What is your wishlist for this site?

I’ve noticed a few questions here from the owners of the site wondering what the members would like to improve it. I thought maybe we could all post a wish list here in one place so it would be easier for them to read. The sooner they can read it, the sooner it might (I said might) ;) be able to be implemented.

My wish list would be:

  1. A counter on each question so that you can see how many times it was viewed.

  2. Some type of alert that would tell you if your question had been answered – each time it is answered. (NOT an email…something on your profile page maybe). Also, where it has your questions you’ve asked and advice you’ve given on your profile page, it would be nice to have little icons to say on there if the thread had been updated.

  3. An alert when your picture was rated and/or a comment was left on it. (I believe there may be a form of that already on your profile page, but you have to look through things to find it.)

Other than that, this site rocks!! Lovin’ it to bits. :)

Answer #1
  1. A lot of users have gotten confused about the “Ask me a question” feature on profiles lately. Many don’t realize that it’s still seen on the main page and asked as a regular question… Maybe if there was a box to check it to private- only username will see (and have the question go to funmail…) or public- open for all users to answer

  2. I second the way to delete multiple funmails at once!

  3. And I’m not sure…(someone may want to check this) but I think I found a glitch with the anonymous feature. If you don’t have more than 10 questions asked you can’t go to “view all” to select them as anonymous.

  4. A group feature on your profile would be cool, Like showing the title of the user’s group and the description with a”Come join my group!” link that would take you to the group.

  5. A signature feature would be nice :)

  6. It would be fun if we could edit our own profiles with HTML codes. (like add backgrounds and pictures via photobucket etc… similar to myspace.) Most likely wouldn’t happen… but it is on my wish list :)

xox Sika

Answer #2

More users Music An update, update And a background

Answer #3
  1. I would like it if Fun Advice didn’t send e-mails for each time someone writes msomething in my group. Instead, having a way to turn his on and off.

  2. It would be nice to have a signaure feature. (backing up Sika here!)

3.I second having the option to make profile a bit more interesting with HTML codes and other options for those slightly less gifted with HTML (me).

Answer #4

I know this is lame and lazy. I just wish that when I go to answer a question I could just go back to the same place where I was. I dont like having to start over at the home page. No offense to the funadvice staff. I love this site.

Answer #5

I would like for this site to have MUSIC that would make funadvice more fun!!!

Answer #6

I would like not to get logged out every 5 minutes. Seriously is something wrong?

Answer #7

Okay, I just thought of something else. A way to delete messages out of your funmail more than just one at a time. That was tiring!

Answer #8

basically I want a counter for everything also: music vids member of the week

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