What's the difference democrat and republican

What is the difference between a democrat and a republican?

And please don’t say there’s no difference, because there is, otherwise there wouldn’t be different names lol.

Answer #1

i hope you do not take offense,         To that that comes hereafter;         ’Tis only that it’s my two-cents,         Not one penny more thereafter. §;o)       Amblessed,

I’m a moderately conservative Republican but I have to disagree with two of your statements:

“* I believe women and men are different, should be treated differently, and are not interchangeable. There are jobs women tend to be better at than men and vice-versa. There are ways a man behaves that women shouldn’t behave in and vice-versa.”

Men and women are physically different but that does not mean that they necessarily have to be treated differently in most instances. There may be some physical things that they, in general, are not strong enough to do, but there are also some men who also are not strong enough. As far as intelligence, they are equal with men. The last century took away the subservience of women to men and gave them the same rights to seek those aspirations that they choose.

“* There are no fantastic new programs left for the federal government to implement.”

That statement is equivalent to the one a century or so ago that said that there was nothing left to be invented.

Space travel, interstellar communication, the elimination of more present and future diseases, the implementation of ways to reduce humanity’s contribution to global warming, plus things yet to even be perceived of are things that will generate Federal interest and programs.

Just consider the past hundred years of human invention and consider that the next hundred years may be exponentially greater as invention builds upon invention.

Answer #2

Good answers here: http://www.funadvice.com/q/what_is_the_real_difference_between http://www.funadvice.com/q/what_does_it_mean_to_be_a_democrat http://www.funadvice.com/q/republican_or_democrat

However, to recap: Democrats, traditionally, are for more federal rights over state rights. Republicans, the opposit.

Republicans start wars (big ones) and award large contracts to defense related companies, which stimulates the economy in a specific way.

Democrats (see Clinton as an example) start tons of small conflicts & involve themselves that way, so you can’t call it a war, and it’s a lot hard to get a straight figure on how much it cost the American people.

The Republicans are for “free market” which is code for, they lowered the taxes for the richest Americans. If you, like me, personally know dozens of multi millionaires, you’ll also know none of them paid the same in taxes as a result of Bush, they paid less.

Democrats believe and have the facts to support it, that the lowering of taxes on the richest subset of society did indeed cost us money that would have otherwise been generated.

Last, they’re both full of crooks, and you have democrats masquerading as Republicans & vice versa as well. One example of a Republican masquerading as a democrat is Lieberman, who spoke at the RNC.

My 2 cents, you can read more thorough answers in the past questions on this topic.

Answer #3

Conservatives I know agree with this assessment:

  • I don’t think some politician in Washington who has never held a job outside of politics in his entire life, has a better handle on what to do with my money than I do.

  • I don’t resent wealthy people. To the contrary, I want to become one of them one day.

  • Government policies should be based on whether they work or not and whether they are constitutional, not on whether they make the people advocating them feel “nice” or “mean.”

  • “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.” In other words, I’m not a victim, you’re not a victim, and 99 times out of a hundred, the person on TV screaming about how he’s a victim, isn’t a victim either. If you’re not happy with your life, it’s your responsibility to fix it, not the government’s responsibility.

  • I don’t get upset that the federal government “doesn’t care about me.” In fact, I’d be pleased if it forgets that I exist.

  • Human beings are inherently superior to animals. That doesn’t mean we should mistreat them or take them for granted, but it does mean that what’s good for humankind is more important than what’s good for animals.

  • I am a citizen of the United States, not a citizen of the world. As such, my loyalty will always belong to this country and its people, not to any other nation, group of nations, or any sort of world governing body.

  • I believe women and men are different, should be treated differently, and are not interchangeable. There are jobs women tend to be better at than men and vice-versa. There are ways a man behaves that women shouldn’t behave in and vice-versa.

  • There are no fantastic new programs left for the federal government to implement.

  • It isn’t the job of the federal government to make us successful; it’s the job of the federal government to create an environment that allows us to make ourselves successful.

  • I believe that citizens of the United States have more to be proud of than the people of other countries and that every one of us should cherish this country and should thank God that we’ve been given the privilege of being part of such a great nation.

  • The market and private industry almost always do a better job of allocating resources than the federal government could ever hope to do so.

  • Morals do matter. “If America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.” If that ever happens, it would be a tragedy not just for us and our children, but for the whole world.

  • “Out of every hundred new ideas ninety-nine or more will probably be inferior to the traditional responses which they propose to replace. No one man, however brilliant or well-informed, can come in one lifetime to such fullness of understanding as to safely judge and dismiss the customs or institutions of his society, for those are the wisdom of generations after centuries of experiment in the laboratory of history.”

  • People of all races should be treated equally and any laws, whether we’re talking about Jim Crow laws or Affirmative Action, that do otherwise are immoral, unconstitutional, and un-American.

  • Having a government that is too involved in our lives is far more of a threat than a government that isn’t involved enough.

  • My priorities are God, family, and country, in that order.

  • Our tax rate is too high as it is and if it’s not producing enough revenue for Washington, D.C. Then they should start trying to live within their means instead of asking us to pony up more money.

  • Life begins at the moment of conception and we have an obligation to speak up for the children that are being exterminated via abortion since they can’t speak up for themselves.

  • I believe the point of allowing people to emigrate to this country should be to benefit the people who are already here. With that in mind, everyone who wants to become an American citizen should come here legally, should learn our national language, which is English, should assimilate, and should pay his own way and be ineligible for programs like welfare and food stamps.

  • I believe in equality of opportunity, not equality of outcomes.

  • The debt we have in this country is not because you haven’t given enough of your money to Washington; it’s because the politicians in Washington have spent too much money.

  • I believe that Southerners, white males, the rich, business owners, Republicans, Christians, and the other groups that the Left looks down its nose at deserve every bit as much respect and protection under the law as the Left’s favorite protected classes and minority groups.

  • There is a meaningful difference between tolerating behavior and deeming it to be acceptable or good.

  • If we lose our freedom in this country, it won’t be because of a foreign invader; it’ll be because our own government took it away from us a bit at a time with one law after another designed to “help” us.

  • We have a moral obligation to leave a better America to our children than our parents left to us.

Answer #4

I for one am a Barack Obama fan. He’s young, educated and a humble human being. However, being a republican I cannot vote for him because at the end of the day, the fundamental difference between Republican vs Democrat is what makes me choose republican no matter who is coming from the other side. You ask what is the fundamental difference, and to me it’s the taxing (I’m in the middle class if you are wondering).

You guys claim that Republican’s don’t tax the rich as much and thus could care less of the poor. That is not at all the reality. Directly, yes that is correct we believe that the rich shouldn’t be taxed at the end of the year as much as they would under a Democrat policy. But you have to realize that people who make over $250k that although they don’t get taxed high directly, the disposable income they get from not being taxed as much goes towards high interest bearing savings accounts (which get taxed at the end of the year), the stock market (hence capital gains, again taxed), properties (property taxes), things that ultimately will get taxed by the government. Now me being a middle class citizen I don’t have extra money to do those things but the rich do, but I know most of them spend their money in a proper manner and not waste it on things such as drugs and things that ultimately don’t go to the government (not trying to be judgmental).

The problem I think we fail to realize is that in the end, the money the rich get goes towards helping our economy and boost spending (hence, new products are coming out because people are willing to take more risks with the extra money), more businesses and products are assumed to be sold more with the extra income (again helps the businesses that employs people who sell stuff or help manufacture the product, which could be low, middle or even upper class). Now I do give the democratic side, one credit, when you tax the rich directly, the results of getting the government programs they want to institute are faster processed, but I will tell you on the Republican side those same programs do exist, it’s just going to be a bit of a challenge because of the fact the money must be spent or invested from the rich in order to be taxed (which believe me although could be fast, it’s not as fast as taking it straight out of a rich person’s bank during tax time).

My last thing is this, I just don’t want the money in the government’s hands. In most cases when the government gets money they spend it on useless unjustifable things. Example, former Governor of Alaska Frank Murkowski (who is a republican) spent government money for a jet. What good is that to the American people for a person to buy a jet, so they can get to meetings faster? Give me a break, it’s completely unjustifiable. And it’s not just republicans who do this it’s democrats too. Look at Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. The guy uses government money to have parties, taking expensive family vacations, buy fancy cars. At the end of the day I rather have individuals control money and not the government… Yes sometimes we as individuals are bad at spending our money, and yes sometimes the government is helpful but that’s only if we have fiscal responsible people in office. And nowaday’s that is a very hard thing to accomplish because most people in politics, forget they are there for the people, not their own self benefit. The money and power gets to them and they ultimately abuse it and say oh well I spent it to fight a bill that was bad for the people… At the end of the day, don’t vote democrat because we don’t want all our money going to the government. I rather be in a deficit then in a surplus if the government starts using our hard earned dollars on luxuries (even if it’s a small percent of what they get in) instead of the money going to us so we can use it to pay our bills.

Answer #5

A republican is someone that believes in a smaller central government with less involvment in the lives of the citizens and a democrat believes in a big central government with more involvment in the lives of the citizens. That is the difference, not weather or not your a conservative or a liberal.

Answer #6

Nevets, you’re always commenting political things saying you hate Obama, and you say racist things about him. But, you don’t even know the difference between being a democrat and a republican??

Hmm, that sounds strange.

Answer #7

Okay, well than why don’t you tell us your reasons then? You never seem too. All you say is. Barak Husein Osama sucks.

So, please. Give us your reasons? Stop being so ignorant.

Also, if they don’t concern politics than don’t comment on political questions. They obviously aren’t meant for idiotic people like you.

And ARE you saying that you’re racist?

Answer #8

What else if not politics? His race?

Answer #9

republicans are conservative, nore old-fashioned. democrats are liberal. I think = ]

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