What should i do about this boy?

I am 15 years old and he is 17. I really like him, but we have never spoke and I just see him round school sometimes, and want him to notice me. I dont want to get all dressed up at school and dont want to like start just randomly talking to him and acting foward and anywyas am way too shy! what can I do for just 1 time of him nticing me.?

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Well, I've had this same problem before.
Do you have any classes with him?
Are you friends with any of his friends?
If so...just catch his eye..I know that probably makes no sense but look at him and when he looks at you smile and look down all cutely x3 ...he may get the hint and come up to you and talk to you..
I'm sorry if this doesn't help..
But it's the only thing I can think of that doens't involve you actually walking up to him and talking to him?

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I think you should just go up to him and talk to him, or like go up to him and ask him something, just something that isn't too stupid you know. then after he answers start talking to him. that way it won't be too awkward for either of you.

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I used too have the same problem, and I was shy, but I really liked him so I just thourght go for it, and it worked and now we are in a relationship,it doesnt matter weather your shy or not, just get in there because before you know it he will be with another girl...


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leave him a note. doesnt have to say your name but just give him a clue about you. when he looks at you smile. maybe thatll work. but try to overcome your fears and just go over there a say hi. or accidently bump into him. not a big bump just small enough for him to reocgnize oyu and say sorry in a sexy tone.

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