What movies/tv shows made you cry?

so I am watching Criminal Minds right now and some episodes are just so heartbreaking. I dont usually cry because of real events though haha :S but I sometimes cry bec of movies/tv shows LOL

so what movies/shows made you cry? c’mon spill :) there must be at least 1, right?

As for me:

  • I am Sam
  • Legends of the fall
  • Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
  • Pursuit of Happiness
  • Fantastic 4 (I know. I’m weird.)
  • Criminal Minds s05e08
  • Some korean movies (Windstruck, A Moment to Remember, and Sad Movie)


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Answer #2

a walk to remember the notebook (nicholas sparks movies kill me) hhaa the but with the stripped pajamas:( so sad the bucket list hahah quite a few

Answer #3

Death Sentence and Spiderman 3–I know, I’m a weirdo.. but it’s so sad! Harry :( The only tv shows I cry on are on Animal Planet.. usually the Animal Cops (when the poor animals are.. never mind) ha

Answer #4

Aww, You guys have listed such great movies! Pretty much all the movies listed above, except Click. lol I always cry when I watch the end of “the Imitation of Life” the last episode of Six Feet Under The Lion King…I know!
Untamed Heart…super cheesy but sweet That Episode of Good Times when they have the father’s funeral.

Answer #5

One movie I cry watching every time I see it is P.S I Love You! I LOVE that movie :) also, that accent of gerard butler <3 mmm. haha I cried a few times during the show Grey’s Anatomy and The OC! Oh, and Friends. Haha mainly the part where Chandler and Monica get engaged <3

Answer #6

I know korean movies and tv series do that to me a bunch LOL its like formula already LOL

we’ve reign over me dvd here but I never really watched it. yeah, click is a sad story too..

Answer #7

We took our 10 years old stepbrother to watch UP and I busted into tears when the old lady died… The little sh*t gave me a funny look and said, ‘sis, why are you crying it’s only a cartoon, it’s not real’ lol arhhh !!!… …UP was the saddest kid movie ever but I loved it.

Answer #8

I havent watched 7 pounds yet and got no reviews from people I know.. but its will smith right?

Yeah, I was fighting my tears from falling with UP (I didnt win LOL). omg I didnt think it was a sad kiddie movie. really.

Answer #9

7 pounds ALMOST had me crying.

and Deathnote when Light died ( omg I was on the edge)

but never had tears fallen

Answer #10

I’ve heard a lot of good things bout as good as it gets but never got a chance to watch it. I’ll try it sometime :)

Answer #11

1 of my fave films of all times…

as good as it gets (must see)

I think the shawshank redemption had a few parts that made me wimp haha

Answer #12

I cried in tons of Korean movies, I can’t even begin to name them all. They’re always sad.. it’s like they make money off of your tears.

For American movies, the list is much shorter.. Reign Over Me (with Owen Wilson)

  • basically I fought tears when he was confessing to his friend what had happened with his family. :x SOOO SAD. not many people know about this movie, but I highly recommend it :) Click (with Adam Sandler..? I think?)
  • I did NOT expect to cry. I think that’s what made me cry, because when he was talking to his son in the future.. it really took me by surprise at how sad it was because he wasted his whole life for almost nothing :x ahhh.. it’s a good movie.

that’s all I can think of for now D:

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Answer #14

interestingly, I havent watched Titanic entirely. :S so I never really know the whole story of it.

Answer #15

BLindSided, The Notebook, Crininal Minds I can agree on, Brothers and Sisters, Avatar and Titanic

Answer #16

There are only two movies that can make me cry over and over again: A Walk to Remember and Time Traveler’s Wife. =)

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