What race are people from portugal and spain?

are people from portugal and spain white ? just wondering =]

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potuguese and spaniards/spanish

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I live just north of Spain. Most of the Spanish people I meet and see around are dark haired and very tanned looking - Latino by American terms, perhaps! But of course there's lots of variation, just like in the rest of the world.

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Spaniards are Caucasian and European and therefore white. Just because some people have extremely narrow views of what makes someone "white" does not change historical fact and actual classifications. You do not need to have glow in the dark skin and pinched features to be white. Many Europeans have olive skin and dark hair in other countries like Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Romania, etc. I have German cousins who are darker in coloring than some Spaniards; and their completely German heritage is traced back to the 13th century.

The ignorant notion that Spaniards are not white is the fault of the US Government and their ridiculous and arbitrary creation of the word "Hispanic", which basically lumps people who speak Spanish together despite race, heritage, culture, or nationality. Imagine if we did that to all English speakers...imagine saying all Americans, Australians & Canadians are "Anglo" because we speak English, regardless of our actual race? Pretty stupid!

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Portugal = Portugese (like the manowar)

Spain = Spanish (like the fly)

Regarding skin pigment, that depends on the individual.

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Portuguese and Spaniards are Caucasian!

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yes the majority would be white/caucasian. I think its funny how people of spanish decent,(puerto rican,cuban,etc) think their not white.

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"Portugese" and "Spanish" are nationalities, they have nothing to do with race.

Even "Hispanic" is a social/cultural distinction, not a racial one... hence the fact that there are white hispanics and black hispanics.

Yes, absolutely, the majority of people from Spain and Portugal would qualify as "white".

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yes they are white

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Im portugese... Im super white... If that helps at all

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