what should I do about music and parents?

ok well I listen to rock,punk,heavy metal etc.. my parents know that I listen to rock and stuff. I love music it’s like I couldn’t live without it. I know my parents wouldn’t get this but it helps me. Like I can relate to it and when I feel horrible, confused, angry, sad, depressed or so on it helps me forget. like I don’t really have any friends and music helps it makes me fell like thats ok. and if my parenst knew what was in the music and stuff they would take it away. Well I have made up my mind that I will get my music if they like it or not. They don’t know now but if they ever do. don’t tell me how they just wona help me and all that crap. AM I the only one with this problam?

Answer #1

I’m what ‘other’ people call old. Yep I’m a parent, a 55 year old one. So what’s my take on the question? I think a few of the above are going in the right direction about what their parents listened to.

My personal ‘Flava’ of music covers total extremes… Beethoven to Metallica to Dizzy Rascal to Crowded House to Eric Pridz … and… well you probably get the idea.

If I have a problem with music and the age thing it is only from a parents moral thing and that’s the overuse of profanity. Don’t get me wrong I use it as much at the next person BUT for kids are far to exposed to it and it has now become, in a lot of cases, a part of their everyday language. Ok soapbox now kicked into touch.

Generally I allow my son to listen to a wide variety of musci and that is key to his real life music education.

Just because an artist writes downer lyrics doesn’t meean that they potential wannabe masters of mayhem and death. It is not alwsy the lyrics that provide the hook to the song it’s what it sounds like.

So if you’re still looking in Siredgar all I can sya is happy listening.

Answer #2

Oh trust me your NOT alone there! Parents can be pretty annoying when they judge and stuff like that. My dad is like that but my mom isn’t. She doesn’t care what I listen to. I really like the fact that she doesn’t judge me and isn’t preppy like my dad/his side of the family… that’s why me and my mom are closer than me and my dad. My advice to you is to listen to it when they’re not in hearing range, or always listen to it with headphones so they won’t hear it. keep you cd booklets with lyrics and stuff where they won’t find them and read it in case they’d snoop around your room or something. Hope this helps you out!

Answer #3

lemme tell ya something. I’m 25, have a 7 year old son, and I’ve listened to heavy metal since I can remember. the first album I owned as a kid was an anthrax album and it has evolved since then. I listen to dimmu borgir, kataklysm, strapping young lad, fear factory, and my 7 year old does too! he loves megadeth, cradle of filth,lacuna coil, and all that remains. I have NEVER I repeat, NEVER thought about killing myself or others, I’ve never cut myself, or been on happy drugs! I listen to metal because I like the music. not because I’m some suicidal freak! would parents rather their kids listen to rap music, where everyones getting screwed and shot? if you are a good kid, get good grades, etc. who cares what you listen to? this subject really p*sses me off! I have a cousin with a lot of mental issues, when we took her to the hospital for treatment, the minute she said she listens to marilyn manson and him, they wrote her off as “one of those kids”.. it’s crap! tell your parents that you don’t plan to rob any banks or beat up old women and music is music.. plain and simple. and invest in an mp3 player or some headphones so they don’t have to listen to it.

Answer #4

You’re not the only one that feels that way, it happens to me as well. -_- Really annoying when parents just don’t understand. And they’re probably just stereo, lots of parents are when it comes to their children.

Answer #5

naw you ain’t the only one, I’m the same way, but I mean I have friends I just don’t go to them with all my problems. I really like to sing, so singing helps me forget.

Answer #6

well the first time I listened to screamo, my dad flipped out. But I just kept listening to it. My dad finally came to terms with the music after he figured I wouldnt give it up, and now he (to my embarrassment) likes it, and sings it with or without the music, but he finally just got over it.

Answer #7

blah blah blah blah blah …parents vs. music…every generation has critics and most of them are parents…problably their parents made their life imposible because the music they listened too…your supposed to have your own music taste not your parents thats what they don’t understand some not all…example my parents don’t give a s**t what I listen too…as long as they can’t hear it (headphones)…the reason why they worry its because: they think its going to make you bad or a rebel…or that your going to do something stupid…music is art…not brainwash unlike some other people think

Answer #8

I used to have the same EXACT problem. Btw I LOVE Papa Roach. You have good taste. Anyway. My rents did every thing they could to keep me from listenin to rock. But when I expIained how much it meant to me (and proved it) it was all cool. Obviously your not very influenced. You like rock but it doesn’t make you feel depressed or angry. Ask them if you could listen to it for a week and if they think your still doing ok, you can keep it. Make a deal.

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Answer #10

Parents are always going to comment about “the music the kids listen to these days.” I can remember my parents telling me that “the Beatles are a passing fad and they will never last.” And I’m sure ‘their’ parents made comments about the music ‘they’ listened to when they were young…it’s an age old problem. (Not to be confused with an “old age” problem. Snicker)

Personally, as a parent, I would think a kid would be more depressed if they DIDN’T listen to music.

I have a friend who used to complain constantly about the music her kids listened to and she threatened to take it away from them…and then I called her an old fart and reminded her of the time she made up her own raunchy lyrics to “Louie Louie.” She had the grace to blush and the music played on.

Ask your parents what music they listened to…and then google the lyrics and show them the results…bet they will be surprised and just might be a bit more tolerant.

Answer #11

No, i have the exact same problem, i was listening to Papa Roachs Last Resort and my parents thought it was gonna make me depressed so the took away the C.D, the thing is Music is my therapy, its helped through bad times and make me feel great when im happy too

My Parents are both 50 and listened to Santana, Rory Gallagher, The Beatles, Jethro Tull and Bruce Springsteen

Why can’t they understand that it’s still rock, its just evolved, i listen to screamo, metal - machine head, bullet for my valentine, slipknot, KoRn and My chemical romance etc so im apprently depressed

And they call me naive

Answer #12

Just how old are your parents? What kind of music did they listen to growing up? If they listened to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Iron Butterfly, The Doors, or Jethro Tull when they were kids I don’t see why they are getting so bent out of shape over anything you listen to.

Rock is 50 years old now. Chances are your parents listened to rock too.

Answer #13

my father hates the heavy metal and other music I listen to/ but my mom love the music though

Answer #14

Shoot, I’m a parent and I listen to Metalica, Linkin Park, Godsmack, Slipnot, and Korn. I listen to lots of other things too but I think a lot of todays music is great.

I don’t feel like there is a big generation gap today like there was when I was a kid and our rock was so different from our parents Frank Sinatra and Cole Porter.

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