What is Zurvita?

I was looking online for some work at home opportunites and I came across this company in one of the forums. Does anyone know anything about Zurvita and the opportunity it presents. Is anyone making any money with them?

Answer #1

Zurvita is the best opportunity in America today. We are paid commissions on the customers we bring in and bonuses to teach others how to do the same thing. Energy is a recession proof business as all of us must pay for electricity/natural gas. Energy is habitually used and unconsciously paid for. We help the energy customer save money once then we are paid commissions every month they pay their electricity/natural gas bill. No reselling to the same customer. Zurvita is currently selling energy in 5 states plus they have a non energy product suite that opens this opportunity up to all 50 states. Hope this helps. makemoneyonenergy.biz zurvitarocks.com

Answer #2

The focus is on whatever you want. You can earn monthly residual checks on products and services you sell, and those products and services sold by those you recruit. As we are in a rapid expansion phase, the company is paying extra bonuses to recruit new reps. Visit my website, take a look at the opportunity again, and then call me toll-free (number is on the site) and I will take as much time as you need to help you understand what we are all about.

Tom Finnell Zurvita Founder http://www.team1marketing.org

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I met with one of the reps and it seemed like a pyramid type company. He wanted to sign me up, then wanted me to sign up three more people as reps. He said the more reps he gets the more money he makes and the more reps I get the more money I make.

There was little to no mention of gas or electric

Is the focus energy savings or getting higher up the pyramid?

Did this company start in 2008?.

Answer #4

I would be more than happy to tell you more about Zurvita. I am one of the founding members and top earners. Yes, we are making money, and good money. There is way too much to tell you though in this answe box. Please feel free to call me at 713-823-3585. In the meanwhile, please visit www.zteam212.com

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We are a new marketing company based in Houston Texas. We offer a number of service oriented products and/or programs that offer discounted savings to it’s members. Our largest product to date is natural gas and electricity in the expanding deregulation market. We launched 5 states on August 8th 2008 in collaboration with MXenergy, the sixth fastest growing company in the US. Our other products encompass shopping, health care, and computer tech programs that offer substantial savings. More products will be introduced this fall.

This is a home based business that is internet driven, with a wide variety of service type products and a great opportunity to grow with a creditable company that is just starting to take off.

I am a founding member, and am interviewing for good people to join our team. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, lets talk further.

Best regards, Tom Baldoni Founding Member www.zurvitaworld.com 847-271-6185

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Zurvita will produce more millionaires than any other company by leading the way in the deregulation of energy and natural gas across the states. Zurvita currently has more states contracted than any other company with more states coming, putting them in the forefront of the this rush “The New American Gold Rush” This is something in history that will only happen once, and it is about to happlen beginning August 8, 2008. Remember the deregulation of the telecom? Excel was the forefront in this deregulation and produced many millionaires, some making more than a million dollars a month.

Read more: http://www.prlog.org/10081004-zurvita-revolutionizes-network-marketing-by-signing-contract-with-mxenergy.html

Visit our team site and find out how our team utlilizes a turn key system for free to build their home based business online for free at: http://www.zteam212.com

I answer my phone - 713-823-3585 Dr. Michiel K. Rorick Founding Member

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Many people are making a great deal of money with Zurvita. As with all legitimate business opportunities, there is a small initial startup cost, but most recover that in the first weeks. To find out more, visit www.team1marketing.org or give me a shout.

Tom Finnell Zurvita Founding Member 866-549-6008

Answer #8

Think of it as points of distribution. If Starbucks has only 2 coffee shops within a 50 mile radius, They will do less business then if they had 6 stores in a 50 mile radius. As a business owner, six stores can reach further points of distribution, and be more profitable. Of course you can’t just go out and start selling Starbucks coffee - you have to buy a franchise license to sell their product. It’s the same principle here, only more accessible.

The products drive the business, but if you can set up points of distribution, your business will grow much faster.

The company was formed this past March and launched in August of 2008 by business people that have been involved in this industry for many years.

The company and business model presents an opportunity for people to achieve financial goals that may otherwise not be accessible, or be much more difficult to obtain.

The products are very well thought out and help people save money. The business too is well planned and a great opportunity to share in a unique opportunity. It’s a “win win” situation.

Tom Baldoni www.zurvitaworld.com

Answer #9

I would be more than happy to visit with about our company, Zurvita. I am one of the founders and top income earners of Zurvita. Zurvita is predicted to be a billion dollar company by the end of 2009 thru the deregulation of energy across the states. Feel free to visit my website to learn more at http://www.zteam212.com

You can also review my recent press release at: http://www.prlog.org/10081004-zurvita-revolutionizes-network-marketing-by-signing-contract-with-mxenergy.html

Dr. Michiel Rorick 713-823-3585

Answer #10

Hi there I would love to discuss the possibilities of zurvita with you.I am a zurvita rep unlike dr.michael their who claims to be the founder wich he is not ,the founder is a man called Mr. Jarvis,.If you are still truly interested feel free to contact via email or phone I promise I won’t bite.lol

Frank Moyer 610-929-3644 frank.thebetterway@gmail.com

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