What is your favorite...

Movie Colour Scent Show Food Season Actor/actress Singer Band Rapper Book Role model Song Cartoon character Physical feature of yours Personality trait of yours Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life

Answer #1

Movie: Edward Scissorhands Colour: Black Scent: Roses. Show: Family Guy Food: Japanese Season: Winter Actor/actress: Steve Carell/Angelina Joile Singer: any-Yo Band: Tokio hotel Rapper: The Dream Book: The Dictionary…XD Role model: Celine Dion Song: Many… Cartoon character: Stewie Griffin Physical feature of yours: Eyes. Personality trait of yours: Spontaneous. Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life: Love.

Answer #2

Movie - The Fiddler on the Roof Colour - RED Scent - pina colata Show - Colgate Comedy Hour Food - Italian Season - Winter Actor/actress - Jerry Lewis Singer - Dean Martin Band - Beachboys Rapper - Jesus Freaks Book - one with pictures Role model - Jerry lewis Song - Happy Days Cartoon character - Spongebob Physical feature of yours - bandana Personality trait of yours - smile!!! Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life - Why everyone can’t be HAPPY!

Answer #3

Movie ??? Colour Purple Scent lOTION Show ??? Food aSIAN FOODS Season winter/spring Actor/actress ??? Singer Rihanna’s pretty good Band My Chemical Romance Rapper ??? Book ??? Role model ??? Song ??? Cartoon character Uhh any sanrio charactors but if not then sOKKHA/toph from avatar and the last airbender Physical feature of yours ??? Personality trait of yours ??? Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life ???

Answer #4

Movie: A walk to remember Colour : Black White and (RED) Scent : Curve Crush Show : Supernatural Food : Italian Season : Spring Actor:Josh Hutcheson,& Robin Williams.. actress : Cameron Diaz, Brittany Murphy, Dkota Fanning & Annasophia Robb… Singer :John Mayer Band : Fall Out Boy Rapper :umm don´t like rap Book : The Giver Role model : Dad & John Mayer Song : Stop This Train, Hey Jude… Cartoon character : Stewie & Ryan for family guy… Physical feature of yours : Hair Personality trait of yours : Friendly, random & weird… Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life : Death…

Answer #5

a walk to remember… balck and red vanilla inked anything vegie Summer Robyn Williams Mandy Moore (NOT)… Chad krooger Tokio Hotel… Aiden eminem. Twilight series marylin Munrow Hate Me… Blue October DORA!!! EYES! intelgient… different.. funny… dont know how to explain it.. I am me!!! how is the caramal chocalte made???

Answer #6

Movie: hmm I don’t know. Color: Blue and Green. Scent: Strawberry Show: Desperate housewives Food: Vietnamese Season: Fall Actor: Ashton Kutcher Actress: No idea Singer: Gackt Band: Silverstein Rap: Hate it Book: The Lovely Bones Role Model: Lacey Mosley Song: Sound of the Sun- Silverstein Cartoon Character: Tom and Jerry :] Physical feature: Hair Personality: Strange, mysterious, intelligent. #1 puzzling thing about life: The world and how it never ceases to amaze me.

Answer #7

Movie: Love Don’t Cost a Thing, You Got Served, Rush Hour (all), Grease Color: Purple and Blue Scent: Candles, Tropical Fruit & natural guy smell Show: So You Think You Can Dance, Naruto, Avatar, Zoey 101, iCarly, Drake and Josh, most anime Food: Pizza, nachos, cheesecake Season: Spring Actor/Actress: Halle Berry Singer: Rihanna Band: Plain White T’s & Green Day Rapper: Eminem Book: First Choice:Twilight, Second: Someone Like You Role Model: Benjamin Franklin Song: Every Time We Touch, Sexy Can I and Sexy Love Cartoon Character: WINNIE THE POOH, Tweety, Bugz Bunny, Sasuke, Itachi, Zuko, Shikamaru Physical Feature of Mine: My eyes Personality Trait of Mine: I love to smile and laugh A LOT Number 1 thing that puzzles me about life: where the time goes

Answer #8

Movie: Freedom Writers Colour: Pink Scent: Cleaning prods Show: One tree hill Food: nachos Season: summer Actor/actress: hilary swank Singer: avril lavigne Band: hedley Rapper: lil jon Book: Freedom writers Role model: Hilary swank Song: ever the same - rob thomas Cartoon character: spongebob Physical feature of yours: eyes Personality trait of yours: smilesss :) Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life: its all going to end sometime for everyone :(

Answer #9

Movie:tristan and isolde Colour:hot pink Scent:marshmallow Show:gossip girl Food:chinise Season:winter Actor/actress:Leonardo DiCaprio Singer:Evanescence Band:hinder Rapper:Eminem Book:twilight by stephanie meyer Role model:michelle schmeler Song:better than me Cartoon character:betty boop Physical feature of yours:red hair Personality trait of yours:not quick to anger Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life:why dont I feel quilty about the thing I do?

Answer #10

Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean Colour: Black Scent: the pink Charlie Show: Ghost Whisperer Food: Ice-Cream Season: Summer Actor/Actress: Johnny Depp Singer: Pierre Bouvier (the lead singer from Simple Plan) or Amy Lee (Lead singer from Evanescence) Band: Simple Plan or Elliot Minor or Avenged Sevenfold Rapper: Marshall Mathers (Eminem) Book: The Secret World of Johnny Depp by Nigel Goodall Role Model: Theres a lot of people who inspire me but I wouldn’t say there my Role Model Song: A Little Piece of Heaven or Afterlife both by Avenged Sevenfold Cartoon Character: Stewie from Family Guy Physical Feature of mine: Legs Personality Trait of Mine: Smile a lot No’ 1 Thing That Puzzles you About Life: So Many Things…well…Y Do Bad Things Happen 2 Gd People?

Answer #11

Movie: Pirates of the Carribean No. 1 Colour: Blue Scent: Peppermint Show: House, Rove Live Food: Churros:) Or icecream on toast Season: Spring Not too hot or too cold Actor/actress: Johnny Depp Singer: Nerina Pallot Band: My Chemical Romance or The Killers Rapper: I don’t like rap Book: Too many to choose from! Though I read a good one called ‘The Valley’ recently, by Di Morrissey Role model: Don’t really have one, though maybe my mum or dad… Song: When You Were Young, the killers Cartoon character: Philip J. Fry Physical feature of mine: My legs Personality trait of mine: WEIRD! Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life: Why I can’t seem to stop procrastinating.

Answer #12

movie- POTC, hairspray, harry potter, colour- blue, purple, pink show- avatar, dbz, naruto, heros, prison break, the amazing race, food- C-H-O-C-O-L-A-TE- chocolate Season- Spring, thats when my birthday is actor/actress- Orlando Bloom, Jonny depp singer- Avril lavigne band-my chemical romance, ecspecially in helena rapper- dont like rap book- the alchemyst role model- myself, I want to grow up to be just like me song- anything by avril lavigne or you cant stop the beat chartoon character- dren, chase, zuko and the 9 tailed fox, I have a thing for villains phys trait- hair pers traiit-I am 100% normal

Answer #13

movie:Alivn and the chimonks colour:black and red show:naruto food:ribs season:summer actor/actress:don’t have one singer:chirs brown band:linkin park rapper:T.I book:manga role mole:Dr.King song:Bleed It Out cartoon character:deidara,kabuto,sasori,15 sakura,broly P.T.O.Y:my eyes Pe.T.O.Y:I laugh a lot

Answer #14

Movie: Four Brothers Colour : Green/Black Scent : Vanilla Show : Naruto or any anime or House Food : Pocky Season : Winter Actor/actress : Garret Hedlund Singer : Chester Bennington Band : Right Now MUSE Rapper : Eminem Book : Manga? Role model :Haley Williams Song : Time is Running Out By Muse Or Beautiful Lie 30 Seconds To Mars Cartoon character :Deidara Or Shnitzel (sp) Physical feature of yours: My Hair Personality trait of yours : Laugh at anything Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life: Love

Answer #15

Movie: Zoolander Colour: lime green Scent: Old Spice Red Zone Show: Futurama Food : Reese’s p.b. cups Season : summer Actor/actress : Daniel Radcliffe Singer : Kanye West Band : Black Eyed Peas Rapper : Kanye West Book : Harry Potter! Any of them! Role model : Cousin Emily Song : For Good, from Wicked! Cartoon character : Chowder Physical feature of yours : calves Personality trait of yours : intelligence Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life: why are some people so darn stupid?

Answer #16

5th Harry Potter Lime Green Coconut Grey’s Anatomy Spaghetti and Meatballs Summer Rachel Bilson Taylor Swift Fall Out Boy Akon (if he counts as a rapper!) 7th Harry Potter Older Sister Teardrops on My Guitar Charlie Brown Multicolored brownish eyes Caring What is there beyond life?

Answer #17

Hairspray Blue Anything relaxing Heroes, Prison Break, House, Naruto, Avatar, Chocolate Spring & Winter Zack Efron Zack Efron @ Avril Lavigne ? ? Anything by Meg Canot [manli ‘Mussing’ Brittany [NOT spears] Without love Homer Simpson Hair Wierd iI have so many things, it can’t count all of them in here

why do u wanna know

Answer #18

Movie: Ocean’s 11 Colour: Maroon Scent: Jenifer Show: Friend, According to Jim Food: Seafood Season: Winter and Spring Actor/actress: Gorge Clooney, Van Diesel and Julia Robert
Singer: - Band: - Rapper: - Book: Crimes and life stories Role model: Mother
Song: - Cartoon character: Tome and Jerry
Physical feature of yours: Nice smile Personality trait of yours: Friendly
Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life: Be My World BMW

Answer #19

Movie — jackass 1 and 2, harry potter(all) american pie(all) Colour — black Scent —umm iunno Show –jackass, viva la bam, wild boyz, bams unholy matrimony, south park, family guy, drake and josh Food—pizza Season –summer and winter Actor/actress –johnny dep, johnny knoxville Singer –umm drake bell :P Band — GREEN DAY!! cky, billy talent, panic! at the disco, hedley, sum 41, blink 182 Rapper –EMINEM <3 Book –harry potter Role model —bam margera, eminem Song –tonnss Cartoon character–cartman, stewie Physical feature of yours —none Personality trait of yours –no idea Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life–why its so screwed up

Answer #20

Movie: Harry Potter 4 and Eragon Color: Pink Sent: Fresh cut grass Show: Reba Food: Subway Season: Fall Actor/Actress: Daniel Radcliffe, Edward Speeler, and Emma Waston Singer: Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne Band: Greenday Rapper: Emminem Book: Harry potter 3-6, Eragon, Eldest, And many more Role Model: My parents Song: Keep holden on Cartoon Character: Spongebob Physical features: What? Personallity trait: Mood swings #1 Thing that puzzels you in your life: Why im taller then my older sister and are family is really short

Answer #21

movie: step up Color: pink and green and yellow and blue and orange Scent: inscents and candles and pie Show: south park and american dad Food: anything chinese or italian or cajun Season: summer duh! Actor(actress): drew berrymore , jim carey Singer: alyiah and alicia keys Band: murder dolls Rapper: lil jeezy Book: none i don’t read Rolemodel: my mom cuz i wanna be totally opposite! Song: How far is heaven - kitty wells (country) Cartoon Character: stewie Physical features: im built like a black girl with white skin Personality Trait: im a bitch #1 thing that puzzles you in your life: why i have brown hair and all of my siblings have blonde hair

Answer #22

Movie-napoleon dynamite Colour-purple Scent- fresh Lasagna Show- viva la bam, jackass, cky and bams unholy union Food- Lasagna Season- winter Actor/actress- Singer- james heathfeild Band- sum 41, metallica Rapper- i hate rap crap Book- i dont read Role model- deryck whilbley Song- nothing else matter- metallica Cartoon character- billy from grim adventures of billy and mandy Physical feature of yours- dont know Personality trait of yours- i do pretty stupid things like jump in bushes agree to get punched in the sternem things like that, i also play guitar. Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life- why me?

Answer #23

Movie- Hairspray. Color- green or orange. Scent- the smell of rain Show- Suite Life of Zach and Cody Food- chicken cutlet sandwich Season- Summer Actor/Actress- Chad MIchael Murray/ Amanda Bynes Singer- Carrie Underwood Band- MetroStation Rapper- 50 cent. not really I could think of any other one. Book- Staring sally J. Freedman as Herself Role Model- Nikki Blonsky Song- My Wish by the Rascal Flats Cartoon Character- Patrick from SpongeBobSquarePants Physical Feature of yours- my SMILE Personality Trait- (this came from my best friend) my trait of hilariousness Number one thignthat puzzles yu about life- love and death

Answer #24

Movie ; American Wedding and the Naked Mile Colour ; pink&orange Scent ; florida Show ; brothers&sisters Food ; kiwi Season ; fall Actor/actress ; anne hathaway Singer ; kelly clarkson Band ; danity kane Rapper ; mims & diddy Book ; Amazing Grace Role model ; Jenna Jameson Song ; champagne supernova Cartoon character ; kenny Physical feature of yours ; boobs XD Personality trait of yours ; understanding & bitchiness =] Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life ; how other people think ..

Answer #25

Movie NOTEBOOK Colour GREEN Scent PINE SOL LOL Show NEXT Food PIZZA Season SUMMER Actor/actress ?? DONT KNOW Singer CIERA Band GYM CLASS HEREOS Rapper T.I Book FOREVER MY LADY Role model ME! Song ICEBOX Cartoon character TINKERBELL Physical feature of yours EYES Personality trait of yours Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life LOVE!

Answer #26

Movie: The godfather Colour:pink Scent :lavender Show House Bones simpsons Food: moms home cooking Season: fall Actor/actress :Jim Carey Singer : Billy Joe Band : Green Day Rapper: Eminem Book: Chicken soup for the soul Role model: my big brother Song: Mexican wine Cartoon character: stewie Physical feature of yours: blue eyes Personality trait of yours: kind Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life: why is there sufering

Answer #27

Movie: Twilight Colour: Twilight Scent: Twilight Show: Twilight Food: Twilight Season: Twilight Actor: Twilight Singer: Twilight Badn: Twilight Rapper: Twilight Book: TWILIGHT!!! Role model: Twilight Song: Twilight Cartoon character: Twilight Physical feature of yours: Twilight Personality trait of yours: Twilight #1 thing that puzzles you about life: Twilight

Answer #28

Movie without a paddle Colour Glow in the dark Scent vaniilla Show Jackass Season Winter Actor/actress Dax Shepard Singer John Bon Jovi Band CKY Rapper NONE Book I am the wallpaper Role model NO ONE Cartoon character Bobby Hill Physical feature of yours My Hight Personality trait of yours Funny Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life LIFE

Answer #29

Movie I don’t know Colour red Scent I don’t know Show I don’t know Food I don’t know Season fall and winter Actor/actress I don’t know Singer I don’t know Band I don’t know Rapper I don’t know Book I don’t know Role model I don’t know Song I don’t know Cartoon character I don’t know Physical feature of yours I don’t know Personality trait of yours I don’t know Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life I don’t know ???

Answer #30

Movie-Mean Girls Colour-Black or teal Scent-Strawberry Show-American Idol Food-Popcorn Season-Summer Actor/actress-Mike Myers Singer-David Cook Band-Our Lady Peace Rapper-ewww hate them all Book-The Outsiders Role model-David Cook, my mom, my aunt Song-Our Lady Peace-Innocent Cartoon character-Spongebob Physical feature of yours-eyes Personality trait of yours-humor Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life-Death x_x

Answer #31

Movie: vampire movies :) Colour red Scent the smell of chocolate :) Show torchwood :O did anyone see it!! yanto :’( Food tomato soup stew omg! try it with corn beef and stuff
Season winter Actor/actress gaspard ulliel Singer jon bon jovi Band bon jovi Rapper URGH none of them Book the saga of darren shan Role model Jon bon jovi, ann rice, my mum and dad and my sis Song somthing to believe in- bon jovi Cartoon character Peter Rabit, tinkerbell
Physical feature of yours…no idea…my eyes? Personality trait of yours…I dano… Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life… life puzzles me a lot…

Answer #32

Movie- Nightmare Before Christmas

Colour- Black & Red

Scent- Shampoo, LOL!

Show- Family Guy

Food- MANGOS!!

Season- Winter

Actor/actress- I honestly can’t tell you. I don’t give a hoot, I just watch the movie!

Singer- Amy Hartzler from Evanescence

Band- Avenged Sevenfold (no freaking way!)

Rapper- I like candy wrappers, that’s about it!

Book- A Mango-Shaped Space

Role model- Anyone besides Miley Cyrus or Michael Jackson!

Song- OUCH! That’s a tough one…I’d say Broken by Seether (featuring Amy Lee)

Cartoon character- Stewie Griffin!!

Physical feature of yours- My eyes.

Personality trait of yours- I’m funny. Sorta. Not really…

Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life- why does every freaking thing go wrong with me?

Answer #33

Movie: the notebook Colour: pink
Scent:the smell of sweet pea lotion Show:parental control Food:enchiladas Season:winter Actor/actress:nicolas cage Singer:daddy yankee Band: fob Rapper: lil jon Book:the sisterhood of the traveling pants Role model: tyra Song: how do I breathe Cartoon character: patrick starfish Physical feature of yours: my legs Personality trait of yours : funny Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life: wether ill make the right decisions

Answer #34

Movie: Four Brothers Colour : Green/Black Scent : Vanilla Show : Naruto or any anime or House Food : Pocky Season : Winter Actor/actress : Garret Hedlund Singer : Chester Bennington Band : Right Now MUSE Rapper : Eminem Book : Manga? Role model :Haley Williams Song : Time is Running Out By Muse Or Beautiful Lie 30 Seconds To Mars Cartoon character :Deidara Or Shnitzel (sp) Physical feature of yours: My Hair Personality trait of yours : Laugh at anything Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life: Love

Answer #35

Movie: The President’s Analysist Colour: Green or purple depending on my mood Scent: sex Show: ER Food: asparagus Season: Spring Actor/actress: Alec Guinnes Singer: Sting Band: Miles Davis Quintet (the one with John Coltrane) Rapper: Jay Z I suppose, don’t know much about rapp Book: The Devil’s Dictionary Role model: Thomas Jefferson Song: Giant Steps Cartoon character: The Pink Panther Physical feature of yours: my wide shoulders Personality trait of yours: patience Number 1 thing that puzzles you about life: Everything in life is at the same time far simpler and far more complex than it seems.

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