What is your biggest fear?

What is your biggest fear? Mine is people think I am dead but I am not. I can feel everything when I am on the autopsy table.

Answer #1

I get scared when I get visions of my family dying… its just too horribel. And im scared because whenever I get visions they usually come true in real life. Those types of dreams usually disturbe my mind and leaves me depressed, weak, mentally ill and have sucidal thoughts…not pleasant Once I saw this vision where there was white tree at a distance and it had many dark stuff on it. I thought those dark stuff was leaves. SO I walked up closer to get a closer look at it because it was really attractive. I went more closer…more closer…and I saw that the dark stuff were deadbodies of all my loved ones (including the people I’ve met only once in my life!). I saw them bleeding…some were dead and some were…dying. I start to pitifuly cry… :)

Answer #2

Im curious if youve read autopsy room four in steven kings “everythings eventual”. your fear made me think of that short story immediately. I used to be afraid of snakes until I realised just how stupid it was. now my only fear is being alone. again, I think its a stupid fear, but I havent figured out a way to get past it.

Answer #3

Ever since I began watching CSI, corpses scare me! Wouldn’t it be freaky to go swimming in a lake and a dead body floats up, or you just randomly find a mutilated corpse somwhere?! Hopefully I will never be the one who discovers a dead body!

Answer #4


They always swoop down and chase me… o.O IT’S A CONSPIRACY DAMNIT!!!

I think they’re in league with bunnies - something as cute as a bunny MUST be evil.

OH OH and normal people… they scare me. a lot.

Finally, emotion… I’d rather face withdrawal symptons than face the darkness of my inner self… =O

Answer #5

** The cat? Or the old horny women? Both. . . . Have the Cat veriety living with in a mile or 2 from here and had the other type hitting on me the other day. . . . that thought still makes me quiver with fear. . .

Answer #6

Aw I love snakes. I used to have them.

I have a really terrible fear of suffocation. Heights is another HUGE problem for me. I am completely honest when I say I can’t stand on a stool without my knees getting wobbly. NEEDLES is another big one. I’m still a big baby when it comes to getting shots. And of course, my future. But.. those are the main things.

Answer #7

The kind of questions (and people) that can be found on this website.

Answer #8

Cockroaches. Maggots. Being in the dark and stepping on a cockroach. Food. Showering and having a cockroach come out of the showerhead. Ghosts/Supernatural stuff (Vampires are cool though) Having my mind read. Being buried alive. My family dying. Planes. Being morbidly obese. Cockroaches taking over the world. Prawn guts. Cockroach guts. Eating a cockroach. Seeing a cockroach. Clowns. Being covered in someone elses pubic hair. Being raped.


Answer #9

snakes scare me so much,dark and heights.

Answer #10

my fear isn’t of death its that there isn’t nothign after death

Answer #11

Cougars. . . yep we have them around here.

The cat? Or the old horny women?

Answer #12

When I think of cougars, I think of ‘Drop Dead Fred’

“Euuuggghhh… cob-webs…”

Answer #13

Revealing my secret…oops…Told 2 much…

Answer #14

getting my ribs crushed. I’m very afraid of that!

Answer #15

oh and straight jackets or whatever, omg they freak me out!!

Answer #16

Snakes are my biggest fear…

Answer #17

I have a few… deep dark water clowns bugs dead people dark plains being alone yeah theres a lot more

Answer #18

My mind

Answer #19

I mean :(

Answer #20

Cougars. . . yep we have them around here.

Answer #21

wow an I thought I had issues with my fear of snakes. LOL No offense to anyone!

Answer #22


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