What's a nice color for a bathroom?

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mixuture of blue and white

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I like neutral colors as well, with a punch of some light blue for a bathroom... it makes it feel more serene and spa-like!

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I like neutral colors myself, and you can add a punch of any color with it as an accent. Easy and attractive to work with. My bathroom has tan stone tiles and my accent color is light purple and white. Be creative and try different things.

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u should paint it the bright spring colors like, pink, orange, yellow and purple. and at walmart they have the towels and seat covers and stuff for the bathroom,, thats what im planning to do when I get a house, which will be 4ever from now, but yea do that!

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PINK!!! HOT PINK, LIGHT PINK, DARK PINK... everything pink. lol. im just saying that because I love hello kitty and I finally have my own bathroom and the whole thing will b pink and of course covered in hello kitty things.

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Light maroon/rose color.

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dont want to brag..but I love my bathroom..its white and light purple..very pretty

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seriously, whatever you like... its a bathroom, you can make pretty much anything work...

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Blue Pink Orange Green. BRIGHT COLORSS. :))

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duck egg blue & white

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I like bright colors for my bathroom. It depends on your personality and what you like best. :)

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I would like light blue. Or maybe white with a pretty wall paper.

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it should be a color that is relaxing to you.relaxing is the key

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mixuture of blue and white

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black and white tiles. loved it in my old house..

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