What should i do about the guy i love?

Detail... where to start. soo we met at camp. and I'm one of those people who doesn't truly connect with that many people, but with us it was just like... BAM. We talked 24/7 day and night (literally, to the point where we slept on the phone) but it was long distance. which I get is like the lamest thing ever. He was my best friend in the entire world. I truly and honestly loved him. He always went on and on about how much he loved me and how perfect I was. which was just.. amazing to me, because people think I'm really pretty, but I've never had someone just love me because they thought I was interesting or smart or funny the way he did. He made me feel interesting and special and just... right. He stayed with me over our winter break and it was the best to see him again. It went perfectly, and things were better than ever after he left. A month later he calls me, crying (this is the only time I've ever heard or seen him cry) because he says he thinks that God is telling him to break up with me. Now, for the past week or two prior to this, we hadn't been talking as much because my Dad had limited my phone, so it was my fault. Anyway, so we take a break to try to think things out. Then a week later it was over. completely. No explanation other than "God's telling me to" and not even a reason why he felt like God was telling him to do it. and I'm religious, but I didn't buy that excuse at all. WE had dated for 8 months at that point. and after the day we broke up he treating me like nothing from then on. like a dog or something. he just acted completely indifferent to me, like he couldnt care less if I lived or died. and its been 10 monthes since we broke up now, and its still tearing me apart. I've tried dating other people. lots of them. it just makes it worse. and nows hes been with another girl for like 2 months. we never talk so I have no idea how he feels about her, but im sure hes completely over me. I really need help on how to analyze why he broke up with me, what to do about it, and how to get over it if I need to. please help me. thank you.

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I'm sorry but I do believe he just does not want to be with you anymore. He might have hit a critical moment in his life and it changed him so he does not want the same things he had wanted before.

You sound like a great woman and should not let someone get you down because you were dumped. I have been dumped plenty of times and for some really dumb reasons. You just have to remember that you are you and to wait for somebody that is going to be your special someone.

I do not buy that 'God told me to' thing either. He was just looking for a reason to break up with you. He also could have just met a girl that was closer and did not want to deal with that long term relationship anymore.

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