What religion is right?

who is right muslims or christians? is there any proof that jesus was crucified..and do you think that he was the son of god? or why not. or muhammahd the prophet to mankind?and is there any other difference between those religions. why would those 2 religions think different things when it is near the same region…who has the wrong history?who is right, and why the difference?

Answer #1

No curiousgrl Hajir is just another spelling of Hagar, it’s the same name. And I never said Sarah had Ishmael I’d said Hagar did. Sarah had Issac. Abraham was over 100 and Sarah was over 90 when they had Issac. At about 85 Abraham had Ishmael. Try reading my post again and you’ll see that you didn’t read it right the first time, and perhaps you should read the book of genesis again while your at it. Aside from all that the whole point is moot being that the account of Genesis in the New Testament is full of obvious discrepancies. For instance…

It can be demonstrably proven from the Bible itself that Ishmael, and not Isaac, was the son to be sacrificed, as follows:

Abraham was the son of Terah (Genesis 11:27). Abraham was originally from your, which was in modern day Iraq. Abraham did not arrive in Canaan until he was 75 years old. He had a brief sojourn in Egypt, during which he allowed his wife, Sarah, to be taken by the Pharaoh (Genesis 12:11-16). Abraham later allowed his wife to be taken by Abimelech, King of Gerar (Genesis 20:2).

Sarah was the half-sister of Abraham. They had the same father, but different mothers (Genesis 20:12). Sarah was 10 years younger than Abraham (Genesis 17:17). Sarah was barren, so she gave her handmaid, Hagar, to Abraham as a wife (Genesis 16:3). Hagar became pregnant with Abraham’s child when Abraham was 85 years old!!! After Hagar became pregnant, Sarah twice drove her away: Once before the child was born, (Genesis 16:4-12), and once after (Genesis 21:9-20).

It is to be noted that the Bible often does not present events in chronological order. The story of Sarah driving Hagar and Ishmael away comes after stories of Ishmael as a teenager. Yet, it is clear that Ishmael was an infant when Sarah drove them out (Genesis 21:15-18). This story is related in the Koran as well. The Koran describes Ishmael as an infant, too young to walk.

The story of Abraham taking his son up the mountain to be sacrificed is in the Bible in (Genesis 22:2-12).

Isaac was born to Sarah when Abraham was 100 years old and Sarah was 90 (Genesis 21:5). This is one of the great miracles of the Bible: A child born to a woman of age 90.

All sides agree that Ishmael and Isaac were brothers. They further agree that Ishmael is the father of all Arabs and that Isaac is the father of all Jews. Thus, the three great religions agree that the Arabs and the Jews are brothers; a point often overlooked by those who have not studied these religions.

Clearly, the Arabs outnumber the Jews. There are more than 100 million Arabs in the world, and less than 10 million Jews.

Throughout the Book of Genesis, God promises Abraham that his descendants will be of great multitude. God says that he will make Abraham a great nation (Genesis 12:2). God says that the descendants of Abraham shall be as numerous as the dust of the Earth, (Genesis 13:16), and shall be in number as the stars of the sky (Genesis 15:5). God says that Abraham will be a father to many nations (Genesis 17:4) and that his descendants will have the land of Canaan (Genesis 17:8). God makes similar promises about Hagar, Ishmael and Isaac. He tells Hagar that her descendants shall be a great multitude (Genesis 16:10). God tells Abraham that Sarah will be a mother of nations (Genesis 17:16). He says to Abraham that Ishmael will beget 12 princes (Genesis 17:20).

The key to the dispute comes at Genesis 22:17, when God says to Abraham: “I will multiply your descendants as the stars of the heavens and the sand that is on the seashore.”

Isaac was 14 years younger than Ishmael. When Abraham took his son to be sacrificed, that son appears to have been about 13. God several times refers to Abraham’s son as his “only son.” God says “Take now your son, your only son, Isaac.” (Genesis 22:2). God says, “You have not withheld your son, your only son, from me.” (Genesis 22:12).

Did God make a mistake?? Did God not know that Abraham had two sons: Ishmael and Isaac?

Obviously, God did not make a mistake. What really happened was that Isaac was not born yet. Ishmael, at age 13, was Abraham’s only son. Isaac was born one year later. The Bible is in error.

When Abraham died at the age of 175, Ishmael and Isaac buried him together (Genesis 25:9). By then, Abraham had taken another wife, Keturah, and had had six sons by her (Genesis 25:2). This last wife, Keturah, produced more children for Abraham than the others combined, another fact often overlooked.

It is logically obvious that it was Ishmael and not Isaac who was to be sacrificed. Consider the alternative: If it was Isaac, then Isaac was 13 and Ishmael was 27, Abraham was 113 and Sarah was 103. It is unlikely that a 113 year old man could climb a mountain, split wood, build an alter, tie up his son, and later kill a ram, all of which the Bible says that Abraham did on the occasion in question.

Moreover, if he did all that, why did not Abraham call upon his then 27-year-old son, Ishmael, for assistance?

Furthermore, whereas the descendants of Ishmael are of a great multitude, numbering more than 100 million today, the descendants of Isaac have waxed and waned and have been found and lost over the centuries. The descendants of Isaac only had their own kingdom for a brief period in history, and then only long after Isaac had died and many generations had passed. Before then, they were slaves in Egypt. Later, they were conquered by the Babylonians and again taken into slavery. Even when they had their own kings, some of their kings, such as Ahab and Ahaz, worshipped Ba’al and not God (1 Kings 16:32 and 2 Chronicles 28:2).

Many believe that most of the European Jews of today, especially the Russian Jews, are not descendants of Isaac at all, but are descendants of the Kazars, the so-called “13th Tribe”, which was centered in the area of Kiev and which converted to Judaism by order of their rulers in the Ninth Century, AD.

If God did promise Isaac that his descendants would be in number as the dust of the Earth, as the stars in the sky, and as the sand in the seashore, this was a false promise which has not been fulfilled.

Another promise that was not fulfilled, if indeed it was made, was the promise to give Isaac all of the Land of Canaan. The Arabs, the descendants of Ishmael, have occupied Canaan from that day to this. Canaan is the valley on the right and left banks of the Jordan River. Today, the Right Bank is controlled entirely by Arabs. More than 90% of the population of the Left Bank is Arab as well. The Jews only recently re-arrived as rulers of part of that area after an absence of nearly 3,000 years.

The sons of Ishmael became kings immediately. The Bible says that they lived in a land East of Egypt (Genesis 25:18). It was a caravan from the tribe of Ishmael that took Joseph to Egypt (Genesis 37:25) and 39:1). Since Ishmael was 14 years older than Isaac, and since Isaac was 60 years old before his first and only sons were born, it is apparent that by the time that the 12 tribes of Israel got off to their big start, the tribes of Ishmael had long been well established.

The Bible contains many obvious errors and inconsistencies. Starting from Genesis, it first says that Enoch and his son Mathushael and his son Lamech were direct descendants of Cain along the male line (Genesis 4:18). It later says that Enoch and his son Methuselah and his son Lamech were direct descendants of Seth along the male line (Genesis 5:21-25). Both could not be true, except in the unlikely event that there were two identical sets of persons with these names.

So which is right? Neither book the Bible, Koran, or Torah nor either of the three major religions is consistent enough in it’s writings today to be considered right in my opinion, like others have said it’s all faith based. None of it can be proven beyond a doubt. The examples above only pertain to the Christian bible if you’d like a list of discrepancies from the Koran or Torah I’d be happy to oblige by sending them in another email or post as this one is lengthy enough as it is. But they are just as bad as the Christian bible when it comes to discrepancies, missing, and newly added texts. Having been changed so many times none of the three books can be considered the divinely inspired words of God.

Answer #2

“why are there so many other different beliefs and Gods?”

v Religion and church 
  1.        The common purpose of religion is to aid the entity in its search for Truth. 
  2.        Each entity's level of development and understanding is different. 
  3.        It takes many different styles of religion to accommodate the growth needs of entities at various times. 
  4.        The value of a religion can be judged by its operation and intended accomplishments. 
  5.        Churches exist for the benefit of entities. 
  6.        Churches are to religion what a bathtub is to water. 
  7.        They allow the entity an opportunity to soak in the fellowship of like-minded entities. 
  8.        Churches also allow an entity a method through which to share. 

In contrast to believing in the Bible, I believe:

  1. That God is that Creative/Causative Force that exists before the beginning of the universe/time and continues to exist outside of the universe and time.

  2. That “Force” created/caused the spiritual/soul entities to come into being.

  3. The spiritual/soul entities continued the “Creation” with the “Big Bang”. And, through evolution and possibly subtle manipulations, have caused the current state of affairs.

  4. The spirits/souls choose to inhabit the various physical bodies that they have created in order to experience physical reality.

  5. When bodies die the spirit/soul continues to exist and often times reincarnates into another body in order to continue its growth.

  6. The purpose of it all is for the spirits/souls (entities) to gain knowledge and experience and to ultimately rejoin or evolve back into the Oneness of God.

I am a Deist! (One who believes in the existence of a God, but denies revealed religion; a freethinker.)

de·ism (de’iz’?m, da’-) n.

The belief, based solely on reason, in a God who created the universe and then abandoned it, assuming no control over life, exerting no influence on natural phenomena, and giving no supernatural revelation.

in my opinion

  1. God created/caused our spirits (entities) along with the universe to come into being. God established the purpose for it all but doesn’t involve Its self in the continuance or activities of same.

  2. “Sin” is man’s concept and is utilized by men to control other men. The human caused “negative events” that take place are circumstances that are considered by us in the non-life experience between incarnations as we evaluate the successes and failures we made as we attempted to achieve our goals during our incarnations.

  3. The Bible (and similar religious books) is a necessary concoction created by man to control man and his environment. It was necessary because mankind, in its infancy, did not have the medical and technological knowledge to conquer and understand its environment so had to be controlled by superstitions which were found to save lives and further the survivability of the various human societies.

Why did God make the world?

in my opinion, God diversified Itself into Its many parts and charged those parts (entities) to go forth and acquire knowledge and experience and to then return to the Oneness of God.

The entities caused the creation of the universe and everything therein and individually choose to inhabit the physical bodies.

The entities may incarnate/reincarnate many times before gravitating back into the Oneness of God.


Speculation: 1 Is God necessary?


There has to be a Source from which the “big bang” sprang forth Creating the universe.

Speculation: 2 What is God?

God is the ultimate Cause.

God is the Creative Entity, Energy or Force from which all is derived.

Speculation: 3 Where is God?

God is in a state of awareness that is outside the universe.

God has morphed part of Itself into those entities (spirits) that inhabit the universe and the physical bodies within.

Speculation: 4 Why is God?

God Is because God Is.

God is eternal, existing independent of time or the universe.

Speculation: 5 Is God concerned?


God is not concerned with the daily functioning of the universe or matters within it. That is our domain and subject to our whim.

Speculation: 6 What are we?

We are the spirits (entities) of God.

God morphed into Us and we continue to create according to God’s purpose.

Our physical bodies are simply the means we use to experience and function in the physical dimension.

Speculation: 7 Why are we?

We are for the purpose of gaining knowledge and experience.

In the end, we gravitate back into the Oneness of God allowing for the fulfillment of God.

Speculation: 8 Evolution

Evolution is simply a tool of Creation.

The entities often influence the direction of evolution along desired paths.

From my chosen path I stray, Yet my God any’er turns away; For I have learned – and understand, That where God is – is where I am!

Answer #3

The difference in Muslim and Judeo Christian religions start with the story of Abraham and Sarah. Abraham had a son with a slave he owned named Hagar who bore him a son named Ishmael. Then God told Abraham that his wife Sarah who was over 90 years old would give him a son, and that his name should be Issac and that God would form a Covenant with Abraham and Issac and their descendants. But Abraham inquired about his other son Ishamel and God said he would make a covenant with him too, but a different covenant. Heres the the basics.

God said to Abraham, “As for Sarah your wife, you shall not call her Sarai, but Sarah shall be her name. I will bless her, and moreover I will give you a son by her. I will bless her, and she shall give rise to nations; kings of peoples shall come from her.” Then Abraham fell on his face and laughed, and said to himself, “Can a child be born to a man who is a hundred years old? Can Sarah, who is ninety years old, bear a child?” And Abraham said to God, “O that Ishmael might live in your sight!” God said, “No, but your wife Sarah shall bear you a son, and you shall name him Isaac. I will establish my covenant with him as an everlasting covenant for his offspring after him. As for Ishmael, I have heard you; I will bless him and make him fruitful and exceedingly numerous; he shall be the father of twelve princes, and I will make him a great nation. But my covenant I will establish with Isaac, whom Sarah shall bear to you at this season next year.” And when he had finished talking with him, God went up from Abraham.

All the other differences flow from this starting point, Basically Ishmael and Hagar were upset by the whole thing and went on to form the Muslim religion.

As for which is right you’ll have to decide for yourself, but being that the Muslim religion is and offshoot of the Judeo Christian religions I’d personally opt for the older more traditional religions as having more truth.

Answer #4

k well..commenting first on what ‘domzila’ said first: huny you got the whole story wrong.the whole thing.it wasnt sarah who had the son ismael it was hajir and they werent 90 and over a hundred years old. lsn this is how the story goes: abraham married sarah and they lived in Palistine. Sarah didnt have childeren and she had a servant who worked for her, Hajir. so Abraham married hajir and she had a son ismel. now at this time abrahim was abt 80. God ordered abrahim to take hajir and ismel to “a place where there is no food and plants…”(this was a test for him. to see how devoted to God was he truly.) he did as he was told so. he travled all the way to saudi in the far south west near which is now known as Makkah. he left them there.hajir asked repeatedly why he was doing this and he didnt answer she asked 3 times and then she asked “has Allah ordered you to do so?” his answer was “yes” she walked back to ismel and let abrahim to carry on back to palistine to Sarah.

many years later Allah bestowd upon Sarah a son issac. she was around 70 or sumthing and Abrahim was 90. it was a gift to her from God and she was jealous from hajir..neway issac had a son called yaqub and he had 11 sons and among them was Yousuf…(btw all the above is the short version of the stroy..if any one wants the complete detailed story ask and ill tell ya it.)

no to answer the real question: christains belive all they way up to Jesus, like they belive sum of the prophets after him but they follow him. is jesus the son of god? if jesus is the son of god then who is his mother. in christianity you belive in the trinity of god but at the same time you say that god is one and only him.u cant say god has a wife and childeren! Muhammed is the prophet of all mandkind because he was the last prophet and he was given the last book, Quran.(there were 4 other books I believe, on for the jews and then the bible and o forgot the other 2) the bible and the book of the jews has been changed so many times. like rewritten. it isnt the direct word of god any more.so how do you belive in it. there is no wrong history. they are basicaally the same religion. like back at the time of jesus, women covered their heads with scarfs and followed a lot of what muslims follow now. look at nuns for example they cover.but yet no1 notices that and cridicies them for doing it!!!there are a lot of little diferences in the 2 religons, but in islam you have the whole history from Adam all the way down to Muhammed and u have to belive everything.christianity you belive up until jesus. abt the rite part…u have to ind it out urself. because what seems rite to me may seem wrong to you n vis versa. you c the difference because you go by the modern day religon. look it up. as in how christians and muslims acted 100 years ago and u will c there really isnt all that big of a difference. its just islam tells you logical facts. well hope my long essay helps. and if ya want nething else abt the topic, ask!! :D:D

Answer #5

There is no right and wrong in religion, its YOUR faith, do with it what you want. And not all religions are based on the Bible. Some are based on the Koran, Torah, and even the Book of Mormon ( which is a book included in the Mormon Bible)

Answer #6

In my humble opinion/belief, ANY religion that acknowledges Jesus Christ as Lord and The Savior of mankind.

Answer #7

No one on this earth can tell you what religion to choose. You have to decide that for yourself. Pray and read your bible. God will lead you in the right path if you keep your faith in him. He has unconditional love for you.

Answer #8

yes there is proof that jesus died on the cross. they found an ankle w/ a long spike through it and believe that it was jesus’s.

Answer #9

you know, its the same like I would ask…which language is proper to use…or which language is right… there is no answer. ;) God is the same He just has different faces (for me anyways!)

Answer #10

I dont think it matters either whos wrong or whos right. Everyone has their own faith and beliefs. We should all just respect that rather than trying to prove everyone wrong.

Answer #11

Make your own religion, have your own set of beliefs. I personally believe everyones crazy and I live for today :D

Answer #12

I think that there is only one God we just see and praise him in differnt ways but I belive that in the end as long as yu had a good life yu will have a happy ending.

Answer #13

canacec13, surely you must realize that not all religions are based on the Bible!?

Answer #14

I don’t think there’s no right ot wrong religion.. what matters most is Faith.

Answer #15

Not all religions can be right, but they can all be wrong.

Answer #16

domzila - I totally agree with your answer.

Answer #17

None of them have got it right…

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