What other kinky and role playing games are there???

Ok well I’ve been going out with ny girlfriend fir ane year…and when we have sex she like have kinky sex and use a lot of role plqying…any suggestions???

Answer #1

“sex is just going to seem like another chore.

Holy Moly…I thought I was having fun, and chore was like…clearing horse crap off the barn floor…

Mikeh is right…there are as many fantasies and fetishes…and preferences as there are people in this world…The mind is the biggest sex organ in a human being.


Answer #2

I agree with fau and sftbllfrk 13. Mikeh, is it really that much of a mature question? It’s not as if they’re asking about protection, or whether they’re old enough to have sex. They’re asking about ‘kinky sex’ ! Seriously, xxcweb32xx , when you get older, sex is just going to seem like another chore. Even kinky sex won’t be special to you, as you’ve obviuolsy already experimented. Just save it for a few years before it loses the excitement

Answer #3

just give him suggestions, this is fu*king rediculous… Sitting here having some retarded fight over something someone has said is not going to stop him from having sex and he already has had sex so you can’t tell him not to!!!

Answer #4

ok you people who are tell this teenager that he shouldn’t have sex GET OVER YOURSELVES what are your lives so boring that oyu have to get into other peoples lives you don’t even know and tell them how to run there lives this site is for people who need help to ask a question and get answers not to be hassled by people who have nothing better to do there are 9 yr olds in africa with babies why don’t you go tell them not to have sex … atleast he’s not out having sex for money which if he was its not our place to judge him its our place to give advice

and know to answer your question my boyfriend and I (I’m 15 he’s 17) like to use costums every now and then I know it seems like something old people do but we both still have fun doing it have you tried eating whip cream or chocolate off of her breast

Answer #5

I personally agree with Mikeh. I’m 16 and I am still a virgin, but I think it is the kids choice if he wants to have sex or not. I personally have chosen not to, and not because of religious beliefs, but because there are to many risks involved with sex. Now if he is responsible enough to ask questions, and as long as we use protection, who are we to judge him? And I am sorry xgabriellax, but if you think sex is a chore, than your relation is in trouble. No offence or anything lol ^-^

Answer #6

has anyone actually answered the question ?? your not giving advice on how hes nt old enough its on ideas for games to enhance his sex life …

ask your girlfriend what she likes … suggest some ideas… experiment… you could even use props… me and my boyfriend had a shower together yesterday, washing eachother can be fun romantic and intamate also your clean… act out fanticies adding your own twists… remove all other sences eg sight sound taste and it will completly highten all other sences and keep them in suspence which will make it feel so much better and naughty/ mystirious… watch a porn film together or something gettin your selves aroused and giving you guidance on wht you could do, or even make your own

there are loads of things you could do EXPLORE but be safe :) hope it helped … have fun my lil explorer :P

Answer #7

xxcweb32xx I am about your age and all I can really say is its different for everyone my guy wants me to be kinky but I dont know how let alone do I want to. All I can say is play around. Gently kiss down her neck to her chest over her boobs pausing to play a little with those but dont spend too long or too little there and then slowly make yor way down the rest of her body to her crotch. Now dont just jump into eating her out kiss around especially the inner thigh I know that is definately a sensitive place for me then eat her out as your doing so gently rub your hands over her body if you know a ticklish spotor aa place that makes her horny do it there but if not just up and down her sides and over her boobs. and when she sucks you off take control grab the back lower part of her hair not to hard and giude her. If she likes it rough push her down more. BUT DONT CHOKE HER! Try things like tying her up. Fingering her. Gagging her . (not like making her gag get her to put something in her mouth) If she likes role playing some girls like to be teated as if they are being raped. ASK her about that. Also if she wants it to be more pleasurable I heard that if you blindfold yourselves plug yor ears and make an agreement not to make any noise it feels better. I havent ha a chance to tey it quite yet so if it doesnt work Im sorry. But I hope I helped you out at least a little.

Answer #8

It’s kind of adorable that you use the term “kinky sex” to describe it, but it is not very descriptive. A kink for one person is most likely going to be off-putting at best and incomprehensible nonsense at worst for someone else, so an all-encompassing blanket description like “I like kinky sex” is fairly worthless.

That’s why those books and articles describing “How to spice up your sex life!” are such pandering baloney. For instance, almost all of those sex-life self-help writings will describe a scenario like “Bring a feather into the bedroom and lightly caress him/her with it.” A feather? Really? I suppose that might work for those people who read too many romance novels, but I’ve never met anyone who’s juices got flowing from having bird parts rubbed all over them.

Handcuffs are another common one. I’ve tried it, and it does nothing for me except give me cramps. On the other hand, I’ve used them on a number of my partners who loved it. The thing is, we didn’t find this out by reading it from a book, only through detailed discussions of their fantasies and how we might go about fulfilling them.

Kinks and fetishes run the gamut from “rub my feet” to “have sex with my feet” to “pour food on my feet, put a riding crop up my butt, and take pictures. And the riding crop has to be blue.” So asking for kink suggestions is going to get you a list of 10,000 possible ideas, 9,990 of which will do nothing for either your girlfriend or you. The fact that you’re both willing to try new things is fantastic, but you’ll have a lot more fun on the journey if you start it with a conversation, not a grab-bag list.

Answer #9

Your young… you do realize you can get involved in sexual activity without actually having sex…Right? My boyfriend and I have recently discovered the thrills of role playing, we’ve been dating for nearly a year and the old fashion stuff was getting a little dull. I will be the first to say that role playing is great fun and we get off on it several times once we get going and it can be just as grand without actually having sex, figure out what she likes, does she like to be in charge? or like to be pushed around? figure that out and you can put almost anything to it, add an outfit or two (something rip able is always fun) and try it without penetration for a night… At 14 you shouldn’t be sexually active, her body itself might not be developed enough for sex and if a mishap should happen, I highly doubt you two are mature enough to handle a child at that age.

Answer #10

tease just tease and then someone ( the boy/guy ) should get sexually arrousded and then boom sex time :D

Answer #11

“sex is just going to seem like another chore.”

I feel very sorry for both you and your partner. Nothing personal, but I’m not sure that someone that equates their sexuality with scrubbing bacon grease off a pan is entirely qualified to be giving advice on the matter. With a healthy attitude and a modicum of creativity, sex is ENDlessly entertaining. I would strongly recommend stopping by babeland.com.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, of course, but if teenagers are going to have sex, and they are, I would prefer them armed with as much information as possible. The original question, when read with an unbiased eye, is displaying an ignorance of what even constitutes a kink or kinky sex. It’s a perfect opportunity to open a dialog, so please, don’t use it to try and shame him (or myself, for that matter) into submission. A teenager is old enough to learn about sex when they are old enough to ask about it.

Furthermore, it is already a foregone conclusion that he and his girlfriend are having sex; it is not an issue that you will be able to talk them out of, reason with them about, or encourage them not to do with silly platitudes like “14 year olds should act like 14 year olds.” (100 years ago, they were getting married). These two are sexually active now, at this moment. And so they need advice, level heads, rational thought, and guidance now, at this moment, not reactionary, what-has-become-of-our-children attitudes.

Angelfire: I know you’ve been warned repeatedly about copy/pasting copyrighted information. It’s fine that you do, but please provide a citation or a link to the original material.

Answer #12

Ok, it is a little disturbing to think of 14 year olds having sex but they do and I’m sure most of the adults reading this post lost their virginity around that age. I was a virgin all through high school and was looked at like a freak of nature. It does happen and there is nothing to be done about it accept to guide our youth. A fatalistic attitude of condemnation is not only ineffective but annoying as hell. The only results it harvests is misguided youth who are afraid to ask questions. So, to the 14 year old who bravely asked an adult question in an adult forum, sex should come natural, over thinking it tends to hinder the orgasm so just get to know your partner and ideas should come to you. If you slow it down a little and take your time, kinky sex will not be as necessary. But be sure to use protection, I’m a grown woman and it is still a priority for me. I don’t mean to drone on about something you probably hear all the time anyway, but contraceptives are always important!

Answer #13

I’ve been having sex since I was 13, however, it was in a stable and loving relationship. I’m 19 now and have been having sex ever since, but only ever in long term relationships (I.e. a year +). I think it’s fine as long as a person is safe and it’s in a loving relationship, sex is a physical manifestation of showing someone you love them, and this young man says he’s been in their relationship for a year. What is wrong with this? 100 years ago he would have been married for that long and would most likely have a child! It’s human nature. Thank God he’s doing it with his girlfriend and not with strangers he doesn’t know and is likely to contract diseases from! Also, if somebody thinks sex can become a bore, at all, then they need to take a good look at themselves and their sex life. Sex is a gift that we could all take advantage of when we find the right person to do it with. It never gets old, it only gets more exciting!!

Ok, Rant Over!

Anyway, fella’, I look for these kinds of suggestions all the time, it’s nice to have an arsenal of ideas that you can use if you feel like spicing things up a little. A few good one’s I’ve come across are things like; Eat something off her, you use her as a table and lick her clean. Something like chocolate, whipped cream etc. Use baby oil and have really slidey sex (be sure to cover the bed {or wherever you decide to do it ;] } with a shower curtain or something though!) You could introduce handcuffs, spanking, hair pulling, dirty talk. Candle wax if she likes a teeny bit of pain. Those people who suggested dress up, good call!! My first girlfriend used to like using household objects to penetrate herself, this is pretty hot, stuff like vegetables, stationary, tennis rackets, makeup things, toothpaste tubes! Anything remotely phallic! Even genuine, intended sex toys if you want to be safest (which is obviously recommended!) Also, if you want a nice little accessory then try one of those vibrating penis rings, they’re supposed to be great! You could tie her up and remove all senses by blindfoling, maybe even use ear plugs, and tie her up, then try stimulating her erogenous zones (google it ;] ) by just laying her down on the bed and tracing your fingers all over her, or your tongue. Be super gentle, it might tickle but it all adds to it!! Try sex in public places maybe? Shower together. Get her to give you a lapdance or strip for you! Try different positions. I know it sounds clichéd but consult the karma sutra, it’s packed with excellent ideas for positions.

I hope this helps a little matey! And good luck to you on the road to bedroom genius and extreme sexual prowess!!

Answer #14

Some People Need To Just Get A Clue.Just Because Theyre 15 Doesnt Mean They Shouldn’t Have Sex, Everyone Has It Eventually Teens Shouldn’t Be Sheltered From It Most Of Their Lives And Punished or Scolded For It. As Far As Pregnancy The Girl Can Always Take Pills. And Everyone Knows About Condoms. The Fact That This Person Asked For Advice Is Good. They Want To Learn How To Go About It The Right Way. As Far As Kinky Things Go, Just Talk About Both Of Your Guys Fantasys, Try Playing Them Out, Or Go With Role Playing,Using BLind Folds,Handcuffs Or Toys. Hope YOu Find What Your Looking For

Answer #15

Mike, don’t listen to a word these twits say, what you’re doing is commendable, they are bigoted, probably senile and just wrong about the harmful effects of sex. it’s ridiculous. I’m probably going to get banned after sending a rather rude message to the editor (because of the stupid answer she provided but I only joined so I could send it! Keep going, and don’t listen to them.

Personally I like it wet and even muddy, there’s something oddly sexy about a muddy babe!

Answer #16

tell her to dress sexy like skirt high heels and a sexy but somewhat classy tank top. she will be your secretary and your gonna be the boss of a big company. your a very powerful business man and shes very seductive. so she comes in to tell you you have a meeting and yall take it from there. works every time!!!

Answer #17

im 16 and you cant really stop a child from having sex because if they are ready then they are ready im still a virgin but me and my boyfriend who is 15 are planning to do it so I dont see why thyre shud be an age limit because its not like you are not mature enough if you feel like your ready

Answer #18

If the kid wants to have sex, let him have sex. As mikeh said, at least he is mature enough to ask. And when a teenager asks a question, no matter what the subject, you as an adult should be mature enough to answer the question. What good will it do to criticize him? It’s definitely not going to make him confident enough to ask another question when he feels as though he should.

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