What's wrong with my cat?

A lot of you are familiar with my cat, Toonces. He’s been sick. The Vet had to remove his eye because of infection from fighting male cats outside. We had him neutered too so he wouldn’t want to go outside and fight. And he stayed inside most of the time for a while. He’s just been laying on my bed with me.

The Vet says that he may have Arthritis too because he was limping and then he was staggering. They said that he’s probably in pain & told us to give him baby Asperin so we gave him Asperin as per the Vets instruction. He seemed to feel better for maybe a day, but now he doesn’t want to eat and he’s been wanting to go out. We found him yesterday laying under a bush. We called him and he just looked at us like we were crazy. My son went out, picked him up and brought him in.

He’s just not himself. He stayed in last night but early this morning, he wanted out again. We looked but couldn’t find him until a few minutes ago. He’s under that same bush. I called him but he didn’t even look at me. I had to look to see if he was breathing because he was so still.

Does anyone have any ideas why he’s acting like this? I’m worried. I hate to bring him back in if he wants to be outside but it’s hot out there and he needs to eat something.

Also, he keeps ducking as if there were an invisible swooping bluejay.

Any help is appreciated.

Answer #1

Has he been eating until just the last few days? It’s so very hard to diagnose a cat over the internet…and I know money is tight for you, but I really think that you might run him back to the vet…just taking his temperature will tell if he’s got another infection. I don’t think he has leukemia…because…you just had him neutered, the eye removed, at the vets, I’m pretty sure, that since they ran a blood series just to put him under anethesia, they’d also check for leukemia…How’s his good eye doing?

His leg may really be bothering him, did you check it for abcess or “fever”…like the spot where he got bit before…is it hot? Is there a place he can be “private” in your house, where he won’t be vulnerable to other cats or dogs? Also, since the baby aspirin helped, give him another half…it’s not going to hurt him…

My cat wouldn’t leave me alone when he was dying of kidney disease…followed me everywhere (I KNOW he wanted me to “fix” him)…yep, those kitties really do get attached to their people…

Sorry to hear he’s sick again…


Answer #2

Prannie, He came in yesterday for a few minutes but wanted right back out. My son had taken food and water out to him and as he came back inside, Toonces followed him. He wouldn’t eat but he did drink a lot of water.

His leg is fine and we’ve kept in touch with the Vet at every turn. The Vet had said to give him 1/2 baby asperin and not to give him anymore for 3 days.

We can’t take him to the Vet because they’re not open and they don’t have an emergency #. Joe called a Vet in Wilmington (the only one open) and they won’t tell us anything on the phone. We can’t take him there. It’s too far and we are both disabled.

Money is not an issue. The Vet is letting us pay whatever we can. They have fallin in love with Toonces and they really care about him. They always pick him up and bring him back to us, when he needs to be seen. We have to wait until tomorrow to call them, but as of now, he is under our car (in the shade) and he has drank water. Joe said he drank a lot.

I’m torn because I feel like he has gone out to die but then he drinks water. Should we not give him any and should we bring him in against his will?

I posted a question on another site yesterday and one person was so mean. She acted like I hadn’t done enough for him and I couldn’t defend myself because I couldn’t reply. It’s just that I didn’t give every detail when I asked the question so she assumed there were things I hadn’t done for him. I just don’t have the time or energy to do all this tyoing and do research too.

Thank you (and everyone else concerned) for being so understanding. We are doing everything we can for him because we love him very much.

I believe Toonces will be okay until tomorrow when the Vet is open but they won’t come and get him until Tuesday morning when the one employee can pick him up on her way to work. At least we can call and see what to do. Since they know him and his history, maybe they know something we don’t.

Answer #3

Thank you for your answer. I was thinking that but I didn’t want to say it. I wanted to see if others would say it.

Ever since he had the surgery to remove his eye (and got neutered) he hasn’t felt well. I don’t know how old he is. His original owner moved and, basically, left us with the responsibly of feeding him. He said that his other cat didn’t get along with Toonces and that he had noticed that we had ‘taken a liking to him’. That was about 6 years ago. We’re not even supposed to have cats but we fell in love with him. He’s a part of our family. We are so close that, if I’m not careful, I will get sick when he does. I have such empathy for him. I’m already disabled and so is my son.

Anyway, I think you may be right about the Leukemia. I had another cat that had it and the Vet put him to sleep.

My problem is that I don’t know what to do. Do I leave him outside, under the bush so he can die? Is that what he wants to do? I mean, everytime we go out and call him in, he doesn’t even look at us. I would hate to bring him in against his will. But maybe we should bring him in and nurse him back to health. I love him so much and we are so close. It’s breaking my heart. I want to hold him. The Vet is closed and it’s Saturday.

My son reminded me of something that may help. My Dad passed away several years ago and he had known that he was dying. He used to keep snacks beside the chair where he always sat. He asked that they be taken away. Then, he did the weirdest thing. I was very sick with Pneumonia, but my brother called me and said that my Dad had asked to see me. I figured he had taken a turn for the worse. I got there and he brought me close to him. He said ‘Honey, you have to let me go’. I told him that he had, at least, 7 months yet but when you’re dying, a few months doesn’t matter. He was ready to go. So he asked if I would let him go and I said ‘yes’. I think it was the hardest thing I ever had to do (next to this) and I’ve been through a lot. Dad passed away I week later. Maybe I’m holding Toonces here.

Sorry for going on and on. I just want to do what’s right for him. I want him to know I care. I don’t want him to think that I don’t know what’s happening to him and that I want to hold him and talk to him like I do (did) so often.

Update: My son just checked on him and he is no longer under the bush.

Answer #4

My heart goes out to you. You very clearly love you cat very deeply and you have and are doing everything right. You know this in your heart. It is your love that has you questioning so deeply what you know is true.

I know and can as we all can that you love this cat deeply.

Answer #5

You shsould probably go to the vet again. He might not know what he is doing and might forget things like his name. Kind of like alzhiemers.

Answer #6

No way to diagnose on the internet but you cat may simply miss the outdoors. Or there maybe some infection or something in the other eye, or his hearing is going. I have a poodle that is blind and now his hearing is gone also. It is really sad to see but allow the cat to do what he likes to do. Being careful with the other cats around cause your cat is very vunerable to other cats. And when you get the chance to take the cat to the vet then do it. You are not preventing the cat from dying, you are just showing the cat you love it. Good luck to you and your cat.

Answer #7

I may be wrong but something many people forget is that many times an animal, especially a cat will go away or off to itself to die.

We people may times interfer with a natural process.

How old is your cat. Was he tested for Cat luekemia? This is a very common illness that kills cats that come in contact with other cats outdoors.

I hope I am wrong, I would get your cat to the Vet. If you can not afford to do this you will have to wait him out and see what he feels he needs to do. I hope he gets well.

Answer #8

I hate to say it but when cats are old and about to die they won’t eat and they like to be alone when they do die

Answer #9

sorry 2 hear hes sick I dont know what to tell you I never had a cat

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