What's so special about Twilight?

There are other books out there just like it. I mean, it’s the same old story. A human girl falls in love with a vampire.

I don’t see anything special about the book that makes everyone obsess about it. Or about Edward Cullen. He’s not real. So why obsess?

I don’t mean to sound rude to those of you that like Twilight. I just want to know what makes it so much better than every other book.

And yes. I HAVE READ THE BOOK. Or well, what I could read. I got bored a while into it. So don’t tell me to read it and find out.

Answer #1

if it’s nothing for you, then it’s nothing. I loved the story, but let’s be honest; it isn’t a literary work of art.

Answer #2

Because they like it. Really, everyone has a different reason. Some people like the romance, others like the characters… personally, I liked it because I felt like I could really connect with the characters. I agree with you, serjimmy, in that its really annoying when people read twilight JUST because its popular. I read it because I was on a really boring vacation with my family, and I needed a book. I’d sworn I would NEVER read twilight (this was just before it was a huuge thing, but people were JUST starting to find out about it), but it was long and my dad was buying it for me, so I got curious and decided to read it. And I liked it. Really, I don’t understand why its such a big deal for everyone. Yeah, some people like it. Yeah, some people love it. And yeah, some people hate it. Why does anyone care? I don’t freak out at people who don’t like the catcher in the rye just because I did, and I don’t get mad at people who like ernest hemmingway and question why they would like such a boring author. Not everyone is going to love every book, movie, etc. So if you don’t like it… why does it matter why other people do?

Answer #3

In the House of Night series, the vampires don’t kill anyone. Infact, it’s the humans who kill the vampres. There are no werewolves, thank god. She doesn’t save other vampires, she’s basically saving the world. And she’s only 17, no need to have a baby. Her gifts are wayy cooler, I bet.

But thanks for the answer. :D

Answer #4

why do kids like it? its new its something cool theres a hot guy in it theres love scenes in it chicks love that and then theres people who like vampires right now its a trend/fad thing like harry potter when its new thosands of screaming girls and giuys will adore it then in a few years theyll move onto the next thing

Answer #5

lol That’s okay. I read the House of Night series instead. It’s about vampires, but has a totally better storyline.

Answer #6

Absolutely nothing! I dont know how people can get carried away w/ themselves and get obsessed w/ that kinda stuff

Answer #7

Yeah! I totally agree with you there. Okay, My friend Elaine OBSESSES over twilight.. she has been for about a year.

I dont mind people that have read twilight for ages, but it really PISSES ME OFF… when people JUST watch the film and then read the books and then pretend they are all intelligent and say that they have been a fan for ages,

It really pisses me off. And in real life, “Edward Cullen” is an asshole. and I should know I’ve met him (friends cousin, met him when he was in harry potter)

People just assume that they can join all these cults about storoppy love piss

Yeah. I hate twilight. what a waste of money, I payed my friend and myself into the cinema to see that film. its just crap.

Answer #8

haha I love how many comments this question gottt. I read the first book, and saw the movie, starting the 2nd soon..I like them, but im nottt like OMGGG TWILIGHTTT OMGGG OH EM GEEE!:] so I ccant really relate to the people like that, and p.s kendras –> notebook= best romantic movie!

Answer #9

I don’t care if other people like it. I want to know basically, what makes it so spectacular that everyone likes it. I want opinions on it.

I like romance, but I thought the book was boring.

I want to know why you liked it. What I’m not seeing about it that has so many people completely obsessed. Why people think I’m retarded for not liking it.

I mean, I’ve never seen people so obsessed over a book. Not even Harry Potter. Yeah, people liked it. But they weren’t this crazy over it.

If I say, “I don’t really like Twilight.” at lunch, I get about 15 dirty looks, 6 “Why not?”s, and 4 “OMG! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?! EVERYONE LIKES TWILIGHT!”s.

Basically, it doesn’t matter. I don’t care if you like it or not. As long as you don’t spend hours talking to me about it.

I just wanted to know why people think it’s the best thing ever. When in reality.. it’s just words on a page. Edward Cullen will never love these fangirls. He’s not real.

Answer #10


dude like this is the best romantic movie im guessing your not all into romantic stuff are u? because it doesnt seem like it

Edward Cullen is freakn hot! and Taylor

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