What shall i do with the dog ?

I was doing my paper round (in england) and this dog started following me right by my side and it was dripping wet because of the rain in the night so I picked him up and brought him home with me because I have a dog a fed him some dog food and gave him a bowl of water.
My mum said I cant keep him but I know he has been abandoned.
What shall I do with it as in derby there is nowhere good to take him to be cared for.
So where shall I take him as I cant keep him ?

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we beleive we have found the owner as they live very near where the dog was found and they got his description spot on when they rang.

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im not sure what type it is and I found him near the ALVASTON area.
no collar
white on the bottom
got a white blodge under left eye

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Well, before you decide he's abandoned, maybe you should run a Lost ad...or take a pic, and print out some posters to tack on light poles along your paper route...He might belong to someone who's looking for him.


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Hi do you know what type of dog he is, also did he have a collar on, where abouts in derby are you, regards

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Take him to a place-that you'll know he will be supported at

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