What's really so bad about weed?

..Because here’s the situation: My friend smokes weed. She’s very intelligent. She’s in three Honors classes and is on the Honor Roll. Her grades are really good, and she plays tennis pretty well and is in the school plays. She’s a decent musician as well. She only started smoking about 4 months ago, but she’s the same now as she was before she started smoking.

It makes me wonder what’s really so bad about weed if she can maintain a good lifestyle.

I know all the facts and whatnot, but I’m interested in your opinions…

Answer #1

I really dont think its bad.. I dont necissarily do it… but I have tried it.. and I think out of all ‘drugs’ it is the best for you.. and its just way less intence than a lot of other drugs.. thats just my opinion tho..

Answer #2

I don’t personally smoke weed very often like maybe once a year if that lol but I’ve known business men and students alike who smoke weed and it barely affects there lifestyle. The problem is when people progress to different drugs… then it becomes a problem… It also varies from person to person some people can take it and some people can’t. The health effects are pretty much the same as smoking cigarettes… save the short term memory loss but besides that… no biggie

Hope I helped


Answer #3

I have a lot of experience in this area, from myself, and from watching friends. I don’t smoke weed anymore AT ALL. It becomes an expensive habit… the more you do it, the more you WANT it. It is not physically addictive but it is definitely PSYCHOLOGICALLY addictive. That means it is extremely habit forming. There is a cycle: you buy some, smoke it up, and then you need to buy more… but it never really contributes to your live. It is just money down the toilet. ALSO, I once WRECKED MY CAR while high. Enough said, right? It happens all the time. Luckily, I am ok, but other people are not always so lucky. Lots of money and time wasted. Plus, what is your friend going to do when she wants a reputable job? Most companies have a drug screening policy in place. Weed will show up in a urine test… so basically, she is limiting herself in her career options, no matter HOW intelligent she is. I have seen friends go in and out of jail and spend TONS of money on lawyers in court because of weed. They never thought they would get caught… but they were wrong. Bottom line: It’s really not worth it. It may feel good, but come on, the risks outweigh the benefits. That’s just sheer logic.

Answer #4

for anyone who says that weed is not harmful or that it should be smoked, well then I regret to inform you that you are in dire need of a reality check. Marijuana is a drug, fact, and just like all other drugs, it is addictive. now while it is nowhere near as addictive as other drugs such as Heroin or cocainem it remains addictive nonetheless. Take it from someone who has done it all and is still an addict . Cocaine, LSD, pot, Hash, and even freakin triple c’s, while you may not notice the effects of it immediately, youll wake up one day regretting you had ever done it. the use of marijuana results in amotivational syndrome, fact. Friends of mine claim it is not addictive yet when I propose that they quit, well, they just cant. the use of any drug burns a hole in your pocket, fact. Your friend isnt the only intelligent human being on drugs.

now, while I did my best to advise you, in no way do I have the right to tell you what tto do. im a person who loves to drink and smoke until I pass out cold, but thats just me.

Answer #5

Agreed with Captain.

Answer #6

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that weed is ok. If it alters your mind state, you are more likely to A: get behind the wheel of a car or into the car or B. with someone who is high. It doesn’t matter how responsible you are when NOT high, when you are high, basically everyone is much LESS responsible. Come on, your mind is altered. Unless you plan on sitting in a little padded room while high, then you could make bad decisions. Doesn’t matter if you are Einstein. People who make excuses and justify smoking weed are trapped in their own cycle of addictive behavior and are feeling insecure and defensive about it. The truth is, if you are a really strong person, you can live WITHOUT weed. Besides this fact, studies show that smoking marijuana IS just as bad for your lungs as smoking anything else. Scorching hot smoke and ashes burning your lung tissue??? Does THAT sound smart?

Answer #7

My opinion alcohol is way worse (well not just my opinion, science can back me up on this one), but… it is illegal and so could get her into a lot of trouble…

Answer #8


Answer #9

Marijuana is a drug. Fact. It is a drug in the same sense as heroin, cocaine, MDMA, and LSD are drugs. Many people seem to class anyone who uses drugs as a drug addict, or a junkie.

Marijuana is a drug. Fact. Nicotine, alcohol, caffeine are also all drugs. Fact. If you are a smoker, do you consider yourself a drug addict? Junkie? You probably don’t, but you are. Fact. Do you consider yourself to be “Taking drugs” when you have a beer, or a glass of wine? Again… You probably don’t. But you are. If you’re one of those people who cant go a day without a cup of coffee, then, are you a daily drug user? YES!

Wether a drug is legal or illegal is irrelevant. They are all drugs. So wether you’re a smoker, drinker, coffee lover, cocaine user, heroine user, or cannabis smoker, we’re all in the same boat, we are all drug addicts or drug users.

Lets have a look at some different drugs:

1: Heroin (Illegal)- I dont think I even need to say, this drug is poison and extremley addictive, and I dont think anyone would question why it is illegal… Anyone wanna make heroin legal???

2: Cocaine (Illegal)- A drug that is also quite addictive, can wear away the cartilage inside your nose, cause heart attacks, and really mess a persons life up. I think most people would agree that cocaine should be illegal…

3: Nicotine (LEGAL!!!) Because nicotine has been legal pretty much forever, and people have been smoking away for hundreds of years, smoking is not a drug habit that is that frowned upon. An ever increasingly expensive habit, smoking really is just burning your money. The effect of the drug itself isnt all that great, it doesnt really do more than calm you down a little, or is that just a placeabo effect?… The damage it causes to your lungs is unreal, the extra strain it puts on your heart, it clogs up your arteries, damages your skin, and lets not forget one of the worlds most infamous killers, CANCER!!! And whats one of the main causes of cancer? SMOKING!!! what’s the governments view on smoking? LEGAL!!! Why? BECAUSE IT RAKES THEM IN TOO MUCH OF YOUR HARD EARNED CASH SO THEY CAN TAKE EVEN MORE MONEY OFF YOU. YES!!! YOU ARE PAYING THE GOVERNMENT TO SLOWLY KILL YOU!!!

Everyone knows how bad smoking is for you, and If you were to show me a chart of the amount of people who have died from Smoking related causes, the numbers would be quite high. Yet stick up a chart of how many people have died from using cannabis… Im sure you’ll find the numbers to be quite low. Why? BECAUSE CANNABIS IS NOT NEARLY AS BAD FOR YOU AS PEOPLE TRY TO MAKE YOU BELIEVE!!! A recent survey of The United States showed that over 60 percent of people admitted to marijuana smoking, so its not hard to get, it can be obtained very easily despite its legal status. So how do the Government justify their allowance of a drug that causes numerous deaths and all sorts of health problems to be legal? They justify it by sticking warnings on the packets insisting that they’ve twarned you. You’re big enough to make up your own damn mind. If this is the case with smoking, why not marijuana? Moderated use of Marijuana is nowhere near as bad for you as smoking. So why cant we decide on that too?

  1. Alcohol: (LEGAL!!!) Alcoholism is a huge problem in the world. Alcohol is a highly addictive substance that if over used can damage your liver, kill your brain cells, and alcoholism can ruin entire families lives, with numerous stories of drunken spouses becoming aggressive and violent etc… But this is legal too, this also Brings the Government in a nice little number in tax revenue. So basically, the same as the smoking, we’re allowed to make our own mind up with alcohol, yet this also causes shockingly high figures of death and health problems, not to mention the amount of drunk driving deaths…

Question: Fastest finger first for who wants to be a millionaire: In order of the amount of deaths and health problems caused by each substance, put these drugs in the correct order, starting with the biggest killer at the top.


1: Cigarettes 2: Alcohol 3: Cannabis

So here’s the next question… why are the top 2 legal and the other one isnt? You can ask the audience, go 50/50, or phone a friend all you like but you wont get the answer to that one, because taking into account the fact that cigarettes and alcohol are legal, there is no reasonable explanation for the prohibition of cannabis.

4: CANNABIS!!! I can tell you, I am a smoker, as in, a nicotine addict. But I hate smoking. I hate the fact that Im addicted to these filthy disgusting cancer sticks and although it might sound crazy, I think smoking should be illegal. I also enjoy a few drinks every now and then, and I think alcohol is relativly OK if you can moderate it. If you find yourself becoming too fond of drink, you should stay away from it. I enjoy drinking moderately and dont consider myself to have a problem. I smoke marijuana. I really enjoy it. I have been for many years, and I dont consider myself to be dependant on it in any way. I look upon cannabis as the same as alcohol. It is relativley harmless in moderation. First of all, claims that marijuana smoke is more harmful to your lungs than ordinary smoke are irrelevant, as Vaporising pipes can be used, which Vaporise the substance into steam which is actually GOOD for your lungs. Smoking marijuana this way, or eating it, has little to no harmful physical effects on the body.

There have been countless studies into the psychological effects of cannabis. It may cause scitsophrenia, paranoia, memory loss, etc… These effects are usually only common in constant long time daily users, or in some rare cases, when the person has a history of mental health problems in their family. It is true that people who have had family history of psychological conditions should avoid marijuana smoking. But most people can smoke and enjoy its beauty and wonder. Most people have no idea how much of a wonderful plant this is.

The Cannabis plant produces hemp which can be used for loads of different things. As paper, as clothing, etc… Cannabis plant root system: Uniquely deep far spreading roots which if planted in with other crops, can improve soil condition and be of great benifit to farmers. Cannabis seeds contain all the essential fatty acids and amino acids needed to maintain human health. Eat the seeds, they’re good for you! Cannabis has a long history of medicinal and spiritual uses. It is a relaxant. People who have asthma can use cannabis to relax and open up the muscles in their airways, to improve lung intake. People with muscle spasms may find cannabis to be a great medicine for this. Overall, cannabis is a great pain killer, and medicine, I believe it can be enjoyed and may even improve the quality of life if smoked moderately. It relaxes you, increases your appetite which is why its so good for treating anaorexia patients, can be used as a safer form of sleeping aid than sleeping tablets. My main point on Cannabis is that I am NOT saying there is nothing wrong with it. It does have some minor health issues attatched with it. But I dont understand if the Government can allow us to mess around with nicotine and alcohol, and make our own choices on them, surely we should have the right to do the same with cannabis, a drug that although it is bad in some small ways, it also carries huge medicinal benefits. Do cigarettes or alcohol have any medicinal benefits? Nope… Nope… Nope…

Its up to you if you want to smoke weed, I researched about it before I did it and was well aware of its effects at the time. Im happy I did it, I continue to do it, I dont see myself stopping anytime soon. Im not a waster, I enjoy many other aspects of life such as excersising, going to the movies, cooking, playing sports, etc… just like everyone else! Marijuana has not taken over my life. If you control your usage and dont let it interfere with important things, you can really enjoy it and it can be very therapeutic. I dont regret smoking weed. If I did I wouldnt do it anymore. I advise everyone who wants to try it to do it. Its not going to destroy your life, it may even improve it.

Their is no right or wrong way to live your life. You should live your life by your own standards, and make your own decisions. The only right way to live is the way you want to, and as long as that doesnt affect anybody elses life, whats wrong with that? Live the life you want to live, do the things you want to do, or else you’ll find yourself having wasted your whole existence living by the standards of other people. Dont be afraid to be who you are. ever…

In the words of Bob Marley: Everybody Love da Herb!!!

I wish to point out that people who dont smoke weed and condemn it usually dont actually know the truth about it. If you think weed is a terrible thing, talk to your doctor, or do some research, you might find out a lot you didnt know…

Answer #10

it depends how much how often you smoke and all so on your personality it can mess you up a lot. weed is ruining my life and I still smoke it :S if you jump on the band wagon you may not be able to get off and that messes you up

Answer #11

I Dont think weed is bad as long as it dont lead into bad drugs

Answer #12

I havent tried it because im only 13 but my favurite person(lil wayne) smokes weed and He’s the best rapper alive so yeah um I guess its ok but I wouldnt do because I don t want to and I want to stay as healthy as I possibly can

D.A.R.E. D.rugs A.lways think of you and the 1s involved R.ights E.ducate your self bout it!!

Answer #13

Unfortunately, people are different, for some even short-term marijuana use carries a lot of risks, especially involving the way your brain works. When you use a mind-altering substance such as marijuana, you are much more likely to make bad decisions. These bad decisions can involve driving a car while under the influence of the drug, making sexual choices that are unsafe or out of character for you, or saying things that you regret to other people. Marijuana can also affect your judgment about other drugs. You may drink too much or try drugs you never had any intention of using while you’re under the influence of marijuana - not a good road to take in Life…Take care !!

Answer #14

Alter the state of mind? I’ve smoked quite a bit and have never made an irresponsible decision, or even considered it. People need to be educated on how to take care of themselves when smoking. It is not bad at all.

And by the way, I smoke about once or twice a week for nearly a year. I go to a wonderful school, get good grades, and haven’t slipped at all in responsibility. Any stupid decision made by a person on weed is the persons fault. Not the plant. Quit making excuses for people.

Answer #15

a drug is a chemical compound. it cant be bad. the bad part comes when people use it as a license to act like an asshole. Rockytina, you wrecked your car because you made a stupid decision, to drive in an altered state of mind. however, there is no visual impairment involved, and judgment calls while driving will vary from person to person. one can only assume you’re just a bad driver, who apparently has found studies that marijuana is just as bad as cigarettes, even though there are no dangerous components to it since it is natural while cigarettes contain poisons and nicotine, which is addictive as im sure everyone knows. Those damn secret studies that only you know about! if only they would share them with the rest of the world! hellij, weed didnt ruin your life. if you made a bad decision “because of it” then thats your fault. you made the decision. epsylonic I believe has the best answer, drugs (including weed, alcohol, caffiene even, cigarettes, or anything else) are not good to use as an escape. Im gonna go smoke a bowl now, and will surely be healthy still tomorrow.

Answer #16

If you smoke weed regulary, like daily for quite a while, like a year or so it can cause problems with the brain, for example, schizophenia and it makes you very paranoid. I’ve never heard of anyone who has smoked it for four months or less to have any issues

Answer #17

Some people turn to weed when their life is in shambles and they want a quick fix. Weed is not the answer, and can provide people with a false sense of fulfillment. Don’t use it to make your life better, because it will just slow you down and you’ll become and addict.

However, if you already have a somewhat fulfilled life THEN weed can help you even more. THEN you won’t become dependent on it and won’t need to smoke every day and you won’t move on to harder drugs.

So, bottom line is if you feel like crap and you want something to make your life better, DO NOT turn to drugs… get some help (self help or a shrink). But if you just want to have some extra fun and reward yourself at the end of the week, then smoke weed! I have been for the past half year and it replenishes me and clears my mind and I am more happy and productive because of it.

Answer #18

*ALSO, I once WRECKED MY CAR while high. Enough said, right?

You’re blaming the plant for your irresponsibility…that doesn’t make it bad.

*I have seen friends go in and out of jail and spend TONS of money on lawyers in court because of weed.

Won’t happen if you’re smart about it.

*extremely habit forming

True, but can be controlled.

The bottom line is, the majority of people who are against weed have never tried it and know nothing about it besides what they see in the news and read online at .gov or .edu websites. It’s 2009…time to realize it’s not that bad for you, imo.

Answer #19

If it alters your mind state, you are more likely to A: get behind the wheel of a car or into the car or B. with someone who is high.

Not true… you’re more likely to sit on the couch, and watch infomercials.

Besides this fact, studies show that smoking marijuana IS just as bad for your lungs as smoking anything else.

Those ‘studies’ are flawed. Both substances would have to be smoked in equal amounts. The average cigarette smoker, smokes WAY more during the course of a day, than the average pot smoker.

Of course, there are also those who smoke BOTH.

Scorching hot smoke and ashes burning your lung tissue??? Does THAT sound smart?

That’s why ‘water pipes’ and ‘hookahs’ are so popular…

You don’t seem to know what your talking about… are you simply repeating what you’ve been told?

Answer #20

weed is not a drug it is an HERB… and no there is exactly nothing wrong wit it, better 2 smoke and get high than 2 drink and drive am I right or am I right??? its all in people’s heads also not an addictive herb.

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