What should i do about these guys?

Alright, heres the deal. I go to a school almost an hour away from where I live. Crazy? Yes. But hey, its a good, respected school. Thats not the problem. The problem is that, all of a sudden, a couple guys started chasing me around like horny dogs with the tongues hangin out. And in fact, all of them are not my type at all! They seem more like boys than men, they have acne like crazy and they're not known to be popular with 'the ladies.' I know that isn't supposed to matter, but if you've seen these guys, ugh, they're HONEST TO GOD GROSS! everyone says, 'Oh, well, I just want someone to be good for me and accept me..' ya, I want that too, and some more stuff. I gaurentee im not the only girl out there who thinks this way either. I want a guy who wants me, doesnt want to change me and looks good. Ya, cruel, yadda yadda. Its true! I dont really care if hes not a super model, but I dont want to think Im staring at a pimple-filled a$$! and, honestly, thats what they look like. well, most of them. One guy, hes not bad looking, I suppose, just a bit too young for me, and has bad hair, and is kinda dumb, but just recently he somehow got my cell phone number..heres a conversation from just the other day..:
him:"hey I just got an idea"
Me: "what??"
him:"we dont have to go out to f**k"
me:"im not sleeping with you! I barely know you!"
him: god, your such a little girl, the only reason I started talking to you is so I could f**k it and truck it. I was told your an easy hit, guess not, b!tch"
me:"I cant believe you! Next time I see you, you better hope I have mercy. im gonna freakin kill you."

next day...I come up behind him, tap him on the shoulder and when he turns around, I punch him as hard as I could right in the mouth. when I saw he was bleeding I said, "aw, blood? too bad you didn't loose a tooth or two.." he as is about to say something, I decided that was enough and I turned to leave. as I walked away, he whispers, "f**k her, oh wait, no one can, f**king nun..."
of course, this just sets me off more...lets just say that he was prepared for more hits to the face, so he dodged them, but he wasnt prepared for the kick to his balls. I was kinda still on the high of the fight when he fell on the ground and I wasnt really thinking...I kicked him once or twice and im pretty sure I broke or at least cracked a few ribs...

now, he gives me a wide berth in the halls at school, and all my horny dogs follow at a bit further distance...I was a bit upset about the rumors going around school of WHY I kicked the crap out of him, but I decided it wasnt worth the worry, because I have 3 days left of school.

now im just worried that I may have scared away any boys that might've not looked like hamburger meat...

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lmao that was very funny!
Well for one he asked for it and I know that you did not scare anyone off,
Because guys wanna girl you can fight for themselfs.
They dont wanna a girlfriend who can't stick up for themself because therefor that gives them the Advanage to also walk over you as well,,
so im most certainly sure you didnt scare them away =)

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WOW you are so brave! You are very cool! LOL
I guess someone has spread that you are an easy girl,that's why many weird boys chasing you.
I didnt see anything wrong with what you did. You showed people not to mess with you. Maybe the boys in your school will be a bit scared of what you did, but it will go away after a while (if you dont knock down someone else again).

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