What's the difference between witches, mages, wizards and others?

What’s the difference between witch, mage, wizard, warlock, and sorcerer?

I need to know their difference…like how they dress like or anything that show they all are different..

Answer #1

They are all the similar, it just depends on the type of literature you’re reading or other form of media you’re experiencing and the context that the word is being used.

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Answer #2

I’m not sure what the diffrence is to be honest. But not all witchs use black magic, and I think a mage is someone who has more power with the elements like wind, fire and all that. A warlock is a male witch and Wizards were a part of ancient fantasy, they are offen used to storys, to help a knight, like in the childrens diseny film the sword and the stone. merlin helps arther. but I’m not sure what the actual different is, and if you are talking about fantasy witch’s, then yes the use dark ways, and don’t use there magic to help others but themselfs.

Answer #3

It aall depends in todays world there is no particular way to tell we all look alike witches can be male of female and we are those that follow wicca but do not nesisarily practice witchcraft athough those that do normaly are clad in black robes at night to help draw power from the Goddess moon

Answer #4


A witch is a dark female magician, dabbling in the evil side. Usually an apocathery as well

a mage is someone that deals with magic and is adept at it

a wizard is an experienced mage

sorcerer I usually think of a mage that focused on the elements.

a warlock is a male witch

Answer #5

I’m pretty sure mages are masters of teh elements. Whitches/warlocks use dark magic and..I’m not really sure what wizards are.

This is just what I have experienced in readign/video games so…not sure if you agree with it…hoep I could help

Answer #6

a mage & witch practice difftrent types of magick the rest are just made up terms from Christains look it up

Answer #7

Alright many good answers. But in the majority of fantasy books or games its like this. Witch is mainly what the guy who used where the words came from. An apothecary who does a little magick. Warlock is a demon who controls other demons through magical means. Sorceror is generally necromatic in power Mage is short for magician. Although generally people use it to say master magician. Magician is like we will say… Does tricks with magic and illusions. Like he could call up a fake fire and scare someone but it would be fake. and last. Wizard deals in elemental magicks

Answer #8

Witch=(an Anglo saksin word meaning Wize one or bennder of energy) A Man or woman who uses magic to bend & use energy filds around them.

Wizard=(an old English word meaning wize one) Like a witch but more of a mystical scholar.

Warlock= (in Celtic meaning oath breaker. in Norwegian meaning summoner of spirits)Can be a man or woman who is mischievous in there magical practice, or some one dealing magically with ghosts, spirits, the spirit world.

magician= An illusionist aspiring to be powerful.

sorcerer/sorceress= A man or woman that uses White & black magic to balance the universe. (this is only one interpretation)

Answer #9

im asking this question in the Gaming & Games forum

Answer #10

No need to go there!

Den3is is right on.

Fill yourself with the Lord and not the ways of world.

Answer #11

If you don’t know the answer to that question be proud of yourself…I DO know the answer and it shames me.

Answer #12

WITCH = A woman claiming or popularly believed to possess magical powers and practice sorcery. A believer or follower of Wicca; a Wiccan.

MAGE = A magician or sorcerer.

WIZARD = One who practices magic; a sorcerer or magician.

WARLOCK = A male witch, sorcerer, wizard, or demon.

SOCERER = One who practices sorcery; a wizard.

**DEN3IS = that does not answer the question!

Answer #13

Witches and wizard are pretty much the same But mage is master of elements . A witch is a witch. Not worlocks. A male witch is the same as a female witch. And witches dont use just dark magic. they use every sort of magic.

Answer #14

witches are females, wizards are males and mages are often used in online games to mean both gender who could wiled magic

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