Do i have a std in my throat?

I gave a guy or*l s*x about four days ago and now have a throat infection. my throat is really sore and swollen and its hard to swollow. I went to the doctors and he said I have a bad infection and perscribed me some penicillin tablets I think for 10 days. when I asked what kind of infection he said possibly strepthroat or tonsilitus. he was not specific. what if it is a s*xually transmitted infection? I also had unprotected s*x (I know it was a irrisponsible choice) so im wondering if it is a s*xually transmitted infection then will the penicillin still get rid of my throat infection and/or a v*ginal infection if I also have that ?

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Well gonorrhea can grow in your throat, but you shouldn't NOT know what the diagnosis is. If the doctor didn't tell you, see another doctor who will. Gonorrhea is easily treatable (many STDs are), but not getting the right treatment can let it progress to a dangerous phase. I wouldn't count on your throat medicine treating a possible STD down there. I'd see another doctor.

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