What's the color scheme for makeup for green eyes?

What’s the color scheme for makeup for green eyes? I’ve never used makeup in my life, but since I get so much advertising in my face about how it’s going to make me pretty, I figured I might buy some (or get my husband to get me some for christmas). Is there a certain color scheme for green eyes, white skin?

Answer #1

blue/ green eyes look really good with brown/ gold eyeshaddow bcoz it makes the colour of your eyes stand out …

brown eyes look super with purple eyeswhaddow bcoz that makes the brown stand out

: )

Hope I helped

Answer #2

I have green eyes and olive skin, and I like a copper/bronze with liquid eyeliner, lotsa mascara for night, falsies even, and sand tones, browns and dusky pinks and mauves for day. Nude lips for night, clear gloss for day and any blusher that goes with your skin tone. Make sure your eyebrows are groomed to perfection, this is more important than eyeshadow color!!,

Answer #3

purple is the best color for green eyes you can mix more than one shad of purple to make it origenal like my pic!!

Answer #4

I’ve heard indigo eyeliner and black mascara. Also sparkly purple eyeshadow. I don’t know how right it is though!

Answer #5

Try Brown or gold eyeshadow. With Black eyeliner and 2 coats of black marcara :) x

Answer #6

Hey, I have green eyes too and my eye routine works beautifully. I start by sweeping the top lid with a light, barely visible layer of of light green shadow. then a deep purple near the end of the lash line and in the crease between the lid and the brow bone. then blend with your finger for subtlety.

Answer #7

Purple makes green eyes stand out. Taupe and brown also usually compliment green eyes if you want a more subtle look. A sweep of purple eyeshadow on the lids and a little bit of bronzer on your cheecks is a very pretty look.

Answer #8

i have green eyes. the makeup that accentuates them the most are plum/violet/dark pinks/deep purple. Also, dark hair makes them stand out more. I have blonde hair and olive tone skin, and every morning my mom tells me how green my eyes loook against my bronzed skin! i love her! xoxo. hope this helps!

Answer #9

I would suggest everything they are saying as well as golds and mauves with a smoker outer and a lighter inner.

Also clinque makes an amazing eye liners called Egyptian- its dark green with gold specks, it’s absolutely amazing.

I would say go to Macys or Carsons/ bergners, and have them show you some stuff.

Answer #10

purples and lavenders pinks are great for green eyes I have found

Answer #11

puple and sandy browns are the best color for green eyes and they make them stand out a lot. when you go to the store you can find puple eye liner and that crap DONT BUY IT it makes your eyes look small and not attractive so get puple or brown eye shadow and get a thin brush ans apply it like you would with eyeliner.

Answer #12

I have green eyes and olive skin, I can’t seem to find any eye shadows that I like that don’t make my skin look as green as my eyes,……. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #13

i have green eyes and pale white skin. a good color is a rich blue, maybe a royal blue liner. i have a blue liner and it always makes my eyes look greener and makes them pop

also, black looks good on any color… but if you feel it is too harsh on your skin color, you may want to switch to a charcol color.

also, pink is a very pretty color on green eyes. i take pink mascara and “paint” the tips of my lashes with the brush, for a different look than most people.

Answer #14

I would reccomend using browns, neutral tan, taupe or sand colors. Some bronze tones may work well, but be careful of those with too much red, they can make you look like you have allergies or tired eyes. Plum and various purple tones can make your green eyes pop, be careful wearing plum /purple tones if you have dark circles it can cause them stand out. Green shades look great too on green eyes :) A great blush would be a soft earthy tone or you could opt for a peachy-coral. a soft lip is also flattering with maybe a bit of gloss to keep your look fresh.

Answer #15

Green/jade shades enhance your eye color—plums/violets make it pop for a beautiful, intensified green! Also bluish liner under a green eye makes it seem greener and the white whiter. Almay came out with a rasin colored mascara for green eyes that works and doesn’t look too weird. It’s a bit expensive though and I would stick with just eyeshadow. Your own lashes are probably fine. I also recommend Jordanna INcolor super shiny tinted lipgloss that tastes yummy and is cheap.

Answer #16

I heard that Aubergine and deep purple is beautiful on green eyes, the smokey eye is also in my opinion beautiful on green eyes. If you wanna make sure or try it out why not go to a store where you can get someone to professionally do your make up for free ? Its a nice break and who knows you might just find what you are looking for AAAANNNNDDD get a few tips on how to apply make up for if you DO decide to start using make up! All the best!

Answer #17

I have green eyes, and I always wear green eye shadow. I guess it looks really good, cause I get compliments almost everyday…

Answer #18

I have green eyes, and I always wear green eye shadow. I guess it looks really good, cause I get compliments almost everyday…

Answer #19

I have green eyes and very pale skin.

I always start my make up with a good base - for daily makeup I juse a light foundation ALWAYS in tone ‘Ivory’ (usually Rimmel’s new mousse formula as it stayd put thoughout the college day) as it is the lightest. I love my white skin so I also try to keep it as pale as it is naturally by applying a thin dusting of Stargazer’s white pressed comapct face powder with a foundation brush after the foundation as dried.

Now for the eyes…smokey greys / dark colours and blacks are good. Try Stargazer’s black eyeshadow. You can line the bottom lid with black kohl eyeliner (Revlon is the best) and then smudge it with an angled shadow brush with a little eyeshadow on it. Then, on the top lid, apply a little smudge of black eyeshadow in the outer corner of the eyes making sure you blend the edges. This opens the eye out and also does not look to overworked.

Also - GREEN eye make up looks gorgeous on green eyes. Try and find as much as you can - eyeliners, shadows and other pretty things such as MACs coloured ‘pigment’ in green or Barry M’s ‘dazzle dust’ in green or black (they are sparkly!). Purple tend to go well with green eyes too.

I always finish with a sweeping o mascara on bothe top and bottome lashes.

Sometimes just a swooping flick of thick liquid eyeliner on the top lid look nice - on any eye colour. No liner needs to go on the bottom lid and you needn’t put any mascara on either! It creates an elegant cat-like but practical look. (Er…thingy wears it like that on ‘Ghost Whisperer’.)

Answer #20


Answer #21

My, sis has green eyes, and she bought this thing at walmart for only green eyes and its eyeshadow, the colors that bring out the green are: Purple, Pink, and more darker colors

Answer #22

I have green eyes and light violet eyeshadow wit a dark plum eyeliner and a green tinted mascara do wonders for my eyes,,,also you can dust a gold at the top of your lid by your brow for an xtra sparkle

Answer #23

me and my mom both have green eyes, and really. I wear a bunch of colors. mostly pinks and purples make my eyes pop. I wear blues, and browns. but it will change the tone.

Answer #24

If you are pale.Best to go for a light purple,like lilac.Or if your eyes are really green,then you probably could get away with using a dark purple.It would really bring out your eyes.I have pale skin and green eyes also and I have jet black hair.I have tried using lots of black eyeliner,but find it ruins my whole look.Black eyeliner looks gorgeous when its just on the bottom lid of your eyes.No more needs to be used.Otherwise you’ll ruin your look.Smokey colors are great for green eyes e.g grays, purples, pinks. If you want a natural look,just use a light shade of green and some black mascara or brown, depending on your hair color.Then use a hint of peach blusher on your cheeks or even pink to give you a little bit of color.

Answer #25

you should use browns and nutural colors. I have green eyes and that’s what I use.

Answer #26

I have hazel eyes (Green/Brown) I always put on green eye shadow because it matches!!!&my boyfriend lyksss it …!!!

Answer #27

I have green eyes and I always wear a darkest kinda colour to show the brighness of my eyes. a lot of people compliment me about it. :)

Answer #28

I, like ‘jenny lives forever’ have the exact same coloring. I too, find that the purple tones, both light and darker (some light taupe also) looks great with my dark green eyes. I really feel the smokey look to be attractive and this is where I will lighten the shade after the crease of the eye and up to the brow bone very gradually. Since my eyebrows are black just leaving the area bare does not look right. I say, blend, blend, then blend some more. Instead of a black eyeliner, which seems a bit harsh, I use a deep amethyst or aubergine tone and smudge it in so it will blend with the lid shadow. I line the lower lid the same way, smudging so it is not a harsh line. I do use mascara, black only, and only on the upper lashes.

Answer #29

bronze, golds, tan, try metallic colors. they’ll make your eyes pop and shine :)

Answer #30

okay I have green eyes and white skin to lol. go for a natural look, light browns particularly a shadow look. light light!!! thin eyeliner and a little mascara it looks amazing :)

dont go for dark colors ^^ they dont no what there talking about. dark colors hide your eyes and color aand looks shitty. also dont use like purples and pinky makes it look tacky. stick with browns or a light green below your crease on the eyelid. :)

hope this helps :) good luck ps: you dont need makeup to make urself beautiful :)

Answer #31

I have dark skin and green eyes and my best friend is pale with freckles and green eyes. I use a light sparkly lavender with a dark plum in the crease of the eye. also put black eyeliner on the bottom of your eye. my friend is pale and does the same thing and we always get compliments on how green our eyes are! try it trust me!

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