What's a good way to start a speech about basketball?

Well im doing a speech about the fundamentals of being a point guard for my speech class and I dont know how to start off

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maybe start off with like an imaginary game play... I dont know much about basketball but maybe start off with like: your dribbling the ball up the court, everyones watching, time is still but youre going so fast, 4 seconds left on the clock and your closer and closer to the goal, side step to the right and the shot is clear... etc etc. start off with like a 15 second intro as if you/ the audience is in a game. this will capture their attention.

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Hey what's up...public speaking or any type of writing you want to start off with an attention getter. So I start off by why you love the game, express it in adj. then lead into that's its not just about having fun which you. However there are key components a point guard must learn and master well in order to lead the team.

Its very important...compare it to something like a laywer having to be well prepared for a case and no the ends and outs because anything can happen at any moment. Something to that effect. From there breakdown your points and explain them. That should be a start. Give them something thrilling use imagery. Hope that helps. Good luck.

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