What's some epic songs/artists?

Alright I’ve asked one like this already and got some amazing responses, I looked up everything everyone posted and got some new songs in my playlist, so anyone else know some that I may not?

Answer #1

(: haaa. I got epic for you.

I Adore : Chiodos, the beatles, Jakewolf, The Academy is, Against Me, Alice in Videoland, bloode on the dance floor, The Black Ghosts, Blue Foundations,T he Bravery, Carloina Liar, CashClash, Cobra Starship, Death Cab for Cutie, Escape the Fate, against all odds, From First to Last, Hot Hot Heat, Incubus, Iron &Wine, Jimmy Eat World, The Klaxons, Metallica, Netro Station, Modest Mouse, Moition City Soundtrack, Mutemath, Nivana,Oasis, The Offspring, Radiohead,Senses Fail, She wants Revenge, Shinedown, Smashing pumpkins, Socail Distortion, Sublime, System of a Down, Third eye Blind, The Used, all shall perish, beneath the sky, the black dahlia murder, the breathing process, carnifex, chelsea grin, darkest hour, the devil wears prada, emmure, the funeral pyre,inhale exhale, many things untold, mortal treason, parkway drive, the red chord, sea of treachery, winds of plague, A day to remember, Above the Golden State, the plug in stereo,Owl city, DotDot curve, a paper sky, googoo dolls, Mansions, read my mind, the scene aesthetic, were you need to be, Demos, A twist in my story, Making April, Never shout never, Kill Paradice, the secret handshake, Relient K,Balance problems, Alasana,the Medic droid, 12 stones, rediscover, Attack! Attach!, NatetheGreat,Counting crows, Jack Johnsen, Forever the sickest kids, Mayday Parade, Trapt, New found Glorey, fabor drive, lustra, lifehouse, Hot action cop, Half way diserted, nevertheless, Dance Gavin Dance, king of leon, chase coy,Stereo skyline, hello austronaut, Alexandher, Rathbone, the summer curcis, FM static, the spin room, Letters and lights, oceana, the temper trap, J bigga, He is legend, Tenth avenue north, snapkracklepop!, Blue October, Bring me the Horizon,

Answer #2

Eyes Set to Kill, As I Lay Dying, BLink 182, Blue Oyster Cult, Breaking Benjamin, Bush, Bring me the Horizon, Deep purple, DISTURBED!, Drowning Pool, Escape The Fate, Foo Fighters, Godsmack, Green day?, Guns ‘n Roses, Jimi Hendrix, Killswitch Engage, Korn, Lamb Of God, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Linkin Park (for 2 songs), Megadeth, Metallica, Motley Crue, My Chemical Romance, Nirvana, The Offspring, Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera, Papa Roach, Pink Floyd, Puddle Of Mudd, papercut massacre, Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rise Against, Rob Zombie, Rush, Suicide Silence, Seether, Shattersphere, Shinedown, Sixx Am, Slipknot, Smashing Pumpkins, Staind, Stone Temple Pilots, Sum41, Sworn Enemy!, SYSTEM OF A DOWN!, Ted Nugent, The ALmost, The Who!, Three Days Grace, Tool, TRAPT, Van Halen, WAR OF AGES!, ZZtop, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, GNAW (USA), Feint, Dead Speak, the Forsaken, A Red Sun Rises, Decaying Orbit, Secret Lives Of The Freemasons, Bury Your Dead, August burns red, All that remains, Bless the fall, All Shall Perish, Behemoth, Alice in chains, Atreyu, As Blood Runs Black, Unearth, Thousand Foot Krutch, A Day To Remember, attack attack, devil wears prada, carnifex, whitechapel, All eyes to harbor, Divide the sky, At daybreak, Bullets and belvedere, the word alive, otep, In we came as romans, fear and faith, liferuiner, bury your dead, betrayal, mychildren mybride and more. I like nothing other then metal/rock/screamo. pretty epic

Answer #3

Thanks guys :)

Answer #4

the doors - light my fire, hello I love you pink floyd - comfortably numb, light my fire nirvana - smells like teen spirit, lithium pearl jam - jeremy wallflowers - 6th avenue heartache,into the mystic Bob Marley - turn your lights down low Oasis - Champagne Supernova, the hindu times, wonderwall eric clapton - tears in heaven bob dylan - like a rolling stone, blowing in the wind silverchair - without you (SERIOUSLY!!!), miss you love incubus - aqueous transmission, I miss you, summer romance the beatles - let it be, something, if I fell dashboard confessional - hands down, screaming infidelities

Answer #5

I am a huge Death Cab for Cutie fan all their music is just amazing to me. Tiny Vessels is my favorite song by them so far. I also really like Damien Rice those two are my favorite artists/bands right now. and I just saw this bizarre but cool music video on youtube. it is called Buttons by Sia, the song I mean. but search for the music video!

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