fights never ended in “I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL!!!” or anything like that because im not that mean. and for the moving on part, now that I think of it, I already did for the most part almost a week ago. for the last week or so I’ve been trying to give her advice, “real advice,” about her relationship with her boyfriend. the thing is that what shes been doing with him is different than what shes done with guys in the past. shes not prude at all and would normally kiss a guy before she even went out with him but she hasn’t even kissed her boyfriend yet, she felt awkward in his house and just stood there texting me, locked an old text I sent her and still didn’t delete it after he read it while looking at her phone, hasn’t gotten rid of a couple of pictures I sent her bc she says she <3’s them, etc. I guess what I want to know now is that even though I moved on and she says that shes moved on too is there some kind of emotions that she still has for me? she just seems like she cant completely move on…

Answer #10

ok sure, you like caps =P and I did. I was asking if you thought she has. we still talk, we’re pretty good friends, but when something like that comes up where there seems to be an emotional moment I’ll ignore it because I hate fighting, it really gets annoying after a while, and she seems to get hurt by the lack of “love” in my words. and one time I started to talk about this girl that I like but have absolutely NO chance with, and she instantly changed the subject. its just really weird and awkward sometimes when we talk about anything to do with relationships, even when it isn’t about ours! uhh, kinda off subject but no matter what age you are you can feel real love, most of the time the feelings people had for each other in their teens is greater than what a couple in their 30’s with kids, people change and when your a teen you just break up and move on, not to mention the whole “hormonal imbalance” sh*t thats going on, emotions aren’t blown out of proportion, they just actually are that much stronger at this time, why do you think there’s so many suicides? I might meet her some day, I don’t know and actually don’t care either way (but it would be cool) I’ve never been to Boston so maybe on a vacation or something, but to be honest I’m not going crazy thinking anything will happen because people’s minds make up some pretty unrealistic scenarios, you know? and I always remember that unlike in movies, in real life there are no happy endings, but life still goes on.

Answer #11

The great and tragic things about internet relationships, romantic and otherwise, is that emotions tend to get overblown when all of your words are text-based and therefore can be taken completely out of context, never needing to put an actual human being behind them. Ever notice how so many internet arguments end with ‘I HOPE YOU DIE AND BURN IN HELL!!!’? Easy to say when you don’t have to look the person in the eye.

Likewise, it’s easy to over-inflate interest in another human being (‘Oh, you like Austin Powers? Me too’) to ridiculous levels (‘We have everything in common and I love you’) when you aren’t actually face to face with the person.

This is a case of infatuation that has gotten out of hand, and you definitely need to move on. You don’t need to make rules about nicknames. You need to stop talking to her and start talking to other people again. You don’t need to be saying things like ‘haven’t met her yet,’ because you probably will never meet her, and so much the better. You don’t need to think of her as a girlfriend that got away because you were never dating and your feelings for her are not real. You’re pining for what you’ve imagined your relationship with this girl could have been, not for what it was.

She found someone she could actually share experiences with, not just dreamings and texts and confusing emotions. Do yourself an enormous favor and block her number and her screenname from every application you use and start flirting with someone in your hometown. Long about the time you’re holding hands with someone in a darkened theater, you’ll start wondering why you wasted so much time sending emails to an imaginary girlfriend.

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