What's the greatest guitar solo and guitarist ever?

Greatest Guitar Solo is definitely Eruption By Eddie Van Halen

Greatest Guitarist is Slash

What do you say?

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ok if you think slash is better than eddie van halen than your tone deff cause eddie is godly eruption is shear genius. you no what really pisses me off when people say hendrix is the best dont get me wrong hes good but hes not as good as eddie.

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I love the guitar solos that Josh farro does

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andy mckee!! (for me) hehe..

I love the version of africa(toto)--- amazing...


Guitar solo part
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my opinion:
Mark Knopfler: 5 stars
EVH, Slash: 4.5 stars
best solo ever: eruption :D

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One of the best guitar solos I've heard is by Mark Knopfler at the end of Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits. One of my favorite guitarists is the late Jeff Healey from the Jeff Healey Band, he was blind but he guitar skills were phenomenal.

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I love some of the Guitar solos in songs by Muse, but I couldn't pick a favourite.

greatest solo ever?

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Eruption yes, Randy Rhodes > Slash.

Modern guitarists
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Van Halen all the way

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Johnny B Goode solo
Jimmy page

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well...certain guitarist paved the way with techiques and styles. guitarists today dont know how good we have it. with page and hendrix starting it all to eddie's finger tapping to frank gambales' sweep picking. to me a good solo must include all of these techniques. I will have to say one of my favorite guitarists who has mastered all of these techniques and applies them to his songs is neil zaza.

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Well my favorite guitarists are Michael Angelo Batio and Jimmy Page

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