What's wrong with hating Twilight?

My cousin FLIPPED out at me saying I only hate Twilight to make people mad and to be different. I hate Twilight because it’s boring and the characters aren’t interesting.

So here’s my question.

Why is it okay for her to talk nonstop about how much she loves Twilight but it’s wrong for me to say I hate it once or twice a week?

Answer #1

if she missed a detail or two of the movie, no wonder she missed the whole thought of it, that’s why she never liked it… lol!

Answer #2

lol it’s alright, everyone has their own opinion on things. I hate it too. The actors were so bad and some of the movie made no seance… like how it switched from that dudes house to all of a sudden they were in the woods (or something like that) I only watched the movie once, will not watch it again. It would’ve been good if the actors were better. But yah.

Answer #3

missmaisy, Everyone who LOVES miley/jonasbrothers/twilight are a little extreme about it too. I think you’re only looking at one side. And I am calm. :) I just don’t like people telling me that I could have been “nicer” (YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT I SAID TO MAKE HER MAD!) or that I should keep my bad opinion to myself and let everyone else constantly let out their opinion.

And it’s not just the movie I don’t like. I don’t like the book either. Just to clear that up. Everyone keeps calling it a movie. >.<

Answer #4

moshposh, and I don’t like when they express their obsession over it without being asked. So.. If they can express their obsessioin for it, I can expression my hatred of it. Kthanks. :)

serjimmy, That’s what I did. I was like, “You can just get the f over it.” She may not want to hear that I hate her precious Twilight, but I don’t want to hear every other sentence that comes out of her mouth be about Twilight and how great it is. And why’d she flip out? Because of a PIECE OF FLAIR on FACEBOOK. -_-

Answer #5

Tell her to Gtf.

I HATE Twilight. She probably thinks she is a flippin’ vampire too, huh? tell her to grow up. Vampires arent real. Twighlight is the most boring film I’ve ever watched. & still, everyone is OBSESSED with this. it was out ages ago for god sake…

The worst thing is, my friends, well not anymore (BECAUSE OF TWILIGHT!!!) used to talk non stop & then start reading and writing crappy fan fiction about it.

I cant stand it either, just tell her to get a life. & get her to tell someone who cares about that rubbish.

Answer #6

…or maybe youre envious that the movie was great! (: bleh! I love twilight!! super!!!…

die with anger or just let us be happy we’re satisfied with the movie…

is that simple

Answer #7

thank you mother, but I was just making an observation.

Answer #8

Tell her to get a life. Everyone has different opinions. I personally HATE Twilight. I think it’s a complete insult to all vampire movies/books ever made. And Edward Cullen is NOT attractive, NONE of the guys in the film are.

Answer #9

lol! relax… if they’re like that, adjust! nothing can be done if they’re deeply mad at praising the movie.. it’s just to cut the soon-to-be endless argument between the pros and cons regarding the movie.. ((:

smile! xp

Answer #10

god you need to take a chill pill. its just a movie. you can hate it thats fine, but you could’ve been a little nicer about it. you know what I noticed? everyone who hates miley/jonasbrothers/twilight with a passion (im not saying I favor them though) is a little extreme about it.

they are the biggest things out there right now. calmm down.

Answer #11

you know why your couz is like that to you? the wrong thing you’re doin is that, you’re hatin the movie and express it to them, instead of just ignoring hat twilight exists, that happens to be boring (for you).. if you happen not to like it, then you shouldve kept it to your self rather than braggin about some negative feedback about it when not asked. that maybe pisses them off…

Answer #12

Or maybe she just didn’t like it. It IS possible to not like Twilight, you realize that, right?

Answer #13

the more you hate, the more you love…

that’s all!

Answer #14

It’s perfectly fine to hate twilight. I mean, I bet there are things those twilight lovers hate too. I dislike twilight because of the obviouse lack of writing skills of the autor (the only thing that happens is telling how awsome Edward is. Whooptyfreakingdoo). And because S. Meyer royally F’ed up the vision on vampire’s. Ask any girl about what they think that a vampire is. at least 90% will start about sparkle’s in no time. WHAT THE HECK, SINCE WHEN DO VAMPIRE’S SPARKLE. WHEN I LAST CHECKED, THOSE WERE CALLED PIXIES. When I am asked about Vampire’s I answer with: Dark, Tall, Brooding, Muderouse, No Mercy, Wildly attractive and Masters of Darkness. Let me tell you, none of these aply to a pansywaste as Edward.

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