What lotion should i use on my vagina?

I need help about what type of lotion would be a good idea to use after I shave my vagina? And is it bad that I have discgarge all day everyday? it doesnt smell or anything just bugs the crap outta me.

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you can put a fragrance free lotion on...just dont put it inside of your vagina.

if the discharge is clear or white and doesnt smell it is completely normal. usually I have extra discharge when I shave also. it doesnt mean you have an infection. if it gets your panties wet you can wear panty liners.

if it still bugs you dont shave as often

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After I shave I put Olive Oil on the area that I shaved.

Having a lot of discharge doesnt automatically mean you have an STI. I suppose you could, though.


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well, for one. you should not be using a cream around that area unless provided one by a physician.

once you hv a wax/shave or anything else of the sort, its best to just smear a little Vaseline petroleum jelly just around the shaved/waxed or what ever area and dab some baby powder to keep it all dry.

the more sweat that get's accumulated, the higher you will have of getting an infection!
make sure your Vag is always clean, washed & try using some panty liners.. carefree, I think also carries them & work just fine!

hope you feel better...
good luck!

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olive oil sounds like a good option to me, thats what my beautician uses after bikini waxing. As mentioned before, dont use it INSIDE as you will mess up the pH of your vagina which may cause infection

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Don't use Olive Oil, it can get into your vagina very easily and do more than just change your pH level - it will actually start to culture bacteria, and the altered pH level will make it difficult for your body to shed the bacteria.

Find you a nice, WATER-based oil or lotion and use that to mosturize.

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i use deoterant. plus it prevents bikini bumps

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Biolage Conditioning Balm

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Putting any type of lotion inside your vagina is a bad idea. You don't shave your vagina. Your vagina is on the inside of your body. What you're shaving is the pubic region. I don't know if you have discharge coming out of your vagina or out of the area you shaved.

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