what should I do about my sports team?

ok, I speed ice skate, and like 5 of the guys are always talking down on me, insulting me, and being @sses to me. it gets to the point where fights between us happen like weekly. what should I do? I know they wont start being friendly, that much is obvious, and I dont enjoy having to take this sh!t, but I really dont wanna fight with them.

Answer #1

just beat the crap out of them and be done with it!! Or if they’re too tough for you then tell them to shut up and leave you alone

Answer #2

They are probably just jealous. I konw it sounds crazy but be nice to them, you know, be friendly, say hi and stuff, try to give them chances. When they try to pick a fight just ignore them, prove that you’re above that kinda stuff and hopefully they’ll get the message eventually. Good Luck!! :)

Answer #3

how about you just ignore it. that is the best.

but if you truly would like them to stop talking down to you prove it on the ice.

have the fastest split in your relay and they really can’t have a reason to talk down to you.

Answer #4

I cant really train on my own for the relays, but ill try doing the rest individually. and the coach tells them of for doing it, but thats just about all he can do

Answer #5

one thing is for sure dont quit because of others bein stupid!! just like the person above said try skating on your own for a while…or talk to someone about it, like maybe your coach they might be able to give a talk to the whole group about it and not just single you out.

Answer #6

ok but before I answer…

will you at least ‘take into consideration’ about the advise people give you?

Answer #7

If you dont want to fight with them then avoid it as much as you can. Maybe you should do is prove them wrong and practice skating on your own for awhile.

Answer #8

thats the thing, I already am fastest in my team

Answer #9

To go its own way, let them tell.

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