What's the best book you've read lately?

Just wondering, for those who read what’s the best book you’ve read recently? I think I will prepare myself to be inundated with “Twilight” responses…I’m currently reading “The Lovely Bones” and it’s pretty great. Sad but a good story and well-written.

Answer #1

to kill a mocking bird

Answer #2

If you’ve never read Hunter Thompson’s work- I strongly encourage it. His cult following isn’t undeserved in the least.

Also: Lolita, Rapture for the Geeks, Tropic of Cancer, Notes from the Underground, This Boys Life, A Fan’s Notes, A Confederacy Of Dunces, In The Belly Of The Beast, Kabal, A Heart Breaking Work of Staggering Genius, Running With Scissors, Trinity (Leon Uris), Choke/ or Fight Club(Chuck Palahniuk), Everything Is Illuminated, Men Without Chests, The Sand Pebbles, Lies And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, Model Behaviour(the book has nothing to do with the movie, I promise), Song of Solomon, Ulysses, A Prayer for Owen Meany, Anna Karenina, The Importance of Being Earnest, Of Human Bondage, Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Wizards First Rule, Dispatches.

and if you haven’t read Kiss Me, Judas, go do so now.

Answer #3

beautiful liar no doubt…its a crime fiction but has romance mistery and everything else in it…I just love it!!!…its rrq pages but every page is as inticing as the first…I have really read it 3x…I would really recomend it…it by lisa uger

Answer #4

well of course twilight is amazing.lol. but there are lots of other good books too:) I personally enjoy to kill a mockingbird,ethan frome, cut,living dead girl,of mice and men, macbeth, a child called it, the lost boy, the privilage of youth, a man named dave, the summoning,forever, life without alice, hello…wrong number, twin sisters,go ask alice,blood roses, omg of course all the work by H.P. Lovecraft, lord of the flies,the vampire academy series,hanging onto max, the deep end of the ocean, deenie, my brother sam is dead, the host, bleed, the diary of anne frank…and sooo many more:) reading is so amazing!

Answer #5

The Perks of Being A Wallflower!!!


Answer #6

I’ve read lovely bones before its a really good book uhhmm a really good book I’ve read recently is Everlost that was a really good book What happened to Lani Garver was really good and Luna was good to I cried lol. Bonechiller was good.Oh!!Maximum Ride 1-5 is Awesome!!!and twilight hehehe

Answer #7

twilight its just the best book ever or also try p.s I love ypu if your in for a good cry x

Answer #8

sookie stackhouse books, theres 9 so far ( southern vampire series with supes) good storylines and characters.

Answer #9

The Ghost by Danille Steel. There is some of her writings from that book on my profile if you want to check it out. It starts under where it says emo.

Answer #10

Try a collection of edgar allan poe or some poetry, dylan thomas, walt whitman, robert frost. If you liked pirates of the carribean they have two series out which are great.

Answer #11

Reapers gale by steven erikson.

His whole book serious is supers awesum. really the best books I have ever read (and I read a lot - at least 3 books a week)

Answer #12

I read “The count of monte cristo” 1436 page book.. But extremely good..

Also you can try these two series, “Artemis Fowl, Rangers Apprentice” Both series are good… If you decide to read either tell me what you think.

Answer #13

aw the lovely bones I read that in school,its so good. angels and demons is actually a gud read…that was my last book but the 1 im reading at the mo is Goodnight Mr Tom it is such a heart warming story.

Answer #14

Decided to ready the lord of the rings books which I bought back in 2001, onto the third one and they are really well written like…also I read skullduggery pleasent which might look like a kids book but was actually really good, might be getting made into a film supposedly :)

Answer #15

To Kill A Mockingbird… It’s like my favourite book. It the fictional story of a girl growing up in a southern Alabama town during the Depression. I read it last year (grade 8) for a book report and I liked it so much that I read it like three more timed during the summer.

Also, The Mortal Instruments trilogy. They’re fantasy with some romance… really good books if your a Harry Potter/Twilight fan. I read all of them in like a week… as soon as you start reading them, you cant stop (at least that’s what it was like for me)

Other good books are: Pride and Prejudice, All-American Girl and its sequel, House of Night series, Harry Potter, The Giver, and Tom Sawyer

Answer #16

the twilight series. lol

Answer #17

Witch Child. Its a really good book. :D

Answer #18

Currently reading Memoirs of a Geisha by author Arthur Golden….On the 7th Chapter far so good.. the book gives an insight into the history of Japan and how they value escorts back in those days…. Its fantasting to read how geisha (escorts) were perceived as a status thing back then and to be “owned” by a wealthy business man was consider a privileged, giving up their life of ever being married and having kids…definitely an eye opener and very interesting book.

Answer #19

city of ashes city of bones city of glass

all fantastic books.

Answer #20

The Old Willis Place and Island Of The Blue Dolphins

Answer #21

“The man who loved clowns”

:) I loved this book. We had to read it for class.

Answer #22

I like anne rice vampire books

Answer #23


Answer #24

My bast book I read was about obomas life as a child,it was good,excellent that he worked herd too get too were he is today as are persent.

Answer #25

Twilight Saga The House of Night Picture Perfect My Sisters Keeper The Lottery Rose

Answer #26

I personally enjoyed the other book stephenie meyers wrote called >The Host. also>jessicas guide to dating on the dark side. was a very good book

Answer #27

OHO!! Currently I am reading: Blood and Chocolate (I barely finished a page) Twelve (it really makes me feel happy ^^) Marked (the house of night) I like “vampYres” hahi. I STRONGLY recommend the Meg Cabot books: Mediator Series (1-6) Teen Idol Airhead How to be popular (it works…) Princess Diaries :) (1-10)

Answer #28

Anything by Nicholas Sparks, J.D. Robb, Kristin Hannah, Sandra Brown or Michael Palmer! I highly recommend them all!

Also My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult was extremely good. (This is going to be a new movie soon).

Happy Reading! :)

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